how will i end the settlements and unending war in the Middle East?


when I am President of the US as well as Prime Minister of Israel?  simple:  I will stop paying for the wars, settlements, and human rights violations.  I will create peace—peace and prosperity for Israel, Palestine and all the democratic governments in the Middle East.  I will bring them together to create clean water and food—I will ask the grandmothers of each nation to overthrow their warlords and dictators, and organized crime elements—as well as get rid of their royal families. This will allow the wealth that use to be in American taxpayers hands to return to the american taxpayers, whose money was used by the rich to oppress the poor.


  1. HI Roseanne
    I totally agree with you, but Roseanne, we need to make change now. If you run I will vote for you too. But think seriously about it and throw your hat in the ring. We do have to stick together, I am very very worried about the future! Very. Roseanne please encourage everyone to go and talk to their local congress people and senators, they are all home from their state capitals now, we must all go and talk to them. Frankly many of them are as worried as we are and don’t really know what the bulk of their constituents really want. Help !! We need you.

  2. Lucifer Sam says:

    I’m with you on that one, Roseanne. (your last comment)

  3. Moon Shadow says:

    Yes, there is a need and a place for the USA, BUT only after a REAL shift takes place. A new presence for PEACE. A rule of matriarchy which will be embraced by the world who will stand united in a new worthy effort – PEACE!
    The Chinese are MORE than scary. Their intent is clear and they are on a quick path to success as the world allows them to dominate while ignoring their own war crimes and oppression of their massive population.
    According to the Chinese govt, there are NO gays in China, NONE! I guess that’s also part of the “plan” for China. Confucius is to China as Jesus is to America – population mind-control dictated by a patriarchal moral code.
    There is a fantasy across much of the world as to what America is and represents. The PR machine is weakened as US “actions” continue to demean what we CAN represent.
    When our intent is clearly defined/RE-defined, we can play a significant role. There is hope, but we need CHANGE NOW!
    YOU are part of the CHANGE we need, NOW!
    BARR 2012!!!

  4. Moon Shadow says:

    “We are not even fighting a nation really but several organized groups of terrorist individuals and terrorism itself.”
    The “terrorists” we are at war with are the bankers and war-profiteers (ie American politicians and corporations who are profiting off of the death of American soldiers).
    The wars we are engaged in have nothing to do with terrorism or our “freedom”. We are engaging in war to control the oil and financial systems of countries who refuse to turn over their gold and oil reserves.
    Engaging in foreign war only feeds into the fear. Our government only has fear to control us. We are not brave, but we can be. We have the power to shift the fear back on the real terrorists, but only if we organize and change the way we think and operate.
    BARR 2012!

  5. The world would really be a lot better if ran by women and like mothers raise their children. Set a system of rules that must be followed and only for their own good so they don’t harm themselves or others or get involved with things that they shouldn’t be doing but also giving them their freedom to live their own life freely and don’t take their money and try to push them down for your own self benefit. You wouldn’t do this to your children so why would you do it to other peoples.
    And then finally and lastly, punish those that don’t want to behave and respect earths other inhabitants and I am all in favor of the guillotine for that method of punishment, but I would give them a choice though. Either the guillotine or be forced to fill in a couple nights a week for Donald Trumps wife and only because I don’t believe there is a soul on this earth that would choose the Trump punishment. LOL!

  6. For the Iraq War and the wars America is involved in in the Middle East to end what needs to be done is for us to strengthen ourself at home and not overseas. We are not even fighting a nation really but several organized groups of terrorist individuals and terrorism itself. We are fighting to end terrorism and that is simply a war that we cannot win because it has been around since the beginning of mankind and all we will do is bankrupt the country and our citizens like we are doing now and filling the pockets of the bankers in this country and the rich contractors overseas.
    In womankind we need to fight for peace and not against it like we are doing now. The way we do that is strengthen nations that will fight their own battles and organize a system of laws that will protect its land from what is happening there now, like the USA was fundamentally founded on. What we have now are broken nations without government that are in chaos, and instead of correcting the problem we are just accepting it and not doing anything to stop it in the long run.

  7. Lucifer Sam says:

    I could care less about that royal wedding. I agree, America and the world in general is in desperate need for the woman’s touch and that woman needs to be you, A Grandmother Prime Minister President!

  8. How can you keep up with all this political stuff.Love you…please be my BFF..

  9. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I love the site, and i really hope we have a choice to vote for you. You are smarter then anyone who wants to run in 2012.