old granny



  1. Lucifer Sam says:

    You reflect age beautifully. You make a Wiser Better Leading Grandmother of the world.

  2. What a beautiful photo of you. Not only do you have a pretty smile but strength and confidence radiates from you.

  3. Sean Patrick Sullivan says:

    Hello, Roseanne. That’s one of the most beautiful celebrity portraits I’ve ever seen. Your grace, radiance, and vitality are beyond obvious and radiate in a delightful manner I’m not used to seeing in today’s (mostly) smug, lifeless, and depressingly artificial commercial photography.

  4. Your wit, charm, personality, talent and beauty remind me of all the qualities my sister has and more. I have not seen my sister in ten years. We only communicate by e-mail and if that is the closest I can get to having her in my life, then I will take it with open arms. I watched your show not long ago on Oprah talking about your nut farm and life in Hawaii now. Seeing you makes me miss my sister and her dry sense of humor. My husband is military and I am an RN. We are hoping to get orders to Hawaii soon. I have heard how scary it is moving there and being far from family already. I have three kids too 15, 10 and 8. And of course I an worried about starting them in good schools. I will be lost when I get there. At least I have a sister look a like aka Roseanne who works on a nut farm! Right! Thanks Roseanne you are still as great as you always have been. Keep up all the hard work!

  5. Great smile. Reminds me of that hearty laugh at the beginning of your show!

  6. Stunning…like a fine wine!

  7. Mrs.Natalie says:

    Absolutely beautiful Roseanne! If only I’m as hot as you are at 38! ;) Winks!

  8. Its not too surprising actually, I can believe that Anderson Cooper would just love it. Hell, his boyfriend Ben Maisani looks like one of the guys from that show actually! LMAO

  9. ferris*bueller says:

    hee hee -funny. I heard Anderson Coper say one night on the subject of the Bev Hils Housewives show..that he couldnt tell them apart since they had all had so much surgery. Funny to think Anderson would watch the housewives shows but he admitted he loved them!! Who would have guessed !!

  10. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Do not misunderstand me i know they call you granny but don,t they also call you crackpot granny?. Also my grandkids call me p chris bechuse they call my boyfriend their real grandfather pepaw.

  11. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Your grandkids call you crackpot granny right?.
    My grandkids call me p chris is that a sick name or is it just me?

  12. alrite! enough ass kissing everyone…
    Roseanne, you are one scary old freakin’ bitch!
    BHAAAHhahahaaha KIDDING!
    Luv ya BUNCHES sweetie!!!I’m jealous! I’m an old bitch too (wink) Boy I need your dentist… that smile is a dreamy!!! But don’t bother with the name… couldn’t afford it anyways :(sigh):
    Soooo happy for you and your joy!

  13. That’s an excellent portrait that implies the REAL Roseanne is shining through brilliantly!

  14. Your hair looks great at that length! It’s been a while since you’ve had it that long, hasn’t it? And agree with Tina – Jessica looks a lot like you.

  15. You’re so beautiful! I don’t believe age defines beauty. There’s a light that shines inside you Roseanne! That’s what makes you truly beautiful =)

  16. True true, you don’t need to be a celebrity though to be a rendition of Nip Tuck. Go to LA and half the girls you see out there you don’t even have to clarify what part of their body your talking about when asking if its real…chances are its not! LOL!

  17. ferris*bueller says:

    Exactly ! So nice to see celebs with real faces, skin and hair ! Not pulled so tight they look scary – Roseanne looks great…

  18. Lookin good, you have the beauty that Joan Rivers plastic surgeon still can’t recreate. LOL!

  19. ferris*bueller says:

    Roseanne…..You certainly dont favor a granny ! What do the grandkids call you?

  20. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Old Granny looks forty and when she was forty ahe looked 30. Here i am 22 and my step-kids have given me 7 grandkids and i look 21. Funny how life works.

  21. dashus christ says:

    Surely Love how you put it Soleil-Abolutely Stunning and So natural!
    Our Future President
    BARR 2012 and NOW

  22. Duh – W I N N I N G !! Beautiful *;*

  23. Jessica looks like you.