i will run independent or green or socialist or anything that has a chance to at least

influence the debates.  I want to debate dems and repubs on behalf of the taxpayer who believes in peace and prosperity here at home, and around the world.


  1. BarbaraLightgiver says:

    Ech,eek,eew, ugh. Don’t run republican! I dont read your blog for a while and when I come back I read this! You got another tv show and now you have sold out?
    I don’t have any advice for you. I am just pulling myself out of a terrible depression. Everytime I watch tv or pich up a magazine it’s full of right wing propaganda! I am so apathetic right now.But then I just want to go stand in the parks and preach the truth like you did in DC. They would just put me in the loony ward. I feel like everyone is comfortably numb on antidepresion drugs and are insane.
    Are you really serious or are you just another Pat Paulson (think that was his name- on Laugh In). Give me the ’60s and early ’70s again. This time period sucks.
    I love ya, Rosie, and I intend to be there to support you in DC. I will work for you if you want me. I had been an activist for years. I even interviewed Abby Hoffman before he died. This should be a reminder to you tho. Many of our righteous leaders have been killed. Are you willing to give your life for truth?
    Peace be with us all. Jesus was a rebel against the political and religious powers of His time. Look what happened to Him! We must all make a stand and to do it we must be willing to love God with all our hearts, minds and souls.
    Love to all.

  2. I think running as a Republican is best too. Call yourself a Radical Republican and set us free Roseanne:)

  3. When you mentioned running as a Republican a while back,I was shocked at first,but when you think about it ,it really is the party where you would get the most exsposure.Very crafty thinking on your part.Good luck with your Political endeavor,Iowa is first,brush off the bible,and talk like you have a mouth full of corn,and you should do guite well.

  4. Moon Shadow says:

    BARR 2012 Independent Green Socialist Party!
    Post some YouTube vids challenging any SERIOUS candidates to debate you in DC Mother’s Day weekend. Something viral that will get airtime. Increase the taunts and challenges as the day approaches. Get your friends to hype it on the late night circuit.
    Film this shit and get another fucking emmy!