rape/bully culture starts at the top!




  1. Roseanne4President says:

    When I was 20 years old on the eve of tunring 21 in the summer of 1999, I thought I was the only one who discovered this.
    I will suspend the rest of the story, because evidently it is too telling. ( : lol

  2. Roseanne4President says:

    When I was 20 years old on the eve of tunring 21 in the summer of 1999, I thought I was the only one who discovered this.
    I will suspend the rest of the story, because evidently it is too telling. ( : lol

  3. Moon Shadow says:

    The power of words and the etiquette of semantics, a lesson in humility.
    A TRUTHFUL STATEMENT: “we don’t WANT to be superior, we ARE superior”
    Superior may refer to:
    * Superior (hierarchy): something which is higher in a hierarchical structure of any kind
    1. Higher than another in rank, station, or authority: a superior officer.
    2. Of a higher nature or kind.
    3. Of great value or excellence; extraordinary.
    4. Greater in number or amount than another: an army defeated by superior numbers of enemy troops.
    5. Affecting an attitude of disdain or conceit; haughty and supercilious.
    6. Above being affected or influenced; indifferent or immune: “Trust magnates were superior to law” (Gustavus Myers).
    7. Located higher than another; upper.
    8. Botany. Inserted or situated above the perianth. Used of an ovary.
    9. Printing. Set above the main line of type.
    10. Logic. Of wider or more comprehensive application; generic. Used of a term or proposition.

  4. Right on Roseanne.

  5. dashus christ says:

    and i’m glad you Name The GUILTY for Us Roseanne

  6. Ok, but you still have never answered my question. How is you believing your better then men any different then Hitler believing he was better then jews? I am for equality, not sexism which is believing that one gender is better then the other. I’m not supporting rapists but the fact is some women are rapists as well. You’ve preached about getting into office and castrating them but really whats next after that? Concentration camps? Hitlers regime started out the same way and even Auchwitz wasn’t originally a concentration/death camp. How would you feel if your sons were persecuted for just being males? I’m sure they’ve never harmed anyone but because of their gender their considered the same as any other male? True that equality still doesn’t exist for women everywhere but it has improved and your not helping matters by believing that women are any better then men but just making them worse.

  7. It doesn’t make you a man hater but it does make you a sexist if you say your better then men. With all due respect, you or no one else is any better then anyone else—and that is NOT what Hilter had said. What he believed is inferiority of the germans over the jews, and your preaching inferiority of woman over men, how is that different?

  8. dashus christ says:

    Right On!

  9. But its as simple as that, you cannot say that you are better then someone else. Was Hitler any better then those that he persecuted? No, but he believed he was and I’m sure his scientists tried to show him proof of it.
    Man and woman are equal on this planet, we all are born the same and we all die the same despite race, gender, sexual orientation or anything else for that matter! What one person does is not the fault of everyone else who share traits like sexual orientation or skin color or gender as him. Is that the root of what your advocating?

  10. No, what I’m saying is not sexist nor am I telling anyone how to think. I’m just stating out the obvious that a man hating woman is no different then a woman hating man. Its both the same in sexism. Also acknowledge my guilt for what? I didn’t do anything to anyone but because I am a straight white male then I am suppose to be the same as every other straight white male. Hitler classified all Jews as the same in the Holocaust so what is different in your way of thinking then Hitlers? You cannot wait a century and let hatred continue because matters only escalate, and not stay the same.

  11. dashus christ says:

    Put So Well PJ-Brightens my morning!

  12. sorry bro , the sexual violence against women world wide does not compare.

  13. Moon Shadow says:

    There is no REVERSE anything. There can be SEXISM against men, but that is NOT called reverse sexism. It’s sexism.
    Does it exist. Certainly. Is it comparable to a culture of misogyny? No fucking way.
    You are reacting to words and opinions expressed here. As I said earlier, STAY IN YOUR LANE. The last thing we need hear on this blog is another hetero male telling women and gay men how to think.
    Give me a century of a (return to) matriarchy, and then we can begin to discuss equality between the sexes.
    Acknowledge your guilt and how it is reflected in your statements/comments. Stop telling women how they feel and what they think. It’s sexist!
    Focus on yourself and what you, a hetero male can do to stop sexism. What can YOU do to condemn the actions of the Yale students? This is where you have power. Look within.

  14. Well think how these things originate—because there is hate on both ends of the gate which both want to be dominate and really neither side is right. And no, my view is that women are equal to men. Gender doesn’t really mean shit but only in the laws of attraction.
    Agreed though, behavior like this is inexcusable but women have done worst things to men before as well.

  15. @rob, really? is that what you got out of this article? reverse racism? dude. you got a lot to learn, your hetero-reality, ‘world view that women exist always in relation to man’ seems to blind you from seeing the big picture.
    windbag, noun; a fellow who bellows; one afflicted with chronic logorrhea; a blathering, blatant,flagrantly flatulent fool. example; martin luther, who blathered in 1531;
    men have broad shoulders and narrow hips, and accordingly they posses intelligence. women have narrow shoulders and broad hips. women ought to stay at home; the way they were created indicates this, for they have broad hips and a wide fundament to sit upon, to keep house and bear and raise children. note ; luther invented his doctrine while seated in the privy.

  16. Yes, strong feminists don’t hate men but they also don’t want to be equal to them…they want to be superior to them, and that is reverse sexism.

  17. Moon Shadow says:

    Stay in your lane.
    Reverse racism is NOT real. It is a term imposed by the dominant straight white male who felt “discriminated” against through affirmative action policies. It’s an oxymoron.
    This thread is about the sexist boys club that is still in full force in ivy-league America. These “boys” should be expelled and prosecuted for hate crimes against women.
    Strong feminist women don’t hate men. Self reflection on their words leads to self-hate. That’s on YOU, not THEM. It is not the place of men to tell women how they FEEL when they express centuries of justified hostility.
    As a gay man, I strongly advocate for a return to a matriarchal society. We’ve seen enough war and greed, which is the trademark for patriarchy.
    It is time for men to relinquish their need for control and domination, and accept a peaceful future. This, in my opinion is the only path towards the salvation of Mother Earth.

  18. Wow, now that’s scary because that’s the next generation (and mine) but really because thats how they feel towards women and minorities. I hate to say it but really this is the result of the type of society we live in. We have went from a society that rampantly had racism, sexism, and classism but todays society that is all about reverse racism—-and this is the result! Don’t get me wrong because I have the utmost respect for women and minorities but this is like what I was talking about in another thread with men being impregnated. It seems that they don’t want to be equal to men, but want to be better because if you bring up the simplest thing that they don’t agree with that would actually mean equality then their suddenly on the offensive about it and say it can’t or shouldn’t happen. That is not the way to be, you cannot fight for your rights and then go on to have hate for your former oppressors, straight white males for example and how we’re painted as being all the same with the shit that our ancestors have done (and really, we’re not all like that) but it has the same effect as when women fought for their rights, or when blacks did because even in reverse racism it can only go so far before they’ve had enough.
    A man hating all women is just ridiculous but really a woman hating all men is no better. You shouldn’t shout for equality when really you want to be superior, doesn’t make you any better then a bigot.