Ban on Circumcision Could Become Law in Santa Monica



4:24 a.m. PDTMay 27, 2011

SANTA MONICA , Calif. — Circumcising a boy under the age of 18, even for religious reasons, may soon be against the law in Santa Monica .

A proposed ban on circumcision is already on the November ballot in San Francisco .

Now supporters of the MGM Bill, which stands for male genital mutilation, are hoping to do the same in Santa Monica .


Female circumcision, or also called female genital mutilation, is already outlawed in the U.S.

Jenna Troutman, a spokeswoman for the group MGM Bill and founder of the website, says males should get the same protection.

The group describes circumcision as a painful and unnecessary procedure.

But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, circumcision has been associated with a lower risk for HIVurinary infections and the transmission of STD’s.

Circumcision of male infants is a religious requirement in Judaism and some say a ban would be a violation of the 1st Amendment.

The proposed measure in San Francisco would “make it a misdemeanor to circumcise, excise, cut or mutilate the foreskin, testicle or penis of another person who has not attained the age of 18,”

Under the San Francisco measure, circumcising a boy would result in a fine of up to $1,000 and up to one year in jail. 


  1. Well, I am a rarity. I am an uncircumcised American. Although I was born in Australia where parents were given the option unlike the US at the time.
    I am glad about that. Circumcision desensitizes the penis. I have had partners that are and are not and for the most part I have had to tell the ones who are to be careful. HAHA IS THAT WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION?? There is no merit to a higher risk of STD’s for uncircumcised men unless you don’t bath on a regular basis and don’t practice safe sex. In a civilized situation the individual would be taught this and given the option later in life. But think about this. If a man was never told about circumcision, had no knowledge of the procedure, do you think he would wake up one day and say, sheesh I should cut that off.

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    Well spoken, my fellow roseannearchists and hear us when we say,( yes thats you, Military industrial medical complex,!) Please stop Fucking With Mother Nature! I, LJG, have long wondered why the male of the species is ,as a rule, more violent, aggressive, sexually motivated, and pornorapeculture oriented. This Mutilation Revelation, to LJG, makes perfect “common” sense. The males have been mutilated, creating a culture that glorifies war and rapeporn, and fuels the sex slave trade that finances all shadow government branches. Sounds crazy, like a futuristic 70s movie? Way closer to homo than that, my fellow deviant Americants. To be truthful, both variations on A Penile.. theme are not my desired ” cut of meat” I lean towards fresh water river Abalone, instead of Pork Sausage, with or without baggy sharpei skin attachment. I have in deed “grazed “the less than finer pastures, and am truly glad those daze are DONE! But men and womyn alike deserve to enjoy the junk they are issued under their trunks, without blame, reproach, or surgery. What kind of scary is this whole ritual. Living in Fear of the Angry Patriarch Indeed!

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    Xcept for that name of yours, MF lol, aint that what the ole middle finger salute represents,? Ljg could b wrong, but the resemblence is uncanny,

  4. ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’.
    From Wikipedia: “Estimates of the proportion of males that are circumcised worldwide vary from one-sixth to a third.The WHO has estimated that 664,500,000 males aged 15 and over are circumcised (30% global prevalence), with almost 70% of these being Muslim. Circumcision is most prevalent in the Muslim world, parts of Southeast Asia, Africa, the United States, the Philippines, Israel, and South Korea. It is relatively rare in Europe, Latin America, parts of Southern Africa, and most of Asia and Oceania. Prevalence is near-universal in the Middle East and Central Asia. The WHO states that “there is generally little non-religious circumcision in Asia, with the exceptions of the Republic of Korea and the Philippines”. The WHO presents a map of estimated prevalence in which the level is generally low (< 20%) across Europe, and Klavs et al. report findings that “support the notion that the prevalence is low in Europe”.In Latin America, prevalence is universally low. Estimates for individual countries include Spain, Colombia and Denmark less than 2%, Finland 0.006% and 7%,Brazil 7%, Taiwan 9%, Thailand 3% and Australia 58.7%.
    The WHO estimates prevalence in the United States and Canada at 75% and 30%, respectively. Prevalence in Africa varies from less than 20% in some southern African countries to near universal in North and West Africa.”
    There looks to be a correlation between cultures who have high circumcision rates & those who denigrate the feminine?
    Maybe it’s part of the reason so many men are sociopathic or become serial killers? Just a thought, because the body remembers!!
    DON’T SLICE a Baby’s Penis!!!!!!!!!!!! Knives & Penises are an oxymoron. Just seems like an act of violence, albeit an ignorant violent act born out of belief systems.
    I’d be very peeved if someone had messed with my clitoris, etc.
    Btw, I had no sex drive until my mid forties, thought I was alone in that! I’d wondered if it had something to do with tonsils being removed, lol, but really don’t know why.
    Have been in relationships but still felt like more of a ‘nun’ most of adult life. Probably due to remnants of past lives.
    And now that I’m finally a sexual being & would love to be in a relationship, another voice says forget all that!
    Love & Protect your male child, keep his little baby penis INTACT. Let those babies decide about THEIR OWN penises, when thy are grown up!!! On behalf of all defenseless male babies who cannot speak out, Thank You.

  5. Derrik.Moore says:

    ***I meant “didn’t have sexual interactions”. Sorry, mobile web is harder to type on. lol

  6. Derrik.Moore says:

    I absolutely understand that! I would think that someone whose deliberately offensive or predatory would be of a disturbed individual as well tho.
    But wow, I did not know that it was so common or even that Andy Warhol was asexual either! I’d often heard that he was gay but just did have sexual interactions because he was afraid of people touching him after the shooting.

  7. Derrik.Moore says:

    Well thanks Roseanne, that’s nice to hear. Maybe its just the area that I live in then, which is kind of backward thinking area filled with redneck republicans anyway. I’ve known that there were others like me but have just never met any, which has just led me a lot of times to believe something must just be wrong with me, like many have told me.

  8. Moon Shadow says:

    Thank you Tip (pun intended?) for updating your profile pic…. :)
    I can take the direct sex talk (((blush))) from Dr. Ruth more easily than Mr. penis-snip Jesus.
    My body, MY penis. ;)
    I feel the same way about the forced baptisms. Keep that fucking holy water off me.

  9. Lucifer Sam says:

    That’s a good one, Tricia. You and Prejesus, have my attention with government and scientific virus manipulation. No doubt it was a scheme created by foreign government to choke off life and reduce over population through inheritance and reproduction. We can only find the cure to it when we’ve found the root of it’s evil. The fascinating thing about the virus is it advances as we do, so there is no doubt it has adapted to human DNA information. What puzzles me is: what technology would be capable of such manipulation?
    My educated guess is that it’s a mutated virus from something we were once immune to, then during this mutation of the HIV virus it adapted to our DNA of evolution and also adapted to our immune system. My guess is it was discovered in it’s early stages and used as a societal weapon of mass destruction by government, scientists, or some secretive organization.
    The only way to naturally overcome this disease is to advance our bodies, evolve, and adapt to it. We will have to build/re-build our immune systems in order to advance beyond the virus.
    This is just my idea though, I wouldn’t suggest testing it out. I don’t want anyone to attempt trying to adapt to HIV.

  10. Derrik.Moore says:

    Are you sure? Maybe its just because of the area I live in but I’ve honestly never met anyone like me before and most everyone that find out my sexuality tries telling me that either I was molested as a child (which I was never), am lying (which I’m not), or just have something wrong with me mentally (which I don’t) because from what I’m hear everywhere it its just not healthy or possible for a man have absolutely no desire for sex.

  11. tricia lundberg says:

    the origins of HIV have been studied and many theories have been purt forth. i happen to believe the theory that has scientists with foul vaccines as the origin of HIV.

  12. Derrik.Moore says:

    You are so right with what you said about how it could ruin a mans sex life forever.
    I’ve often wondered if my own circumcision could be the reason why I lack the desire to have a sex life and why I’m asexual. I’ve found no other reason for it and there is nothing medically or mentally wrong with me but I’ve just never in my life had a sexual attraction towards any man or woman nor have I ever even had the desire to have sex (just seems overrated), and really it is more challenging of a orientation then homosexuality even because it is very very difficult for an asexual (man especially, because of societies standards) to even be in a relationship when we don’t want a sex life. But as for the reason that could make me this way, I’ve often wondered and think that being circumcised could be partly behind it.

  13. joaby.boaby says:

    The stuff about HIV is true, they found a higher rate of infection in African villages among uncircumcised men than circumcised ones. I think it was speculated that the foreskin is thin tissue, thinner than normal skin, and therefore easier for the virus to penetrate. It’s the same reason that there is higher risk of infection from anal sex as opposed to vaginal penetration.
    I’m uncut, and personally I am happy that way. Perhaps loss of sensitivity is also a side-effect, because that description of an unprotected knob had me cringing! :/

  14. Tippy -Lite says:

    Ponder this; Conspiracy to keep men and women in a constant state of discontent?
    When a male is not circumcised, the penis is protected and this is important for several reasons… 1 they foreskin is naturally lubricated, so during intercourse, the male needs to make much smaller thrusting motions to have pleasure. There is no need to be pulling in and out so violently….so
    less movement in and out, equals more of constant contact to the clitoris.
    2) the circumcised penis is exposed and it’s head is very sensitive. This exposed genital constantly being tugged on by underwear and pants….consequently the male is CONSTANTLY reminded of his penis:
    IE: WAR
    And last but not least
    CONSTANTLY thinking of sex
    First time trauma?
    but then again…
    I dunno……… i’m a dyke who likes her head-less horseman dishwasher safe, yo.

  15. Taylor Miller says:

    Even if it’s illegal, circumcision isn’t going away. And if doctors aren’t the one doing them, it’s going to hurt a hell of a lot more.

  16. I don’t think parents or the government really have a say in what religion you practice, and that is what circumcision really is- a ritual practice. You could call it cosmetic surgery if your not so religious. It is a form of mind control one way or the other. It messed my mother up when she realized that the procedure was truly unnecessary. There are no health benefits to having it done to your son. In fact, quite the contrary. It could ruin your son’s sex life forever and for what? So it looks like everyone elses? He can cut his own penis if he wants to later in life. I couldn’t possibly do that to him.

  17. MiddleFingerGuy says:

    I don’t remember my mutilation. I wouldn’t do it on my own but I think my penis is ok circumsised. Otherwise , I don’t think about it.

  18. oh i get it now, the aluminum and barium slows me down.

  19. men too , we all are living under that cult called patriarchy.

  20. I read this a few days ago and I am outraged. I am currnetly 5 months pregnant with a boy and he will be circumsised. I believe this choice should be made by the parents and the government needs to stop trying to control the way families raise their children. California is out of control with all of it’s new “cutting edge” laws and I think it’s a disgrace. They banned Happy Meals in San Fran and alot of schools are removing flavored milks. What is wrong with this country? There is too much government involvement with our children. Look at Michelle Obama’s nutrition campaign. She says “We just can’t leave it up to the parents?” Is she insane? I’m tired of the goernment telling me what I can and cannot find my child and he is not even born yet!

  21. dashus christ says:

    i’m in agreement w/All you are saying PJ.

  22. can’t help but think hiv was government issued and borne in a laboratory.

  23. Lucifer Sam says:

    That could be a one day well understood fact Tricia. There’s no doubt how easily that could spread especially in 3rd world countries. It would be a worthwhile study that is the HIV’s origin. Africa is after all where HIV began. No doubt in my mind that it is spread that way, but as for that actually beginning of the virus is unclear. I’ve heard seemingly uneducated guesses that it was obtained from an African man having sex with a monkey, then going as far to say it began with homosexuality is almost just as far-fetched an idea, your research of the virus’s origin may be close to accurate.

  24. typo–pallocentric was meant as phallocentric

  25. tricia lundberg says:

    I know an adult that was circumcised just yesterday of his own informed choice because the foreskin was too tight at the tip. He is tramatized over the pain and bleeding and appearance, even though he knows that this will heal and, ultimately be “better”.
    One day, Eight Days, it is a wound that may heal externally, but internally how can a child heal from that?

  26. the story i heard was that instead of requiring sacrifice of the man, the god settled for the foreskin.

  27. tricia lundberg says:

    LS there is some conjecture that circumcision ritual in africa is what spread HIV so quickly there. Adolescent boys circumcised one after the other with the same blade.
    CONDOMS prevent the spread of AIDS

  28. the preverbal genital mutilation of the male could be the very trauma that in many male psyches causes an arrested development of the infant. trauma at that stage of development will effect the personality of the adult. the individual could experience a number of insecurities, unable to understand the origin, as the crime was a preverbal experience. the result could have something to do with overly aggressive or infantile state or pallocentric society.
    also the exposed penis can become desensitized causing the need for more violent sex.

  29. Lucifer Sam says:

    I believe this to be why Sarah laughed when Abraham was circumcised.

  30. Lucifer Sam says:

    It’s God’s way of making men equal the pain of woman’s birth pains and menstruation, even though an erection feels like menstruation cramps of the genitals on the outside of the body, rather than inside. God wanted blood to be spilled from the men in circumcision to equal the woman’s pains of child birth. Even then, birth pains far exceed what men can comprehend though.

  31. Wow, I guess this procedure must be a common practice throughout the US because I’ve never seen a penis that’s not circumcised, and after looking it up on Google they look weird with foreskin! But I’m still confused, what is this like, a more painful haircut that guys get trimmed up regularly or something?

  32. Lucifer Sam says:

    Though I was circumcised the first day, unlike the Jewish 8th day, the ritual itself in ancient Babylonia was known to be vampiristic. A rabbi would generally suck the blood after the circumcision to stop the bleeding. I disagree with it’s methods as it causes psychological trauma at early developmental stages. However, I can’t stress enough that we should take every necessary action to prevent HIV and STDs.

  33. It’s about time. I caught hell from my mother for not having my boy mutilated at birth. She later apologized after seeing an episode of Penn and Tellers Bullshit about the horrific practice.