bradley manning tortured for releasing video of our troops killing civilians–but Cheney, who forged secret documents in order to get us into a war is not charged with anything:



  1. No, they were not hacked. A machine that counts paper ballots in the punch system really doesn’t have the capabilities on being hacked. Its just something they use to count the ballots, there wouldn’t be enough time to do that by hand. Bluntly the problem is people laziness, the reason they were miscounted is because the machine is not able to read ballots that have chads hanging from the back of them, and a lot of voters were too lazy to clear them off.
    See this is the problem that I have, people are always wanting to use the government as a scape goat. YES, they are very corrupt and have caused a lot of problems but then again whose government are they? THEY ARE OURS!! The American public has to take at least some responsibility for what happens in this nation instead of just blaming the government or nothing will ever get done—-but no, we would prefer to just bitch and moan about the problems that exist because we are too lazy to stand up against them.
    There is a reason why we are the most hated nation in the world and about to be at war with almost 5 nations, and its not just because of our government. American citizens are among the most cocky and arrogant people on this planet who have total disregard for the rest of the world, hell we can’t even take the time to learn much about most any other nation—-nor can we do something as simple as removing chads from the back of a ballot so that our vote would be read in the elections—instead we just do like what you just did, we blame somebody else and never ourself!
    I mean don’t get me wrong, I am not right winged, nor am I left winged but I just believe that there has to be participation on ALL levels of society for the turmoil we’re in to actually change and not just on every other end but our own or nothing will ever be done.

  2. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I am with you there smart one.

  3. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Ok they were miscounted that way bechuse someone made it that way the computers was hacked ok?. But i did misread your post bechuse i thought yuo was not for paper ballots so i am sorry.

  4. urbanteach says:

    Oh, and for the need for a war tribunal for Dick and the rest, it will never happen… they are all in bed together the Dems and Repubs, it was one big happy political orgy… they all have blood on their hands.
    A Bleeding Heart Liberal
    An unpatriotic
    Class warfare believing
    Big Government loving
    Loony conspiracy theorist

  5. urbanteach says:

    By definition Mr. Manning is a PARTRIOT: one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests.
    Time for Change on Democratic Underground writes on what it means “to hate” or “to love one’s country”:
    “It is an issue on which the elites who control our country – our elected politicians, as well as those who pay them to do their bidding – place a great deal of emphasis. More specifically, they use it to marginalize those who disagree with how our country is run.
    These are the elites who refer to those who express opinions against the wars that they generate or support as “unpatriotic” or “treasonous”. They are the people who use the term “class warfare” to attack those who believe that the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes, commensurate with what their country does for them. They are those who use the epithet “socialist” to describe anyone who believes that government should play an active role in providing opportunities for the most vulnerable of our citizens. They coined the term “loony conspiracy theorist” to describe anyone who expresses serious disagreement with their own version of history. They wield the term “big government” to express their ideology that only private individuals and corporations are capable of making contributions to society, thereby advancing the argument that the government that governs least is the government that governs best. They use the term “bleeding heart liberal” to describe anyone who expresses empathy for the unfortunate.
    There is a purpose behind all of this. Being at the top of the hierarchy, they wish more than anything to preserve the status quo at the least, or better yet to expand their own wealth and power. In the service of that goal they pronounce and propagate a world view that lauds the current power structure in our country. They do this in their attempt to justify the fact that they have many magnitudes more wealth and power than the rest of us. After all, who would accept having many magnitudes less wealth and power than other people unless a justification is provided? In other words, they propagate their justifications in order to keep the vast majority of American citizens content and quiet, and convince some of them even to put their lives on the line by going to war to support their various causes.”

  6. Moon Shadow says:

    no worries. we all have bad days. i posted a direct response to you in my 2nd post. you seem to be in a dark place right now.
    I think we’re all UNSATISFIED with the world right now…

  7. Moon Shadow says:

    Bradley Manning is a HERO – A GAY AMERICAN HERO!!! Cheney is SATAN!!
    The criminals are the ones committing the WAR CRIMES referenced in the leaks. The criminals will never release the man responsible for exposing their illegal immoral unethical acts to the world. NO hope for Bradley unless there’s new leadership to pardon him. (BARR 2012!)
    Cheney and Bush should BOTH be tried and sentenced!! Seems the ROSEANNEARCHISTS have quite an affinity towards the GUILLOTINE!! Swift justice, NOW!!!!
    We only need to get Bush on a fucking plane over to Europe and they’re ready to arrest him – (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/05/bush-switzerland-torture_n_819175.html)
    Those lashing out at others on this thread should channel that anger where it belongs. The bickering and bullying is BULLSHIT. This thread was about Bradley, go buy or make a bumper sticker or t-shirt and express your private views publicly, if you DARE!

  8. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    I want Cheney TRIED for war crimes at the UN and then marched to the Guillotine . PERIOD.

  9. Funny… I was just asked by my web browser if I was sure I wanted to quit. Too bad there’s not an option for “Can I think about that for a while?”

  10. No, you are misreading what I am saying. I am saying an E-Ballot is not what we need. It eballot is an electronic ballot. I am actually in favor of paper ballot, just not the form that screwed up the 2000 elections which you are also mistaken on because the reason why those were miscounted is because of errors with the machines they used to count them with the punch system (which has been around for several decades) and voters not making sure there were not any chads left hanging on the back of the ballot.

  11. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Here is the deal you say we do not need paper ballots but your wrong we do. I think it can make things better. Now here is where things went wrong they did not count all the votes, they just counted the ones where people wanted bush to win. That is what needs to change paper ballots are good miscounting votes are bad.

  12. It was the 2000 elections in which the votes were miscounted and that was just in Florida. In the 2004 elections, to cloud some of the controversy over the last election that had to override the popular vote the E-Ballot was introduced but brought more controversy because of what I mentioned above.

  13. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Paper ballots was what was used when bush ran in 2004 and it was miscounted. We need them back and every vote needs to count.

  14. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    People care more abount bullshit then truth. And i am sick of people saying he did something wrong. What he did was RIGHT not WRONG. If we can not tell the truth then people ae not going to know the truth.

  15. We had the voting machines one time, & I loudly protested. The next election, they were gone.

  16. The E-Ballots are the problem and far from what we need. In the 2004 elections they were first released and have since not been a reliable means of casting a vote—they don’t allow the voter to review their decision before its submitted plus there is no permanent record of the ballots but its just held until poll closing and the votes are only secure as long as the system doesn’t crash or its hacked.
    They are the voting machines that you referred to that interfere with the election process.