christian jihadists (armageddon heads) can usurp the government:


This is what the Mormon Church calls “the constitution hanging by a thread”.  Romney will step in to save the US, according to Mormon Doctrine and Covenants, which is an organ of prophecy.  These Mormon men, without the aid of even one mormon woman sit and decide how to rule, and not serve their own wives.  These are scary times for anti-polygamists such as myself.  I believe that every woman should be free to marry as many men as she desires to marry, and to inherit all of their properties when the “brother-husbands” shall die.  it’s still a free country or is it??? hmmmnnnn…maybe it never was for women children minorities and native born?  
thank god for rachel maddow (jon stewart look alike).  Her reports are genius and true!  jewess we can!


  1. Romney sucks for sure. That was an interesting take on Michigan, and our dire situation. Depending on the spin Left or Right it can sound different. I hope there is a happy medium with all of this. I notice things are left out when reported on both ends, which makes it hard to decipher what‘s really up. Reading through the budget proposal, some stuff was good, some things are just different, he’s not a typical republican.
    I would have preferred a tax cut for all. I have to wait it out, because we were “blown away“ the last 8 years. Don’t know how much worse it can get.

  2. Moon Shadow says:

    We are so fucking bombarded with deadly disasters, nuclear meltdowns, war, genocide, union busting, corporate domination, bankers getting rich off the poor, unemployment, houselessness, no healthcare, no education, christian satanists, corporatations taking over govt, and on and on and on and on….
    Where the fuck are our MJ dispensaries. We need a toke, STAT!!
    BARR 2012!! come on already, let’s get this shit rollin!

  3. Tippy -Lite says:

    OMG J Stuart look alike? I love it! Hillarious!
    ~not for nothing, Rachael is slimmer thru the butt and hips than Jon, no?