fuck reagan–this was our greatest president, a prophet:

“The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism — ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt


  1. MiddleFingerGuy says:

    That’s nice… when you can’t answer Roseanne’s questions, you start a personal attack on her. How dare you!

  2. Lucifer Sam says:

    Blame it on someone else? I accepted the blame when you said democrats are to blame for transparency in the government. What have you accepted blame for?

  3. @Stace- I think you came into this forum with an ax to grind and it wasn’t about FDR or the New Deal. Roseanne is right when she asked you to read the posts more carefully. I noticed the other day that you were prone to misunderstanding the posts. I also noticed your propensity for being rude. Today you’ve really went way too far b/c you have insulted our host, Roseanne with your senseless media mudslinging. Roseanne was also right about the New Deal and you were wrong….but you don’t want to talk about that. When most people learn something they have the courtesy to admit their error and move on. Not you. You don’t seem to understand basic modes of interaction and the common courtesy required for discussion. FURTHERMORE in noting that you misconstrue so many posts, I do not see how you think you can interpret history, historical documents, or the Constitution for that matter.

  4. Another example of a left wing troll, deface anything and anyone who speaks of anything traditional because they feel threatened by that. But actually I don’t drink to remain sane, I drink so at least I can have some laughter at seeing what your foolish party is doing to this country and hell I say after the Dems have their run then why not let the socialists get in there too and demolish whats left ; but only in hopes that after its all done then they can both stop turning around and blame it on someone else.

  5. Lucifer Sam says:

    You drink so you can believe you’re sane. I drink so I can comprehend your level of foolishness. I’ll be here for you when you want to come to your common senses.

  6. Lucifer Sam says:

    For someone who claims to be constitutional, Stace, you seemed to have overlooked the value of our Constitution which states:
    Article 3: Governmental Transparency and Privacy
    We respect individual privacy at the same time demanding all matters of state be open to the people. A government which treats its people like criminals will breed criminals; a government which promotes respect of individuals will breed respect. People will do what is expected, provided they understand what expectations have been set.
    All people deserve the right to privacy in their personal affairs. All people deserve dignity. We are guaranteed to be free from interference in our personal effects, papers, and private lives by the Fourth Amendment to our nation’s Constitution. That the Fourth Amendment does not specify that such protection is limited only to government. We therefore uphold that privacy in one’s communication, one’s home, and one’s private life where there should be an expectation of privacy is inalienable. We decry any attempts to monitor communications by announcing that privacy is suspended, because an expectation of privacy must be preserved in all communications for democracy to exist. It is thus counter to our nation’s Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments to permit activities like warrantless wiretapping, since the implied right to security does not exceed the expressed right to be private from governmental interference.
    All people deserve to be well-informed and involved within their respective governments. The ideal of democracy must be upheld by the people if it is to survive; and this cannot happen if the government is closed to the public or interferes with the private lives of its citizens. Such interference can also be achieved by failure to safeguard the right to privacy. Privacy is necessary to our society’s smooth function. Transparency is the only means by which government can ensure the popular support and involvement in governmental processes. And in the emergent global society, this involvement is critical to the maintenance of our own sovereignty and the timely action of our government.
    We are resolved to promote transparent operation within government wherever possible, and to demand privacy for individual citizens in all things. We further resolve to fight warrant-less wiretapping on the grounds that such is indeed Unconstitutional and directly counter to the aims of our Founding Fathers.