small business is the basis of america’s economy

yet the republicans have destroyed small business and brought us corporations that destroy small business.  Yet–small business owners are overwhelmingly republicans!  How did they trick the small business owner into voting against his own family’s future?  Simple–the small business owner is bullshitted into thinking that s/he will eventually sell his operation to a large corporation (take his business public).  They are flim flamming the middle class…getting them to bet the farm on winning the lottery, so to speak–this is the actual subject matter of the last season of the roseanne show–i invite the fans to re-watch it now.  See how the connors visit the kennedy’s, and see the road of misery it puts them on—Roseanne Connor eventually has to fight off a train full of terrorists–the “Monostan 8″  (I called it that in honor of monostat 7–the salve to treat a yeast infection).  re-watch how Roseanne Connor saves the world by befriending an arab woman who is not allowed to speak her mind, and who is serving Roseanne Connor in her first class cabin.  Roseanne Connor kills the terrorists when they threaten her family.  It is really going to start making sense now.

  I loved creating that season knowing that it would be a sleeper and its relevance would grow as the reagan revolution continued to rob american workers blind.  of course anne coulter is right when she says radiation is good for us. 


  1. DoGPiLePatrol says:

    IN the early 2000 i started a business… only one in the area. It was a tiny biz a poop scooping of dog waste…with me the only scooper Then more followed riding on my poop tail. then the bottom fell out in 08. I hung on for another year with only a few customers, was offered my customer list present and past by some big scooper half way across the country selling franchises. I had worked so hard for those accounts… and they were dieing off one by one. I resisted the temptation to sell my list to more then one franchise. Hoped to one day resurrect the operation again and couldn’t sleep if i knew i sold my customers and their dogs i became so close to, to strangers. Bis went by the name of DoGPiLe Patrol I had a big pile of dog crap on my trucks cab and lots of funny phrases all over my dodge dakota, that apparently was a hit with tv news and newspapers for quite some time. I miss my daily interactions with other people dogs. Have 4 of my own so its not to bad. The last year of scooping I had an awful time physically due to no health insurance and now use a service dog to get around.

  2. my pleasure.

  3. Here’s another version of the recipe for that, or what this one also calls “The Roseanne Barr Loose Meat Sandwich” LOL

  4. the sadness is along these lines:
    Home Is So Sad
    by Philip Larkin
    Home is so sad. It stays as it was left,
    Shaped in the comfort of the last to go
    As if to win them back. Instead, bereft
    Of anyone to please, it withers so,
    Having no heart to put aside the theft.
    And turn again to what it started as,
    A joyous shot at how things ought to be,
    Long fallen wide. You can see how it was:
    Look at the pictures and the cutlery.
    The music in the piano stool. That vase.

  5. your trenchant comments on sheen/lorre/hollywood got me started watching roseanne from ep 1. now at season 6, and actually made loose meat sandwiches the other day. ‘licious!
    i never did see season 9 all the way through and i’m looking fwd to it.
    finally — there’s a lot of sadness in your show, thru glenn quinn, goodman, parsons, berhnhardt, dan’s father, whose real name i forget — all the other amazing actors, it’s interesting to see them tap into it. and of course the writing — thanks, dear. you did a good thing.

  6. Your experiences have made you jaded about business in general but please understand I’ve had experiences of my own. My mom managed a small motel (just 9 rooms) for a good portion of my life we lived there and I grew up there. We sold for a modest price and purchased a 12 unit apartment building near our other two rental houses which I now manage. We are very small. We never had any odd ambition of selling to a large corporation, we just wanted enough to be comfortable while not being enslaved by corporations or the government. But as the old saying goes shit rolls down hill.
    One more thought sense you ripped on me about the unions
    My dad worked for a company which was unionized and was screwed out of his 25 year severance pay by his union (I will provide facts for this at a later date I’ve got to look up some stuff and I’m pretty tired). My dad continued working at another company that was not unionized and they took great care of him. My sister is forced to be part of the UFCW and although she likes her job, the union itself is useless to her. They vote on stuff, and it seems she has no say on any of it. The union does not allow overtime, your allowed to “no call no show” three times before you get fired, and because my sister had to miss 3 weeks of work last year for health reasons, she is now shorted pay for her vacations. They also utilize her union dues for liberal propaganda which is sent out to union members each month (shouldn’t the union be neutral). She probably voted for this but they sure didn’t make any of it clear to her. Perhaps this isn’t big time facts, but it just doesn’t seem right. I’m not saying that no regulation is needed but isn’t there a better way than unions? Can you possible except the idea that unions can become too powerful, loose sight of their original purpose, and them selves become as corrupt as corporations?

  7. TylerCollins says:

    Dear Roseanne Barr,
    My name is Tyler Collins and I am a double major in political science and History at Murray State University. In tough economic times almost everyone is pinching pennies especially college students. The political situation at Murray State is dire and the Board of Regents is about to raise tuition once again. While it is understandable that Murray State has to make adjustments during these times, it is inexcusable to blow tens of millions of dollars and then make students foot the bill when most of us are holding on by our fingernails. In addition to students, the faculty has many of their own battles with the Board of Regents which I wish to address with you privately first.
    Jimmy McMillan founder of “The Rent is too Damn High” Party is collaborating on this project and I hope that you will take time out of your day to contribute to the worthy cause of defending students, faculty, and academia from the threats they are currently facing. As a political science major I understand that people run for President for many different reasons, some are in it to win it and some do it to get their political grievances attention. You and Jimmy running for president is a very good thing because you both are able to raise attention to important issues. Please, give me a few minutes of your time so I can tell you how taking less than 10 minutes out of your day can help 12,000 students and faculty.
    Tyler Collins
    P.S. I was run through a day of FOX news in a negative light with an edited video during the Rand Paul and Jack Conway senate race. Furthermore, I was also attacked by Rush and Alex Jones. This is a project worth a look. Please contact me at: tylercollinspolitics@hotmail.com
    Posting on multiple blogs is not for any purpose of spam, but an attempt to make for sure that this catches your attention. Time is ticking very quickly.

  8. ferris*bueller says:

    We own a small business and after 12 years of it we just feel numb. I think small bus owners used to feel like they were helping society, creating jobs, helping their towns….We just feel numb really and are thinking about selling. We have learned alot about government in the past 12 years and the number one thing we have learned is dis-trust. I wish I knew the answers but I’m fresh out, just drained

  9. Tippy -Lite says:

    Failure to stand up to evil leads to insanity, poverty and the loss of all our rights

  10. Tippy -Lite says:

    It’s “Manne Coulter”

  11. JaneViolet says:

    Anne Coulter is in serious need of psychological intervention. She is a classic case of “only crazy people see psychologists.” She is going to end up in a hospital. Everyone will be extremely cruel and unforgiving to her because her weakness will finally be exposed after years of pummeling others for their shortcomings. She is emotionally distraught about something and she is taking it out on the world.

  12. There is a difference between Republicans and Democrats, Republicans are more conservative with their views and Democrats are liberal and then there are third parties with other views. It doesn’t matter what your affiliation is as long as you respect the other parties. It doesn’t matter if you are a republican, democrat, independent or whatever else you want to call yourself, no ONE party has ALL the answers and the collective process of all the parties having an opinion is called democracy which is the most important thing as that is the type of nation the USA is, and the oldest democracy at that, but unfortunately we start to steer it away from that and make it too personal. Its all about every single one of those opinions coming together for a solution that has gotten this nation thru the 250 years its lasted because you’ve got to realize that just about nothing is fact, fact exists very little when it comes to world matters.

  13. Roseanne,
    Do you believe that there is a REAL difference between the political parties (republican/democrat)? I think we have been conned to believe there is a difference so that we waste all our time pointing out that the other side is the bad side, meanwhile, both sides are busy screwing Americans over with their treasonous actions.
    In regards to your top post about the heart being the true brain….I have to agree that the heart is the energy that moves the world. I just recently finished a book that described how we spend our lives living in our heads and if we take the time to experience situations/emotions/etc. through our hearts or even lower in our solar plexus, how different those experiences are. And it’s true. I can be so serious thinking about some problem I have and I will think that there isn’t room enough inside my head to think all the thoughts coming at me all at once. Then I will consciously tell myself to think about my problem THROUGH my heart (literally dropping it down) and I found that there seems to be so much more room in my heart and the tenseness I feel in my head leaves when I view things through my heart. It doesn’t come naturally, but I notice when I make an attempt to view life this way, there is space enough for everything and a peacefulness that calms me.

  14. OH goodie, I can pontifically leave a comment.