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  1. joaby.boaby says:

    Madonna is ultimately a selfish creature trying, out of some inherent thirst for redemption and salvation, to do some good in the world. As I think some of the best people on this earth are. <3
    She vowed again on the Oprah send-off to get this school up and running, and I for one believe her. She isn’t likely to fail once she puts that magnificent human mind to something, times past have proven that. Of course we could all think of ways to spend her money more efficiently I’m sure. lol.

  2. yowza! from what i know of y’all here, both you and president barr are truth-valuing, rad bitches who are forces of nature, so i think my safest bet is to sit this one out lest i be evaporated by the heat.,,20156924,00.html

  3. Tippy -Lite says:

    related to Shillary? yikes! WTF! is everyone famous related to these freaks?
    Ok, Roseanne, if there’s any relationship, genealogically or otherwise, you better have out with it!
    and henry, for G’s sake, can you watch the spooky magical talk?….it’ gives all us leftie conspiracy buffs……….that spooky magical….tone…., you know?

  4. i have to bust out a ‘LOL’ at djtenn’s comments – would love to see her in one of the re-education camp’s organic cotton jumpsuits.
    those poor malawian girls though – no idea how the hell a plan like this falls through the floor when the backer has all the money in the world. sorry, but she’s an idiot and is not in touch with reality on any level, and she’s related to hillary clinton and celion dion through her french-canadian matriarchy (bush, too), so i mean… i think there’s a reason she’s as mega famous as she is while simultaneously is mega useless to society and culture.
    and her lyrics do eat shit. no cream has risen to the top here.

  5. Madonna, here is where you can spend your 11 million dollars and help teachers in this nation get needed supplies into the hands of poor children. NO one gets a limo ride or a golf-course membership (I threw up a little in my mouth with that information.) Started by a teacher in the Bronx in an effort to have “charity” go directly for needs no f’n waste. simple solutions… simple solutions..! But, you will not get your name on the building or the door. Oh, and the Gates foundation does contribute a lot to the cause and will match funding for programs that support Highschool students involved in college ready activities. I have had two amazing projects funded.

  6. The administrator was Tracy Anderson’s boyfriend? Tracy is a con artist, having scammed people out of money before. Why would anyone with half a brain trust her boyfriend with that kind of money? I love Madonna, but she’s an idiot.

  7. Madonna has always had a problem discerning ambition from delusion.
    I agree with crazy horse. Madonna is very dissociated. Her answer has always been to get as far away from what she would naturally identify with and overly identify with anything that feels foreign. As she ages, she looks for more and more extreme ways to do this.
    On the other hand, this debacle demonstrates yet again how ineffective throwing money at people is. It never solves any problem. Exposing corruption is the only way to help these people.

  8. dashus christ says:

    You say it so well for Us DJ, and i TY also for this link Roseanne

  9. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    everyone gets so mad when I tell them what a useless selfish Helen Lawson Vampirella ego maniac she is..
    2011 is truly the year all truths are revealed, light exposes all the darkness
    Thank you for giving me yet another “bitch , please ” eye roll for this trick..
    She’s got several million gay fans here in America without healthcare and our civil rights hanging by a thread if she fancies to waste 11 million on us , the people who gave her the fuckin $ and fame in the 1st place…
    Im so tired of poseurs and bullshit.
    Thank You for sharing this link Roseanne and telling the truth.
    I think Madge is going to handle her $ alot better after she is sent to one of your re-education camps lol..

  10. Moon Shadow says:

    I think her intent was good, but holy fuck balls!! $11 mil is a shitload of money. Not gonna beat her up for doing something, when most with that kind of money do NOTHING!
    Efforts to develop girls schools around the world must be embraced and supported, but they could have done MUCH MUCH more with that kind of money than build ONE school.
    No need to throw millions and millions on efforts. I think you have to start small and get community support. Seeing a problem and trying to “solve it” with money alone, is foolish. 10 people could have been employed for the salary and “perks” the manager was paying herself.
    I would have to be SOOO medicated in order to sleep at night if I had that kind of cash, and didn’t donate 99% to charity to improve our planet.

  11. That doesn’t really suprise me that she would do something as idiotic as this. If she really gave two shits about building this school, she would have stayed there to manage the whole thing herself, instead of letting someone who says they will take care of it, but decides to use it on stupid shit like limos, and stuff for the school that is way overbudgeted. Those poor children were depending on that school, and now it will never happen.

  12. Tippy -Lite says:


  13. crazy horse says:

    you know what I could do with 11 MILLION DOLLARS! Fuck! This pisses me off! The top 3 billionaires in this country alone could fix hunger and poverty. I am a socialist I swear to god. Fuckin’ Madonna and Oprah and Bill Gates and all them. She gives 11 million so some guy can buy limos and dinners and whores and shit. And what really makes me sick is 11 MILLION is NOTHING to her! Kids are starving, elders are freezing right here in your own country MADDIE!! Fuck!
    ok sorry i am in a mood. Ugh is right.