broaden the definition to include the untold number of male victims.  Also, women need to be looked at as possible rapists too…they often encourage rape, and rape children too.  Under matriarchy, a woman who offends is the same as a male who offends.  


  1. urbanteach says:

    Peace and all love to you my young little sister! Please know and understand that there are a lot of survivors and clearly by your words you are in the category, to speak it and acknowledge it at such a young age is amazing to me. My greatest prayer for you is to find an older woman/mentor who has experienced your pain and can offer support and advise. Love thyself Okay? You are never alone!

  2. Kaylin Alida says:

    i’m 17 and i was molested my entire childhood by both a male and a female, (related to me). i agree with you on this topic 100%. the damage has caused me many issues with myself.

  3. @ sam, again, thanks for the info..who knew?

  4. Lucifer Sam says:

    Thank you LJG, we can make peace where we have found our middle ground. Gotta love the hemp!
    @prejesus, I guess we all know now lol… we should still remain aware that not all men are good either.

  5. Also @ sam , thank you so much for letting us know that all men aren’t bad. Who knew?

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    Hey LS, Apology accepted….. (((((Exhale))))) So party on Garth, its Waynes World ! clearly ljg is relaxing in her post- market hemp hideaway. The Middle Path is the Path of least Resistance, so ive heard…. Barr 2012, Increase The Peace!

  7. Lucifer Sam says:

    I apologize to you Ladyjane Green. I’m glad that we’ve met in the middle. Thank you for your forgiveness and giving me an honest name again.

  8. Lucifer Sam says:

    I’m not homphobic, to suggest that I am is misunderstanding of my words or hate towards me specifically. Homophobia is a disgusting disease and using the word homophobia to further create fear of the word is off topic from my comment and also an injustice. I’m not gay, I’m not straight, I’m bi, I have an attraction to both women and men. I hate discrimination against me too! I’ll occasionally here that I’m just on the fence or I’m confused. I know I’m not, I love women in a certain way and men in another! There’s romance and then there’s bromance! I’m patient, really, but bisexuality is discriminated on more than gay and more than straight. Love is free, and Love is Love! Love isn’t hurting someone, and I never attacked… You attacked me with the word homophobia! So consider that… Thank you.

  9. Lucifer Sam says:

    Urbanteach, thank you for the correction. I see how it could be misinterpreted. I’m not out to correct anyone’s up bringing, and I’m not embarrassed to admit it’s wrong to assume anything about your life. Maybe it’d be better for me to assume your are a very passionate feminist, who has a way with words that sends a strong message. On the subject of Rape, yes it happens too often and to innocent people who don’t intend to tell a soul, it needs to be stopped Roseanne Barr is going to make sure we’re all protected so we can talk more openly about prevention instead of dwelling on the past.

  10. Lucifer Sam says:

    Please remove the comment if you think I was attacking. I was trying to be more comforting, I had a controlling father and I had to look to my mother for guidance, I thought I could understand the situation and reasoning for why the male role model has made a bad example or all men. I don’t what to hurt anyone, I didn’t know whether you were lesbian or not, all I thought about was that you were a strong feminist (which I support), but I wanted to let you know that not all men are evil.

  11. Sorry, you’ll have to get Oprah to agree that male abuse is equal to female abuse and I don’t think that’s going to happen. All we can do is know that we’re right and suffer fools gladly.

  12. Anyone is capable of violence, male or female. In order to rape someone, a person is sick in the head, and men and women are equally capable of being sick in the head.
    Rape is about violence, not sex.
    In response to the first commenter, it wasn’t that long ago in this country that it was considered impossible for someone to rape his/her spouse. Of course, the same was true for physical abuse as well. Thankfully, we have made some progress, and it’s possible for a person to be raped by a spouse and the spouse be prosecuted for it.

  13. dashus christ says:

    Agreeing completely

  14. dashus christ says:

    Always Love your take on things and how you share/present your beaming knowledge-sounds as though lucifer s has not yet learned what the word [ASSUME] means. You,LJG See/Live in the Spiritual LIGHT as you are basking in it!!!-i feel our LIGHT expanding!

  15. urbanteach says:

    Lucifer, first your response argues that someone is limited by their upbringing (you had a horrible father)and then you suggest that your upbringing qualifies your response (my mother taught me). Not being an ass just suggesting that we are all a product of our environment to a certain degree but only in our quest for truth and understanding to we gain greater perspective. I think the thread suggests that women can be and are also predators. I think it is equally a violent act to have knowledge of abuse and still turn a blind eye as was suggested in Moon Shadow’s comment about mothers who don’t prevent the abuse. I can also perceive how women in dominating positions themselves can hold forth the actions of abuse that many only have reserved for men.

  16. Lucifer Sam says:

    Ljg, I’m not suggesting you commit patricide or anything, but it sounds to me like you had a horrible father who set a bad example of what a Man should be. My mother taught me kindness towards women my whole life and I believe that her motherhood should shine through me when I tell you that it’s not your fault that men have set a bad example in your life. It was people like me, who look to strength in manhood rather than compassion. I hope you see the Light and I hope your goddess brings you some blessings beyond what a man can give you.
    FROM ROSEANNEWORLD: THIS IS OFF THE SUBJECT OF THIS THREAD–the subject is the definition of rape. this post is a homophobic attack on a lesbian.

  17. Ladyjane Green says:

    womyn also rape other womyn. Sad but true. As The Patriarchy Turns…. womyn are the most effective enforcers of The Patriarchy. womyn will sell out other womyn in a heartbeat, especially if there is a dude involved. The Heterosexual tenets of our “society” raise us this way. Part of the divide and conquer mentality that keeps evil present and accounted for. Womyn need to learn Gender Loyalty, and stop cutting each other down. Men want us divided, hating each other, and competing for their limited attention spans. Dont get sucked in, ladies, dont believe the hype! As for womyn who rape other womyn, stop buying into the male sexual predator model. There couldn’t be an uglier scenario in Ljgs mind, than gay womyn appropriating the sexual violence of the patriarchal Rape culture, and using it on their partners/girlfriends. Goddess help us all!

  18. Lucifer Sam says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you on this subject. Too bad there isn’t a way to track people (innocent or guilty), like with an implanted chip or something. If we all had a tiny chip in us we could hunt down kidnappers, rapists, and murderers on the run, also we could find people who’ve gone missing. One day there will be less disgust with the world and more growth as humanity.

  19. Moon Shadow says:

    Yes, agreed. Not as common, but often ignored and unreported. Not surprising when you look at public response when a female teacher [statutory] rapes a male student, compared to a male teacher [statutory] raping a female student. A ridiculous double standard.
    The statistics would be tilted towards the male perp, so I don’t like shifting focus, but appreciate the non-sexist perspective. Rape is rape. Fair is fair.
    I would also include the women who willingly allow the male pedophile husbands and boyfriends to molest children.
    Wouldn’t be difficult to develop a definition to cover the vast range of sadistic violence perpetrated against an individual. The definition should be PERP-based, NOT victim-based.

  20. Moon Shadow says:

    What is censored? Women rapists?

  21. Moon Shadow says:

    That’s what happens when we allow hetero males to write the definitions and laws. It is ALWAYS about THEM.
    Oral, anal, statutory rape, using “objects”… none of this is considered RAPE either? Hmmm, so I guess I could take my pitch fork and penetrate some fascist hetero male politician anus – would that be a simple or aggravated assault?
    Can’t wait to see the new laws as prepared by the matriarchy. I have an inkling there should be pause for concern amongst the breeding males. ;)
    BARR 2012!! KARMA’S A BITCH!!!

  22. Did you know that before the genocide in Rwanda, the word for rape and the word for marriage was the same?