1. Ladyjane Green says:

    Thanks Moonshadow, for clearing that up, loving the” nonexistant hoards of crack mamas” another ardent defender of systemized death. I guess he is one of the lucky militare ones who isnt sick from chem exposure, like so many other of his unfortunate fellow sevice people. “Patriotisim is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. Killing in the name of——-.

  2. Moon Shadow says:

    I’m certainly not lumped in the category of Democrat. We have a ONE PARTY system. And it is SHIT! They are all shit, with a few notable exceptions, but FEW.
    I lived in England for 3 years in the 80’s. I left the U.S. because I was denied any financial assistance (thanks to Reagan) for college. I HAD health care in England. I did NOT have health care in the US. I walked into clinics with minimal waits and received treatment totally free of ANY charge.
    We should ALL have the same health insurance offered to congress! I’m sick of arguing and disagreeing with the people who should be working together. Stop blaming the non-existent masses of crack heads, who you think are sitting at home getting pregnant on your tax dollars. Start getting mad at the “right” people. The ones stealing your money. And it ain’t the crack heads!
    I was not implying you are not a patriot. The bankers and corporations who hoard money into foreign accounts and fuck over the American workers are NOT patriots. They are the ones who will pay for ALL of us. They are criminals and deserve to be in jail.
    you wrote: “I’m talking about the majority who use and abuse my money to buy crack and more beer and let their kids suffer.”
    Wake up! The MAJORITY are our grandmothers & grandfathers, mothers & fathers, neighbors, mentally ill, disabled, unemployed, military vets… WE are the welfare recipients. WE are BROKE, THEY are RICH with OUR money. If they pay their fare share, the rest of us pay LESS.
    Follow the money…. who is profiting off of the wars?

  3. The bottom line is that I should be able to choose where my money goes. We work hard for it. I have been to hell and back to save after coming home from afganistan only to have social security and taxes pulled out which I am guaranteed to never see again.

  4. I as a military member am a patriot of this country. You forget who bled the so called “locked trust” of the social security system … The democrats. I used to be a republican but I won’t affiliate myself with a bunch of liars. I will say this…I have socialized medical care that Obama is pushing so hard for and it sucks. My daughter has been sick for weeks and we cant den get An appointment. There is a reason why Canada and Great Britian is telling us not to go this route. As a military member who has served his country honorably, I feel like I deserve to choose where my hard earned money goes rather than piss it away on people who can sit back and let the free ride begin. Don’t get me wrong there are certain people who need it like the single mother who’s husband or boyfriend left them and can’t feed their kids because the man can’t keep his dick in his pants. I’m talking about the majority who use and abuse my money to buy crack and more beer and let their kids suffer.

  5. Moon Shadow says:

    We have socialism now. Medicare and Social Security. Both successful, but facing financial challenges because the wealth is hoarded by the elite minority of greedy capitalists, who control the laws that siphon the blood & sweat of the working poor to the top – TRICKLE UP economics. The reality of Reaganomics.
    Health care, education, food, shelter, SAFE working conditions, a DECENT living wage, and human rights protections should be available to all in the world.
    At $60K, your tax burden should be LESS than your current taxes that funnel all of your tax dollars to the wealthy elite controlling and profiting off the war machine. “BIG” Oil and Halliburton alone could feed the WORLD for a decade off their annual profits.
    Once all the money gets back in the hands of the people, the PATRIOTS of this country, then all will be restored.

  6. Completely against it…I work so hard for the measily 60k a year that I make…just to have some of it taken from me to give to some fucking moron who was too stupid to make a better life for themselves…I have a serious problem with that.

  7. Human nature gets in the way. The people in power grow to like having the power. So, they start do things to ensure that they stay in power. (“Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”)

  8. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Thanks for following me i follow you too, feel free to write me on there. I think your nice too.

  9. dashus christ says:

    You are very sweet and kind,and i’m enjoying following you @twitter ! and Yes to socialism.

  10. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Sorry if i seem mean i did not get a lot of sleep last night. i understand what your saying now. Thanks and i am thinking abount doing this but i will be doing new shows soon too so please stay tuned.
    Thanks and i am sorry for being mean.

  11. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    You are right and i am looking for a job right now but i still have a company that will grow in time. I am all for people less off then me, you do not know me that well so please take time to know me before you talk down to me. I am looking for a job and my company is viewed on youtube every day. lets get to tknow each outher before we talk down to each outher.

  12. Seriously Mr Ward. Your media company is a non-starter and at this moment in time, you are unemployable. Why don’t you use your energy to volunteer yourself at a local soup kitchen or help people less off than you. You can make a huge difference, not only for others but for yourself as well.

  13. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    That is company motto. Sometimes i type too fast and i am not that hyper.

  14. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    My Companey motto is for the people by the people. I am in media to inform the people what the hell is going on in this world. I am here for you and will tell the truth along with facts.

  15. Moon Shadow says:

    Yes, please.