abortion rights or no? I say its all a bullshit lie!

designed to keep poor women sick and barefoot and pregnant.  no one should be having any kids right now for christsake women get your fucking tubes ties right now before they take that out of your insurance.  MEN GET VASECTOMIES IMMEDIATELY OR SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS TOTALLY!  

  the water is not safe to drink now!  life cannot go on as usual, the pattern must be interrupted immediately.  Things must be reversed this year, and I am going to make sure they are reversed my own self.  I am going to eat only what I grow this year, that is my goal to be reached by this time next year.  I will become self sufficient this year and lose sixteen pounds doing so.  I will also help to save hawaii from the permaculture freaks who are destroying it by bringing in non native species which kill the taro and native species.  I am going to help to save hawaii as it was meant to be by the hawaiian people, who’s Queen Liliolakalani is my Heroine.  I believe I am Her reincarnation perhaps (if there is reincarnation–no one really knows, but I know I was the Queen of a Place that worshipped a Goddess—I also know that those cultures who worshipped a Goddess were very much into agriculture and growing food with respect for the Mother Earth herself, and that means the earth was sacred to them, as it is to me, and should be to everyone who has a brain that works.


  1. Lucifer Sam says:

    Religion is Satan… True, in every religion there is Satan or a devil, yet how is it that Human Beings can never agree that God is the same despite the differences in beliefs. Doesn’t it say God is the same beginning to end (meaning the beginning of one belief to the end of another)? That’s why we’ve had to resort to take on the form of pagan gods in the flesh to keep the sheep in one order.

  2. tuppenceabag says:

    Thanks for the information. I’ll look into what you’ve suggested.
    It doesn’t surprise me that what I’ve been studying – consciously or unconsciously – is alarmist christian bullshit. I was raised in a Pentecostal household and maybe that stuff still seeps in without my realizing it. All I can do is keep searching…

  3. tuppenceabag says:

    I agree with you. I’m the same way as far as adopting animals.
    I think you can tell from my initial post that I have a first hand experience with a choice to bring another child into the world when I KNEW I couldn’t afford to.
    I guess I didn’t fully understand your concept of overpopulation. I thought you meant that there’s not enough physical space. But I think I understand more now. I think…My opinion – which is always subject to change – is that there is more than enough. There is enough for all. But we’ve been so programmed to believe that there isn’t enough. We’re taught to hoard, instead of give. This beautiful Earth, if we’d stop ravaging Her, would provide for us all. That’s what Her conscious purpose is in the Universe. Again, this is just my opinion. I give when I can and even sometimes give when I can’t. It’s part of MY nature. But you’re right. I have to take responsibility and make informed choices for what I bring into this world. Whether it be an idea, an energy, or a human being.
    I don’t know everything and I’m always willing to check into new ideas and see what feels right to my spirit. Thanks for responding – I enjoy the exchange.

  4. You can break out all the statistics and theories on overpopulation all you want. I have read many sides to this and yes the earth may be able to sustain the billions of people that exist at the moment and even for many years to come. But that does not mean people will find comfort in the social structures that will come of it. Mass production is essential to feed masses of people, which means poor quality. We are precious souls, not just another mouth to feed. Watch the news and see how desensitized we‘ve become. I love how they refer to the death of people as “incidents”, morons crying over property lost when their family was spared, and the loss of a child becomes 15 minutes of fame for the family. People treat the miracle of life with such apathy. I understand that things happen once, but I still cannot figure out what is going on in the mind of an individual who can barely afford food, let alone a roof over their head, ever considering bringing another life into this world. What a cruel thing to do, given what we have now to prevent this. I won’t even adopt a cat because I‘m afraid I wouldn’t be able to afford it. It just seems so senseless.

  5. tuppenceabag says:

    I am very open to hearing why you think this is so and I’ll try to explain as briefly as I can why I’m so curious.
    I’m a single mom who was laid off in 2010 after a series of health issues. I guess my employer didn’t like the fact that I was using my insurance with the company to pay for my surgeries, so they took advantage of the whole, “In this economy” rhetoric and used it as an excuse to make my position obsolete in order to consolidate my department. Total crap, but whatever.
    Anyway, I found myself as one of the “bungled and the botched” that Nietzsche referred to. It’s given me a lot of time to review my life and what’s really going on in this world. Yes I’m angry, frustrated, feel disenfranchised and confused about my life situation. So, I guess what started as sort of a distraction online between applying for jobs, turned into a dramatic paradigm shift for me. I’ve been studying and researching and reading anything I can get my hands on – anything to help me understand why I feel in my GUT that there is something so, so wrong happening right now. I just can’t put my finger on it. I’ve gotten into studying the Illuminati, Judaism, NWO, the world banking system, some lectures on the Qur’an, the Federal Reserve, executive orders, the “Strawman”, ascension and consciousness shift ideologies concerning 2012, and what the Mayan Calendar is supposed to mean…I’ve even watched videos and read countless documents about aliens, Reptilian species and many other theories out there no matter how outrageous they may seem. I want to know more and get all different perspectives. I’m just trying to make sense of a lot of things right now both personally and within humanity as a whole.
    I haven’t heard of the idea that the goal of fascism is to attack women’s health and women’s rights. I would really love some more info regarding it if you get any time. If I don’t hear back from you, rest assured that I’ll be spending the next few days looking stuff up because now, you’ve piqued my interest. I’ve found, for me anyway, that once I began to see and understand that we are (most of us) living as docile herds being led to slaughter, there is no unseeing the facts about what resonates within. Here I go, down the rabbit hole once again.

  6. tuppenceabag says:

    Overpopulation is a myth. I don’t know if I can post links here, but just go to YouTube and type in “Overpopulation: The making of a myth” and you will find that we are not being told the truth about this subject. The overpopulation myth is part of the “population stabilization” strategy that David Rockefeller and other members of the elite are using to further their agenda in order to frighten and cause division among the “haves” and the “have nots”.
    Dividing people and issues is what the media and people who are REALLY controlling things, want. If you don’t believe me, just research the subject. The issue of overpopulation as well as abortion are hot buttons because of the religious and socioeconomic implications- these subjects get people riled up. These types of issues get people to take a side. But, what they don’t count on is that it also opens up a dialogue for intelligent, thoughtful people to discuss. I hope that’s what we’re doing here…
    I personally don’t think that abortion should be illegal. However, I do respect the rights of those who don’t want their money going to an organization that helps to facilitate abortion if it’s against their moral or religious proclivities. What mainstream media didn’t seem to really put out there when this debate was raging during the budget cut discussion was that zero money goes to Planned Parenthood for abortion. The argument was that because the government subsidized Planned Parenthood, that would free up other PRIVATE funding to be used for abortions. I only heard one blip about this on any of the news channels I watched when I was following this a week or so ago. So technically, none of the taxes are going towards supporting Planned Parenthood specifically for providing abortion services.
    They incite panic, push buttons to divide the American people on hot button topics and then leave us to fight it out without revealing all of the facts. They don’t want us focusing on the wars, unemployment, foreclosures or the corruption and greed running rampant through our Federal Government and their Bankster cohorts. It’s all smoke and mirrors and people need to wake up.

  7. Sorry about the double post.

  8. By the way, if you did not understand what I meant by, don’t have the child, this includes abortion. After all I believe in reincarnation and the soul, which is not going to dissipate into thin air after you abort, just move on.

  9. Ahh, then we all agree. I have read your posts and we do all have the same feelings in common. But for some reason I’m still a fiscal conservative. I guess it’s all in your interpretation as to what that means to you. That is the real problem. Somehow fiscal conservative gets lumped in with, against abortion, or against sex ed etc. etc. If you read what I said that is not true at all. My only real solid belief is that the world is overpopulated, and that every problem that exist is a result of that. I just want people to treat life with the respect it deserves. When bringing a life into this world, it should be treated with the utmost respect or don’t do it. I know people who give more thought to buying a puppy, than they do to having a child, and they usually are financially incapable of affording proper care for either.

  10. Not directed at anyone personally. Screw you if you think that a woman experiencing and unplanned pregnancy somehow has a character flaw, I can’t tolerate any of that bullshit that they get what they deserve. That is plain bullshit. Screw you if you think that the majority of women use abortion as a form of birth control, the argument is dead and is not founded by any statistics. I don’t believe that you can scare teens from sex (that is the model employed by many abstinence programs by the way). The role that sex plays in the lives of young girls is not just fed by t.v. ads and hip hop, the single determining factor in engaging in sex as a young person is a girl’s ability to make the informed choice for herself and have the strength of self to say yeah or nay! The abuse many young girls experience that is then further exacerbated by a lack of teaching regarding personal strength and self-respect and choices leaves many a young girl to open her legs… and that ain’t just the case for poor inner-city youth.
    So the right doesn’t want abortion rights and they don’t want real sex ed in classes… WTF? Add this to the case, as a teacher who works with teens, aside from all of this bullshit is the case for LBGT students who are NEVER addressed in any type of character education or sex education even though many curricula exist! I have never ever had a single year where at least not one of my students is not dealing with sexual identity issues. Human Rights my friends, basic F’n human rights.

  11. Moon Shadow says:

    If I was directing my comment to you, I would have replied to you. Basic blogging etiquette.
    Your response/reaction speaks volumes.
    I stand by my statement. There are far too many “fiscal conservatives” that choose greed & capitalism over human rights. That, in MY opinion is FUCKED up and deserves to be called out, as ROE V. WADE is being destroyed and women in many states have already lost their CONSTITUTIONALLY-protected right to a safe abortion. This is all a SET UP!!! to overturn ROE V. WADE.
    You constantly contradict yourself in your posts.

  12. That would be a waste of good hemp, sticking it up your ass I mean. I am maybe reading the argument incorrectly but a person who supports the idea of zero population growth is not in favor or sees the value of planned parenthood? I am really misinformed if the suggestion is made that “Obama care is just population control in disguise.” What? As a fellow “strong bitch” are you asserting that women today are not pressured to have kids? Are you for real?

  13. Wow, would that be a personal attack on me? How I would enjoy tearing you perfect free for all world apart, but it would make no difference. You apparently placed me into one of your neat little packages. Say all the crap you want, I like watching Rosseane reruns on my flat screen and I really dig my computer. My only definition of fiscal conservative, is to keep what little bit of crap I have. I don’t worship stuff, I just enjoy stuff, nor do I worship any male dominated xstian church, or the republican party for that matter. So go stick a wad of hemp up your clenched ass. We are all strong bitches here!

  14. Moon Shadow says:

    I FUCKING hate fiscal conservatives. That term is a fucking joke. These are the people that have tilted the power to dismantle ROE V. WADE!! Braindead, heartless, greedy, soulless, satan-loving fucktards!!! You claim to be pro-choice, but support the “FISCAL” platform of the corporations and xstian churches, the repiglicans! Go stick a wad of cash up your clenched ass! Look what your greed has gotten us!
    State-by-state unconstitutional laws are passing and the right to an abortion is disappearing, QUICKLY!!! Noone will challenge because the state laws were crafted with the intention of a federal challenge at the US supreme court. With evil on the bench, ROE V. WADE will be overturned or butchered.
    BARR 2012 Enough is enough!!!

  15. This is an issue that politicians don’t want to touch, but it is really the bottom line problem with every thing. Overpopulation is the reason no social structure from capitalism to socialism will ever have a chance. It’s why we are told to use one sheet of toilet paper or to purchase a hybrid. Too many damn people on the planet and no one taking care of the ones we have. Disrespecting elders, treating them like their worthless. Obamacare is just population control in disguise. Do you really think the government is going to pay for a homeless individuals heart transplant or any major surgery, the same applies to the elderly, mentally ill or handicapped. Your only useful if your considered productive to the government.
    No one wants to touch the baby issue. I’m not suggesting population control concerning our reproductive rights, but I would have one hell of a scary sex education class in school. When I got done, these kids would freak out at the thought of having sex. People treat sex like a recreational activity, it’s sick and it’s plastered all over the damn place. I’m sure we all know a couple idiots who can’t pay for the roof over their head or the food on their table, yet consciously make the decision to have a child or a whole litter, and not on accident either. They do it just because they can. I understand women 40 years ago, but we have every thing out their to prevent this from happening now. This is making me absolutely nuts. Any body have any realistic ideas? Or do you think we are just plain screwd. Planned parenthood is good but stuff like this needs to be more available, it’s not just happening in low income areas.

  16. tuppenceabag says:

    In the past, I have been on welfare and lived in low income housing while I worked towards my AA degree. I have also had an abortion. I became pregnant and realized that I could barely afford to take care of the child I had, living and breathing in front of me. How could I afford another child? I would end up relying even more on the government for assistance and my children would be the ones to suffer.
    The most recent budget argument in Congress was centered around funds that Planned Parenthood “may” be able to use to help with the cost of an abortion. Guess what? They’re going to pay in one way or another! If a woman has to have a child while she is unemployed or under-employed, she is going to have to be dependent upon the welfare state to assist her. Period. But then they all complain about the people on welfare!
    “Well, get a job- get two jobs if you have to so that you can take care of the children you didn’t plan on having”. Then the argument is about the breakdown of the American family. Latchkey Kids, kids being left on their own because they don’t have a parent home to help and monitor what they’re doing while you’re at work. Child care costs can take over half of a weeks pay for some of the people that don’t have the education or skills to get a decent paying job! So here you have single moms (or dads)that are working all of the time, and the kids aren’t being taken care of and nurtured by their own parents because their parents aren’t ever home! Now guess what happens? The young women in the lower income levels end up pregnant at 15 or 16 because there was no one around to guide and teach them! The cycle starts all over again…What is really going on here? It’s madness.

  17. Adding to this is the fact that sex ed is under attack in the nation’s school systems… look at North/South Dakota (can’t remember which) abstinance is the only approved sex ed curricula…they fail to understand that that works for women over 40 who are married! That doesn’t work for teens and young adults who still want to have SEX!

  18. i agree, real control of our reproductive rights is taking responsibility for our bodies and ourselves. don’t have unprotected sex when ovulating, and if you do, learn what herbs will keep egg from implanting in uterus.
    it seems that health care in general is designed to brainwash us to relinquish our common sense to some doctor working for big pharma.

  19. Seriously, if we are not in control of our own bodies and minds how do we purport to be in control of anything else?

  20. Right on Moon Shadow! I totally agree with everything you said above…especially the “Let the breeding males fight in the next century for control of THEIR bodies and THEIR reproductive rights” part!

  21. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    Oops I totally forgot that you are already the POTUS & PM of Israel (a 2’fer ) and just do it all for free and no credit. but I did remember … see. and I thank you ….LOL
    aloha to the Pineapple from the Big Apple !

  22. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    I still to this day quote you to this day from your book “My Lives” about abortion ..
    “Who cares if abortion is legal or not ? Learn to give yourselves and your friends abortions. ”
    Thats another lost art, MIDWIFERY .
    My grandmother and her best friend birthed all their babies (22) at home.
    Now babies would probably do better being born at home with all the MRSA and SARS that coat the walls of the filthy hospitals today.

  23. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    I want to see a woman take power in 2011 here in America.
    If I have my way , you will be that woman Roseanne Barr.
    Im so disgusted with about 99% of all males. useless war mongering shit disturbin sperm donors of more offspring for their satanic schemes and war machines.
    The arrogance of most men is matched only by their ignorance.
    One only need to visit a public restroom to see that men are incapable of even raising a toilet seat to pee or flushing after shitting which totally makes them unfit to be the leaders of the (alleged) free world and actually serves as a metaphor for their fave past time (leaving a bunch of shit for someone else (usually a woman) to clean up . )
    BARR/ McKinney 2012.

  24. Moon Shadow says:

    Dip their patriarchal BALLS in the water, the dirty tainted nuclear water! Low cost and effective sterilization.
    BIRTH CONTROL for the new world order! Let the breeding males fight in the next century for control of THEIR bodies and THEIR reproductive rights, as the peaceful matriarchal reign returns.

  25. Just love it! This world needs to downsize. Adopt for heavens sake. There’s enough souls to go around. Give us some space. Take care of your parents and grandparents. Stop with the kids already!!!

  26. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I also feel bad for kids in this world.

  27. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Roseanne your right i feel mad for the kids in this world and no longer feel that there should be more. THE WORLD IS SO FUCKED UP THAT IT DRIVES ME FUCKING NITS. As far as water goes i hate tab water it does not taste good at all and i pefer drinking juice when i take my alergy meds.

  28. Mrs.Natalie says:

    “I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority.” ~Elwyn Brooks White, Essays of E.B. White, 1977