hate is part of our humanity:

we are not supposed to get rid of it–that is the lie that preachers tell us.  We need our hate, and that is why G-d (female intelligence–right brained activities) created us with it in us.  What left brainers (male god worshippers-the task oriented thinkers) cannot figure out (but I have) is central to the new world order that I am creating/calling into being.  When we focus our hate on what is WRONG, and not on what is different, we will destroy what is WRONG quickly.  focus and will is the new woman’s work.  focus on ending hunger and slavery.  When you boil it down, the Hateful Satanists who benefit from starvation and slavery are less than 60 people on earth.  I focus on these each Shabbat–I pray their hearts will be changed in a brief second.  I do believe that when one experiences peace of mind, even for a second, that all ties to Satan are immediately destroyed.  So, I focus on peace of mind, and when I have ascended the Throne, I telegraph it to the rothschilds and the monsanto family members.  I pray that their hearts will be changed by Hashem on this Shabbat Day.

this has helped me to not take pharma drugs to treat bi-polar depression.  Meditation is real and it can heal mental illness, and also save the world.  its called ‘remote viewing’ but it is not all passive by any means.  


  1. will see you all there the next time at 2 AM hawaii time. focus it like a laser across satan’s neck.

  2. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    FYI Meditation 2am HI time is 7am EST time for any one on the east coast, like me. Ur welcome

  3. “When we focus our hate on what is WRONG, and not on what is different, we will destroy what is WRONG quickly.”
    fuckin’ A.
    i’m down with that.
    brilliantly put.
    my rage has always been important to me, and i’ve never wanted to part with it – just gotta heed the above quoted and direct it with care and precision.

  4. Lucifer Sam says:

    *write* gees, me and my typos.

  5. Lucifer Sam says:

    Maybe that’s the trouble with our world. lol there are still people that exist who don’t actually know what’s wrong, as if it hasn’t been repeated enough. I think if I have to hear the list of 10 commandments one more time my ears are going to fall off! Let’s right some new commandments, some that fit into a modern world where we have technology. Like: Thou shall not Love stupid people until they learn their lesson, then we can embrace them. Or: Thou shall hate all ignorance.
    I’m right behind you on this topic Roseanne. BARR 2012!

  6. JerryFletcher says:

    And who is going to tell us what is wrong, what we should hate and destroy? You?

  7. Lucifer Sam says:

    This was almost an answer to my prayers when I was reading your blog post. I believe in hate in a similar way to you, hate shouldn’t be destroyed for the sake of it being hate, what is done in hate should be destroyed. If everyone ganged up on hate and removed it forever, which is impossible. We would have never learned our lesson in the first place on why it existed. However, if we use hate as an example to society to show what it is that is wrong, and there’s a certain amount of love and discipline we’re taught in the long run, we will have learned our lessons. Hate didn’t start wars, people that hated themselves did.
    I’ve also read a book about remote viewing and psychic communication with others, it’s non-fiction. I met the author his name is Lyn Buchanan, his book is called the “The Seventh Sense”. It’s basically about him being a top secret man in the government using his abilities of remote viewing to accomplish military missions. There’s a part in the book where he even fries a computer (smoke and fire) with his mind lol. Good book!

  8. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Well to each their own. But i think pills are not that grate for anything unless you have pain.

  9. I prefer to use drugs for that. Its true that they may just numb you and make you lose touch with reality but reality isn’t all that great anyway! Also, once your each my age you rely on pills for everything, including to use the bathroom!

  10. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Hate is wrong by all means. But When you have bi-polor depression you start to losse control and need to meditate your way back to sanity. I have had a lifetime of this. And even after you have medtitated for years like i have, you need to take each day one day at a time.