i will run on any independent ticket that will result in

my having a chance at the debates during the primaries.  I will bring it to the people–so that a clear decision can be made by them.  I will offer concise solutions to problems.  I will end the wars and spend the tax money here at home.  I will kick out the fed and arrest all banksters.  I will forgive all student loans and give free health care, and legalize pot, and stop the war on drugs.  I will let every first time drug offender out of prison and in their place put in a mortgage lender who tricked hard working people.  this is my new slogan:  “vote for me I’ll fix this shit!”  Barr 2012

whatever you do, women do not vote either rep or dem.  vote common sense, vote middle, vote solutions:  THE GREEN TEA PARTY OF AMERICA!  “dont tread on me”–FAIR TAX.


  1. I think you picked the perfect state to live in Roseanne for pot. I went last month and this is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen. I think your road workers are smoking it hahaha.

  2. Lucifer Sam says:

    I agree… He’d create a spark in the hearts of the young generations about being true to who you are and simply put “doing the right thing”… He is a hero, that would bring alot of joy and controversy, but more so joy in rewarding a hero.

  3. Lucifer Sam says:

    I just did a little research, finding PFC Manning… What sparks your interest in him? I know he released some info about the war. Are you trying to save his life or do you believe he has something to SAY to the American people? It used to be that keeping people aware and knowledgable was how we knew we were winning a fight, what kind of army strikes down it’s own people for keeping the public informed?

  4. Lucifer Sam says:

    Ralph Nader has been waiting since the beginning of “my” time. It’d be nice to see him finally win with you.

  5. every time i see you i think you’ve gotten more beautiful with time. i must admit i was not a fan of your plastic surgeries because i thought you were so genuinely attractive your first season. i have loved you since your appearance on johnny carson and i continue to watch ‘roseanne’ reruns everyday.

  6. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    Roseanne these would all be excellent people for your cabinet to work in conjunction with the tribunal of grandmothers.
    please remember Steven Slater as your sec. of labor lol

  7. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    of course Carol Al Gore refused the presidency because he like all our leaders knew 9/11 was planned and wanted no part of it..
    BARR 2012 (she will fix shit that is broken )

  8. You’re right DJ. I forgot. Those bastards down in Florida with their dangling chads. Now they have these voting machines to make stuffing the ballot box a little easier.

  9. I was fortunate enough to catch you on Joy’s show, what a great interview! We still need your voice Roseanne. Has everyone forgotten that OVER HALF of this country’s population is female? Why isn’t a woman in the Oval Office? I hope one gets there in my lifetime…Women just have a different way of looking at things… I just found this site and I plan on checking back often:)

  10. I am 24 years old, and I never understand politics…I get confused (I hope that doesn’t make me a dummy!). Do the politicians just try to make everything seem more complicated than it really is?

  11. I am 24 years old, and I never understand politics…I get confused (I hope that doesn’t make me a dummy!). Do the politicians just try to make everything seem more complicated than it really is?

  12. I think you have a great message! I hope more people are listening, because you really could “fix this shit”!

  13. Lucifer Sam says:

    Also, I’m curious to know who your vice president candidate would be, even though it’s early. I’m not asking you to take a survey or anything but I’m just considering people that have common interests. Like:
    1. Rosie O’donnel
    2. Madonna
    3. One of the Berg’s from Kabbalah
    4. Or do you have something brewing that’s going to blow the pants off the world lol.

  14. Lucifer Sam says:

    Oh I love you! Ha… as much as love can be in blog form. You are making wise decisions, you are Green Party but to recieve the perfect attention you can run Independent so your voice is heard, EVEN LOUDER! I’d like to join the church of common sense, by Goddess I think I just have. Nice slogan by the way, the conservative are gonna die when they here it!

  15. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    also , a question if I may Roseanne, what would say to all the African American voters of this nation who feel dissatisfied with the Obama administrations bait and switch policies and stand to be the most disenfranchised with the current course of (in) action the Dems are taking…?

  16. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    uhm, my dear Carol, for the record GW Bush was NEVER elected, he was installed and then went on to be permanently stalled..
    Roseanne, just let us fan and followers know what to do and we will do it to get you elected or at least in the debates where The Church of Common Sense will throw water on both sets of vampires..
    BARR 2012 (neither a thief or a liar) VOTE for her!

  17. reddachshundmom says:

    You will have my vote, Roseanne. I believe you can straighten things out.
    I love the way you are not afraid to speak your mind and give your opinion. Watching your show helped me become more outspoken and stand up for myself and my beliefs.
    While I am here, I just wanted to tell you that I love your show, I am 32 years old and caught some of the episodes the first go around. I watch it all the time in reruns and have all of the dvds. One of the reasons I like your show so much is that the characters were “real” and it showed how most working class families lived.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    Thanks for reading this.

  18. I vote for the best candidate everytime. Of course, these tend to be democrats, but I’m willing to vote for a third party candidate, so long as another George Bush doesn’t get elected.

  19. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Glad they have my money, and you are welcome.

  20. Ralph Nader wanted to fix this shit too and we know what happened.

  21. Honestly. I did not know you made music for kids. How did I NOT know that… I’ll be looking for it now.
    And, thx for the reply. Truly made my year!
    I vow to “Vote Common Sense” !!

  22. dashus christ says:

    Yes, In Total Agreement-Roseanne Barr is Our Future!

  23. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Sorry i meant which one?

  24. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I got your DVD when it first came out did my money go to charity?. Witch one?.

  25. Ladyjane Green says:

    Vote for Roseanne Barr, she is equipped with a real working human heart and soul- lutions. Common Sense is the message, Green Tea is the Party. We Can Work Together to Solve This Mess! Barr 2012!
    ” dream on, dream on, dream on dream until yer dream comes true” Aerosmith

  26. Roseanne,
    Ill try and keep this brief, since I am not sure this is the place you want ” fan mail” to go…
    However I really felt the need to write you.
    Since I was young I ALWAYS…looked to you with warmth and awe. You and what you represent as a person…was very similar to my life. To the kind of mom I have, to what and who she is. I just felt a connection to who you are. Its something I have always carried with me. An appreciation for you.
    After your show ended, though I continued about my life ( as people do) I would often wonder and hope your life was ok.
    Recently, I had my son. ( baby #2)
    Having a baby for me is a very amazing, but rough experience. I realized that I suffer with some bout’s of postpartum depression…. ( I promise I wont bore you with my personal issues)
    anyway, I have your T.V. series on DVD and have been watching them again. And as I sit feeding my son, each episode bring me such joy and peace and have helped me to relax and embrace my life again. Its funny now, because my Son, at 7mo. old, recognizes the theme song whenever it plays and he smiles whenever your famous laugh is heard at the end….
    ill wrap this up…
    Ultimately, I wanted to thank you. Tell you I appreciate you as an artist, woman and person. Your show has uplifted me, Your views encourage me and I hope nothing but good things come your way….
    Thanks for listening,
    I could have written more, but again, this post was probably not the right location for a fan letter….

  27. Moon Shadow says:

    Your path will be the right path, so whatever you decide is how it shall be.
    I think it is most important to get your message heard by as many people possible. That is all you can do and then let the people decide.
    Public televised debates seem the most effective path of action, so go for it!
    BARR 2012