i need no money and no help from any human being to

win the presidency of the usa and the prime minister-ship of israel, for which I offer myself (its a two-fer).  All I need from you is your vote, just once as a write in on the ballot.  I promise you I am not a liar nor am I a fake.  

  What I need more than the vote of any human, is the power of The Light to direct my intention to bring peace to the House of David, my people, and therefore to every human being on earth. Hashem will use me as Hashem intends to use me, and place the words in my mouth and my foot upon the path.
   I am here, and I am ready to serve.  shabbat shalom. Hashem is my sword and my shield, my mind and my heart, though I fail repeatedly to deserve what I have been given. Tonight my visions promise to be epic.  THE RAM!!! 


  1. Dear Domestic Goddess,
    I just read your article in NY Mag “And I Should Know”, First I want to say I LOVE YOUR HAIR. You have the most amazing “salt and pepper color” going on and I respect you for going natural, Looks Awesome! 2nd THANK YOU for “Rosanne” My Fiancée and I watch it often (we have the whole series) It is our “comfort TV” we most often watch YOUR show marathon style when times are most difficult in our lives and it give much needed relief and laughs. So I wanted to thank you (and all those who made the show great) for what you have done for my family on the very gray days of our lives.

  2. Moon Shadow says:

    Set up a website and accept donations, but state that ALL donations will go to feed the hungry and house the houseless….

  3. Dear Roseanne,
    today I sat under my favorite tree and I finished reading your new book. thanks for sharing your life story and thoughts. I love the quote “Because God,the author of all critical thought,reguires me to be so,you fucking moron!. When asked why are you so angry, I can totally relate. I also like glen beck and sarah palin’s american prayer, SO TRUE. Thanks again for speaking the truth. My mon passed away in march and this book put a smile on my face.

  4. Lucifer Sam says:

    Stace, It’s quite true, I’m sure people just love to get a rise out of Roseanne so they can be recognized, which is sad because it takes away from the people who are trying to show her love. You know what you’re talking about and after reading this, I do to. It just sucks to see the haters, and the lengths they will go, take all the positive energy from Rosanne. I know she’s a positive vessel of Light, but people push her to her extremes and get on her bad side, and that’s all they’ll see from her, and all they deserve to see. But the real Roseanne is very productive and positive. A true beacon of Light to all of us. I know she’s a true sweetheart behind the tough exterior, but she’s gotta stay tough for the sake of the U.S. and the Women here, so she can become our next President. Thanks for the enlightenment Stace.

  5. If you a celebrity tho that’s just one thing you have to deal with. You can be one of two types, like the rest and just ignore it or you can be everyones favorite on Twitter by firing back at haters because whats ironic is most Twitter haters are actually fans of the person who are just looking for more personalized responses from those they actually admire.
    I can imagine Roseanne must get a lot of haters on Twitter tho, and that’s probably only because of her show. It sounds like its not even celebrity Roseanne Barr’s reaction their wanting but blue collared Roseanne Conners. If your on television then people always remember you for you character and not you yourself and from the show Roseanne it was always the most funny when she was pissed off and screaming at people and people are probably just looking to see that come out.

  6. Hate on Twitter isn’t anything to worry about, it always happens and you just got to blow it off because you can’t get rid of it….even if block someone because all a block on Twitter means is they have to actually go to your page to read your tweets because it won’t let them follow you and also if they mention you (which they still can) then it just won’t show up in you “Mentions” tab.
    But as I said, Twitter is by far nothing to take seriously because anyone with a notable name will get haters on there, and only because the hater wants attention. Their just having fun and hoping they can say something to piss you off and get you to react. Hell if you want an example to that take a look at the Jersey Shore casts Twitter pages. Each of them have millions of followers and they get hundreds of people tweeting them PER HOUR and mixed in with the messages of adoration, wanting retweets, and marriage proposals they also get tons of people that send them hateful messages but they will either ignore it or retweet with a message saying some like “#certifiedhater” so that their fans can go at them because they realize that these people are just having a little fun because they get a kick out of pissing off celebrities and getting them to lash out at them (I even seen one of them tweet once “Hate all you want but as long as your saying my name then it won’t be forgotten so keep it up please, I’m not rich enough yet!” hahaha)…. but if you just ignore it tho and don’t give in to firing back at them then they just go away because once you go off on one then you attract more that want that same kind of attention.
    Social networking sites are like nothing we’ve probably ever seen before tho so you just got to know how to handle it. Hollywood’s seen the biggest impact to it tho because there are tons of people whoo will send hate messages just wanting attention but there are also a mulitudes of benefits because each social networking has its success stories. Facebook followers who pushed hard enough are who got 88 yrs old Betty White out of retirement and invited to ‘Saturday Night Live’ and YouTube is also creating overnight celebrities all the time who are making serious cash from it too, like Keenan Cahill for example of that. He’s just a 16 yrs old kid with down syndrome who makes videos on YouTube of himself dancing goofy to popular songs and he caught so much attention by how unique and cute it was that he has tens of millions of people watching and now even the biggest names in the music industry, from 50 cent to Britney Spears, flocking to him wanting to create videos with this kid now.
    A new age is here, and its called social networking. You just got to know how to handle it because its broken down massive barriers and for that we should be grateful but also must learn how to deal with it because its not like normal interaction at all.

  7. JaneViolet says:

    “I promise you I am not a liar nor am I a fake.”
    Based on this promise, I will write you in.

  8. “The Ram”…???

  9. Lucifer Sam says:

    I’m not offering to body guard you, I’m telling you I’m going to body guard you! I’ve seen the hate on twitter towards you and I know you need protection in angelic ways and in ways only your servants can provide.

  10. You know sister, rock your “stuff”. I just read an article my Dad sent to me about your experience with fame and men in Hollywood. I loved every bit of it. I’m glad you’ve hung in there and survived the male dominated society.