repeal all public funding for politicians and lobbyists

vote for me I will get your money back from the billionaires who stole it from you!  barr 2012


  1. Hears your campaign approach: Remember Ross Peroe? Remember the graft’s and charts with a Republican sense of humor? You could have the same logical grafts and charts except with an Ann Richards (former Governer of Texas)style and manner with your own inspiring unmatched quality of expression! How do you look in a ten gallon hat?

  2. Moon Shadow says:

    The conservative Supreme Court majority are responsible. “Public” money is an oxymoron. It’s “public” corporate money.
    Good old fashioned ELECTION BUYING. The American way.

  3. Public money goes to lobbyists? Isn’t public funding of elections supposed to make things more fair?

  4. You got my Vote Roseanne!
    BARR 2012

  5. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I am uniteing with You and Dashus. BARR 2012.

  6. Moon Shadow says:

    Roseanne, do you have a 501(c)3 (non-profit) set up in your name? Would be nice to see some Roseanne Barr campaign shit hit the market w/ proceeds going to YOUR non-profit.
    Get our fucking money back from the criminals, NOW!!!
    BARR 2012!!

  7. urbanteach says:

    Did you see the Donald at the WHC dinner? Talk about no f’n sense of humor, as a fellow fat bitch let me tell you beyond the thought of his shriveled up wand is the idea that the man has not a humor bone in his body. What a dud, only skinny, food-deprived lack of self-respect woman and masochists would take his sorry ass.

  8. Ladyjane Green says:

    And Y’all know which “wand” im talkin about….. hint: hes never had any “fat bitches” get near it… Cuz we would byte that cocktail weiner right the f— off. Trump, it rhymes with Hump… say no more…Hubris= Excessive Arrogance caused by Pride. A distinct lack of humility.

  9. Ladyjane Green says:

    Agreed! I cant think of a bigger waste of taxes than paying for the one party dog and pony show that is the Prez election. oh wait, maybe the” war on drugs” is a bigger waste….. oh yeah, and then theres those 3or 4 wars we got a brewin… Wouldnt it be great if you could get that stolen money back. My brainwashed bro in law insists that the banks have paid the bailout money back! who ever does their pr is a genius…. Maybe Trump will wave his magic “wand” and make it the Eighties Again for real. Back to the Future, especially with the “Spoiled Wedding” marching obliviously by. The most obscene image juxtoposition were the flattened houses and devastation in the south, followed by illuminati excess on display. Americans shallow worship of these figureheads is the ultimate escape from reality. There will be no wave off look alike hair cuts….plenty tried that Princess Di haircut, and plenty failed! Cant help but wonder when they will be sacrificing this latest princess. She has to pop out an heir first…
    BARR 2012- UNITE or PERISH!

  10. Hey and i would vote for you if i could do so! ^^

  11. Hey Roseanne! I am from Germany and I was a little child when I saw you for the first time on TV! I am 22 now..
    My English is not the best, excuse me.. I was so happy when i recognised that you are a real integrity person, in my opinion 9/11 truth is the most important thing to wake up people!
    Do you already know that one?: http://rememberbuilding7.org/
    Roseanne, I would be very happy about an answer of you!
    Nice greetings from Germany (Hessen)! :-)