lets party like its 1999!

the good old pre popped bubble days!


  1. Pete Seeger & Friends. Don’t you know we’re gonna have a Solartopia! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeXCKt1VpL8

  2. (in a loud whining cry)
    I really, really do :(
    Roseanne… you have my vote! Please help this shithole become golden again.

  3. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    This makes me think of prince.

  4. Moon Shadow says:

    Hell yea!
    Let’s party likes it 2012!
    Post election!
    BARR 2012! Matriarchy NOT Patriarchy!!

  5. 1999,the good ole days,i was living in a tent that year,what fond memorys,then came the gang of two and i lost my tent in the market crash and been getting along with just a sleeping bag ever sense.phew need to wash this damn thing soon.Party R.like its 1999,damn good idea,on my way to get some ripple.

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    hey dj that biggas post meant for u, pinapples say aloha back to big apple, ” Bite that apple, dont find no maggots” Sir Mick Jagger….. lol what next Sir Keith Richards! Shattered!

  7. Ladyjane Green says:

    Yes, these same books of hopeful futureness were crossing my hands as well, circa early 70s. I was also programmed to believe that the future was going to be bigger, better, faster, more. little did i know we’d get to see the snake not only start eating its tail, but finish too! Maybe thats why i am hung up on futuristic
    armageddon- scape movies like blade runner, madmax, children of men etc.Its the kids who are truly fuct. Right now I do have a kid in my life, a 13 year old girl, my adopted “neice”. Ive known her since her mom brought her home from the philipines@1 year old. As most countries with a large Catholic fanbase, there are tons of unwanted kids there waiting for adoption in mass orphanages, or just runnin round in the streets, living off the garbage of others. I have seen the reality of the Manila street “urchins”. Its common knowlege that the girls( and boys) will be forced into prostitution for the Booming sex tourisim industry. Being a small force for positive change in her life has given extra meaning to mine….at least one thing is still the same for her as it was for us … The “man” is still
    lying to their young faces. They just get to think the future is Now!….I am proud to be a big loud gay role model for this ” millenial kid”. We will at least show her how to laugh heartily while the Shit house goes up in flames! As ljg likes to say,” tha kid likes gays and jews, my work is done here!” lol Its cool in Hawaii cuz even though the kid might be shamed by the presence of M-and-P, there is always a place for the “cool tita”. At least thats what her mom sez. I guess Im trying to get whatever meaning there might be left in this toxi- life from trying to practice the lost art of being human. as in giving half a shit for others. This can also prove dissappointing, cuz humans are inconsistant.They are trying to chem and gwen us into being Zombies! Dont turn on your fellow humans! Maybe we need an hgwells- like war of the words scenario for the Human Race to get its shit together! Hang in there DJ, fridays coming! lol( i was thinking of the cheezy 70s 80s posters where the stressed out cat is hanging from branch with two paws)

  8. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    yes, I try to imagine how great life was before Bush and Cheney DESTROYED our nation and half the planet with it..
    I am so flipped out over Mercury Retrograde and a FULL moon that I could start a killing spree..
    But , as Roseanne sez DO NOT turn on your neighbor.. do nothing and say nothing until this passes..
    I remember reading books as a child in the late 60s early 70s showing me how wonderful the 21st century was gonna be .. so far its been a rotten piece of shit that Id like to escape from..

  9. Ladyjane Green says:

    Time to pursue any life long dreams, wishes, aspirations… procrastination not an option…we are not giving up, we will be giving out…..till their aint no more to give….as desperate as things seem, there is an intense level of awareness, or consciousness that is rising, in direct reaction to the armagideon times. Party like its 1999 indeed, Bring It On! Will bring mead and weed! we will show them that living well was indeed the best revenge!