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when the repiglicans say they want smaller government, they mean:

They take the money that is used to run the big government, and pocket it themselves, then, like Gov. Walker, they dole it out to their own wives and fellow thieves and donors in no-bid contracts that have absolutely no regulations to protect the taxpayers whose money it is that they are putting in their own already bulging pockets.  This is their version of “freedom!” 

   When they use the word ‘freedom’ what they mean is actually–that they themselves are FREE to rob and to plunder the money the taxpayer pays -in order to have schools and police and firefighters, roads and bridges, public radio, and ad free television that informs them of the over-reaches of their government–.
  What they mean by ‘FREE MARKETS’ (LOL) is- your money goes to them for FREE!  Not even a lawsuit, or a complaint will be allowed to be brought against them.  Big money is the Government.
 My solution:  register as a republican, and vote against every front runner they have in every election. 
 Do nothing to support the democratic party whatsoever. 
 Dump Obama too, as he is a republican himself in spirit. 
 Get me on a ballot somewhere this year, OR simply DO NOT VOTE! 
 Discourage all who will–make them ditch this bitch of a phony system of lies.  
No one can be elected without a vote!  BE A MATRIOT–DO NOT VOTE FOR MURDERING BANKERS AND THEIR SLAVES IN THE WHITE HOUSE!  WALK AWAY FROM BANKSTERS AND GROW VEGGIES, QUIT YOUR JOB AND REMAKE THE WORLD.  the meek are in charge now, and by simply doing NOTHING–can change the course of EVERYTHING.  Some of our brave young people must be mobilized to the streets, and they must do as I tell them to do.  (instructions will follow soon–farming is our ultimate weapon, and needing less is our Motto).
 I recognize that no one takes me seriously, but still I continue to offer practical and cheap solutions, just so they exist in print somewhere, just to prove that there are solutions to every problem, which people forget.  Never hearing solutions helps keep people under mind control and enslaved to the problems.
 As David’s lineage, I will continue to unscramble the program of darkness that has been foisted on the thinkers of this planet by those who have no thoughts at all, but to obey immoral commands from their very rich Masters.  
 Fall Goliath, Babylon, Fall Satan! 


  1. lroman: he did not abolish slavery at all–he abolished the buying and selling of black skinned people from africa. right after that they let in the poor europeans and the irish and the jews, who surprised the slavers by bringing bolshie ideas like unions here. that is why the richest of the rich hate the jews…(many of them ARE jews too–how do you like that one?).

  2. Moral man? Lincoln was a complete racist, he didn’t help free the slaves because it was the right thing to do, he did it so that he could keep the union. If there was a way to keep the union and slavery he would’ve done it. Dont get me wrong im glad his decision lead to a movement that ultimately freed people from slavery. But Politicians are never interested in what’s best for humanity only what’s best for themselves and what they can say or do to keep getting elected. And Fredrick Douglas I don’t the equation or how he fit into what Roseanne was saying and why did you bring it up? And republican doesn’t mean what it used to mean, a republican now is completely different. People who call themselves republicans now wouldnt be republican then.

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    bullies like walker and his ilk are poised to hit us harder in 2012. His “oblivious to the reality outside his window” approach is stunning. The fact that he hopes he has started a movement that catches on in
    other states sickens me. This is another example of corrupt executive powers taking a short cut around due process, and re- writing the law to their own advantage. The workers are being robbed again. those who pay taxes are forced to support these corrupt bastards and their bailouts, and their trillion dollar wars.Repiglican Smaller Government,= further crushing of the working people….And theres not many of them left, and they are worn paper thin to begin with! All Matriots, keep the light burning bright, The Super Moon, and equinox mean for a charged Saturday Evening, Must try to cool down a meltdown world with meditation and positive actions, no matta how small. Im gonna meditate with y’all tonight, and try to spread the positive vibe at farmers market..Support your local farmers market. while you can freely do so…

  4. every one throw in 100.00 dollars and mail it to R. and she can hire some private investigators to follow around all the front runners and take pictures,videos,etc.on there off hours and within a week or two there should be enough embarrassing goods on them where they will have to drop out.who knows might be able to open up a XXX video store with left overs.oh no no porn.

  5. You register as a republican and I’ll switch parties and vote for you in the primaries. You could beat the deadbeats they have up Roseanne. Republicans weren’t always bad; Lincoln and Frederick Douglas were moral men. Of course these men were called radical republicans. Become a radical republican and so will I.

  6. Tippy -Lite says:

    Awesome logo.

  7. Tippy -Lite says:

    Roseanne, it’s again, the “perverse-reverse”!
    If they say that they’re feeding the poor,
    no doubt they are feeding the rich.
    If they say that it’s the “clean air” act, you can bet they’re pulling down regulations on pollution for their corps-pals.
    If they call it the “Martin Luther King Voting Act”….no doubt their trying to disenfranchise black voters…
    It’s that simple.

  8. nongoogle22 says:

    BARR | 2012