I am running on the green tea party ticket–which i made up myself

 four score and some years ago, our foremothers brought forth upon this continent, a pilgrim ideal–telling the authorities of government and church —we have no more need of you and are off to this jolly good new continent. tally ho! pumf pumf–
 Well, as I wrote for tina brown at the new yorker in early 1991-  when i was writing about the first people’s queen, diana…I said that someday her son would sit on the throne of England and that he would free the people of Ireland, finally.  I hope Wills knows that this is what his mother told me to tell him–(I channelled her)-free the people of ireland and liquidate the holdings of the crown of Britain–that money is the people’s money, and not the inbred Royals’/vampires.   They must have blood to make a dollar!  I have redesigned the matrix of the stock market for the righteous jews who follow Hashem within the Shekkinah on this planet.  I believe and know that with only twelve of them listening to my solutions, the world can be made heaven within one year!  vote for me I know how to bring peace and prosperity instead of race war to the american people.  vote for me–i will fix everything.  Nothing needs to be changed or built, no government needs to be voted in or out, nobody has to give one dollar–all that is required to save our souls, and the children of this world is—a simple change of mind by a few Jews at the top.
   When men listen to the small face of the Divine Mother/Sabbath Bride, that dwells in their own hearts–they activate Her in the World. This is the point of Tikkuun Olam—(healing the world) Men must love not hate women.  women must love not hate men, but that will take longer, and cannot begin until patriarchy falls completely apart, as it is doing now.  The stock market can be saved simply by betting on greening, and paying out in short fall.  we will be richer than ever and everyone will have more wealth, because we will begin a barter system based on making government homes for the world’s poor out of the machinery of war.  My first act as president/prime minister—I WILL OUT LAW WAR.  ANY WHO TEMPT IT WILL SERVE ON THE FIRST LINES OF THE FIRST INFANTRIES.  (warmongers are never soldiers–they are the vampire billionaires who need blood)–i say we try them in a court of law not heavily weighted in their favor, as now, and when they are found guilty (wiki leaks style–hackers) they will be incarcerated in one of our many prisons.  We will see how the taxpayer’s children paid for dubai, the world center of child sex slavery.  satan is a busy man.
I AM ASKING HASHEM TO OPEN THE HEARTS OF TWELVE JEWISH BILLIONAIRES DURING THIS POST PASSOVER TIME—MAY THE ANGEL OF DEATH PASS OVER US AGAIN THIS YEAR–AND MAY THEY “SEE THE SOUNDS”  OF THE WORDS OF HASHEM—“jerusalem is to be a city of international peace and brotherhood.”  Please stop thinking that Hashem is in the Past–You are Hashem!  Just allow your minds to be at peace with one another.  you will activate the sabbath bride.  this is now.  choose life.  hashem is love.


  1. Ladyjane Green says:

    My God wouldnt it be nice if Northern and Southern Ireland could stand united… England holds on hardest to its last colonies. Remember M.Thatcher and the whole Bobby Sands hunger strike?.Well, They let him die. that taught me a few things about life, for sure. We love the circle of grandmas link that has been posted here before, the one that shows the weaving of the protective web of light, that covers the Earth…

  2. Moon Shadow says:

    Roseanne got me thinking about China in a response on a previous thread. As with all indigenous cultures of the world, matriarchal societies once flourished in China.
    The dynastic embrace of Confucianism over Lao-tzu’s taoist philosophy many many centuries continues to dominate and influence the patriarchal power/government in China.
    Yes, matriarchy is our only hope for peace! The 13 Indigenous Grandmother’s continue to create the path for this to happen. And many other wise grandmother’s; such as Roseanne, work to insure a quick and successful transition (return) to matriarchy (peace).

  3. Lucifer Sam says:

    Moon Shadow, We’re so blessed to have Roseanne. She’s will victoriously spread her Common Sense across the world. I love what you typed Matriarchy=Peace.

  4. Moon Shadow says:

    I still like your “think tank” idea.
    Once a few of the Jewish Billionaires you have sent the kahea (call) to, step up, you can access the great minds (like yours) stifled in poverty. An environment where the quest for COMMON SENSE solutions flourish.
    Light workers, grandmothers, gays, lesbians, economists, farmers, teachers, FEMALE environmentalists (whose sole purpose is protecting mother nature, not controlling and dominating it), Roseannearchists, factory workers, nurses, social workers, artists, writers, comedians….
    Limited terms to serve on this “think tank” so ideas are fresh and in constant flow.
    To be implemented by the new leader of a truly FREE world.
    Only dreams worth dreaming are BIG dreams! ;)
    BARR 2012!!

  5. Lucifer Sam says:

    Praise Hashem! Eternal love and mercy on the pure.