Check out Phyllis Diller in OUT Magazine

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  1. joaby.boaby says:

    Best wishes to Phyllis Diller on her 94th birthday from me R. She’s the grandest!

  2. Roseanne4President says:

    I still can’t get enough of that lunch video with the both of you…”he loved to hear piano music; begged me to play, and wear that black negligee”. Lol you crack me the heck up. You have no idea. I swear I would would watch cooking shows with the two of you all the time. I wish you guys did something like that…cooking with the comidiennes. I would watch every week, and faithfully.

  3. 93 and goin’ strong! Hey, I just saw Ms. Diller in a trailer for a new documentary: How to Live Forever. She looks great, and the doc looks very interesting/entertaining.

  4. urbanteach says:

    We would have nothing if it was not for humor. Fearless!

  5. I love her. Such a class act! Phyllis’ mind is still so sharp & she looks great too. Don’t ever leave us Phyllis!! You must live to at least 125, thank you.

  6. I always liked her. Still going strong, I see!

  7. Fabulous article.