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A new party that has teeth and power, not like the democrats under Obama, who is a SLAVE of Bankers.  I am running for President under the banner of the Green Tea Party of America–the only difference between us and the tea partiers is–we are not funded by billionaire brothers who wish to see the working people of this country enslaved to bankers, the fed, and endless wars.  The green tea party does not just bitch and moan, and collect it’s government check.  The Green Tea Party seeks solutions to modern day problems (all of which are solvable, once all religion is removed from the equation) and its adherents can actually grasp the concept of SOLUTIONS. 

   For those who have been victimized and marginalized by patriarchal religions–we have liberated the longing for community, which is the real reason people join ‘religions’  into our own church–the Church of Common Sense.  Our gospels are based on practical and easy methods of recognizing and defining a problem, and then solving it quickly and cheaply.  All who want the problems to continue (so that they can profit from them personally–and there is no other reason) will be removed from the problem solvers’ way, by whatever means neccessary. 
   I am making the blessed and holy Guillotine the foundation of a new system of justice.  Beheading of the proven guilty—is a fast and painless means of the execution of justice, as well as of execution itself.  The guilty are only a handful of ultra rich elitists—the queen and the pope and the Koch Brothers, the rothschilds and the house of Saud, as well as the Bush family, and any others who keep more than 100 million dollars for themselves in a world of hungry people in rags.
  I call upon the world’s problem solvers to find, and arrest those criminals loafers and cheats who have stolen working peoples’ money.  We will give them a choice of pleading guilty and giving back what they have stolen, or of trial by a new system of justice not heavily weighted in their favor as now.
  the words of the Immortal Masters inform our thinking.


  1. Good points.

  2. Sorry about that, I kept getting an error message that the website was unavailable…

  3. Roseanne~First of all, thank you for writing Roseannearchy! I love, love, LOVE it! It was raw, honest, funny and so insightful. I am actually working on a book, Shades of Purple, and getting people to see that we are not really as divided as the Red and Blue State label makes it look like. If you think about it, a state is usually painted one color or the other because of a few percentage points…so in effect just a shade of purple.
    I just found out about this movement called Americans Elect, which has just launched and begun collecting signatures to legalize online voting, and certify their online convention for a third party for the 2012 election.
    I have sensed that the middle majority in America are absolutely fed up with both sides and it is finally the time for a strong, balanced, truthful third party that takes the best ideas from both sides to emerge and take this country by storm. Regardless of your seriousness in running, I thank you for broaching the issues that you are! You are an amazing woman!
    Deep bow sister! Keep shining;-)

  4. Something to consider: getting on the ballot in all 50 states means having people on the ground in each state who know the ballot access rules for independent candidates. Some states just require that you pay a fee. Others require that signatures of registered voters be collected. Times frames for signature collection, as well as the number of signatures, varies. It ain’t easy but it can be done. Well, maybe not all 50 states but most of them.

  5. 1. The largest political “party” in the US are the “independents”, those who don’t belong to any established party. Some are totally apolitical, but most are totally disillusioned with their choices. With few exceptions, their choices are already hand picked.
    2. The Green Party has been active for a couple of decades. They do not take corporate funds. Their $/vote ratio is excellent. They have won a number of local races, mostly where they have been able to get media attention. They are routinely blacked out by media and refused participation in debates. Study Ralph Nader’s races.
    3. Nader did NOT take votes from Gore. This is part of a Democrat smear campaign to marginalize Nader.
    a. Total vote count had Gore winning. He would have prevailed had the Supreme Court had considered that the rights of the voters were more important than those of either candidate.
    b. There were multiple candidates that had more votes than Gore when the vote counting was halted.
    c. A significant number of voters for Nader were people who would not have voted at all.
    d. Since when is any candidate Entitled to anyone’s vote? Even Gore has admitted that he lost it himself.
    4. Even with a good campaign consider that nearly all election districts are now mandated to use computer voting machines that are easily manipulated. Vote for anyone you want but those who control the count determine the “winner.”
    5. I still vote but with less enthusiasm. However, last presidential election I had TWO great choices!! Been years since I had a real choice: Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney.
    Sorry this is so long. Last word: If NONA – none of the above – were on every ballot, I think the number of voters would increase. In fact, I think that the best way to change politics in the country would be to mount a several-year campaign to add NONA to every ballot that also has preferential voting (voter indicates all acceptable choices: 1, 2, 3).

  6. A “people party” just someone to run without being a “politician” reading teleprompters like a robot and pleasing just those who think like them. I knew when I heard what Rev. Jeramiah Wright said about this country and Obama said “he never heard him talk that way” after sitting in those pews for 20 years and listening to his tapes in his car over and over and saying “he was his MENTOR” that Obama could not be trusted. Remember when Obama said….” If I walked away from Rev. Wright it would be like walking away from the black community” Well………..after he said that ….he walked away ! Its all about being political, fake and doing what it takes to have power instead of having character.

  7. I’ll be your running mate.

  8. Anyone who has the stupidity of trying to talk politics with me now gets a copy of the the manifesto via email. No one i know truly understands the patriarchy and its misogyny of all women, everywhere. The ERA never passed, people. Rich white men run EVERYTHING. I cannot wait for the generation in office to die off, but i have fear that there are more to come.
    Poor women, as roseanne stated, know how to get shit done, fast and cheap. That is who exactly should be in charge. Dont like the guillotine? Utah executed someone with DOWN SYNDROME. They deserve far worse than the guillotine.
    Roseanne, I will do my best to be in DC for mothers day. I have kids and a tight wallet, but would like nothing more than to see that.
    and someone should look up fascism, if that is a word they like to be throwing around. Just saying.

  9. Commonwealth says:

    Its my honor and I’m ready to fight for you. You’re the most honest person for the job and have logical humanistic ideas that you will implement! I really ask that you personally email me. We’re openly and publicly talking strategy and that’s never good. I felt nervous for even posting the above letter.
    If that is your peace plan for Israel then I want you to explain it to the American People! I mean the Camp David Peace Accords took place in 1978 and though it pains me to say this as Jimmy Carter is a personal hero and one of the greatest men of peace I know… everyone has forgotten about him! Ever after Gorden Gecko told the world ‘greed was a good thing’ America became mesmerized with Reaganomics and completely erased the Carter years… (plus everyone was to HIGH to remember)
    I look forward to dedicating myself to the Barr/McKinney 2012 ticket!
    David Bell [Commonwealth Marketing]

  10. my peace plan for israel and the ME is the same asthe camp david accords–

  11. david bell–i appreciate you doing all of this for me and cynthia and america–let’s get busy dude.

  12. david bell–i will do it and I pick cynthia mckinney of the green party to be my vice president.

  13. I was inspired to try and think of one myself.
    Vote for Roseanne — Because America Needs a Funny Farmer

  14. Commonwealth says:

    James Ogle had mentioned to me today that you were taking campaign suggestions on your blog but I’m a little disappointed that I don’t see this post. I of course had already written my letter but what the hell I’ll pitch it anyway!
    The first thing you need to do is start a Political Action Committee. I reefer you to Sarah Palins committee SarahPAC which was the major driving force of her campaign funding. You’ve said that she’s been stealing your act well then return the favor and notice the only reason she became such a big player in politics was because her PAC allowed her to afford to be a candidate Political Action Committees allow you to legally solicit funds from the public including Corporations and Unions. Run the PAC through a secondary website such as, soliciting donations through a paypal. In order of to even start your campaign you must first elect a competent Treasurer who should have no financial ties to the campaign other then a modest but adequate stipend a month. The type of PAC you want to start is called a “Leadership PAC” which is a candidate endorsed committee instead of a typical committee which is ran and structured through a corporation.
    To start a Leadership PAC we must first file FEC form 1 with the Federal Election Committee along with a purpose statement. FEC rules states that we must inform donors that their contributions are used for a federal election and we must be very careful in our wording because depending on how we inform our donors, depends on the structure of our committee. If solicitation refers to federal candidates (meaning more then one) and a political committee such as “BarrPAC” or “The Green Tea Party” then 100% of the donation is considered a contribution. If the solicitation reefers to only one Federal Candidate then only 50% of any donation is considered a contribution and is then complicated because the word donation is no longer considered a term for monetary value. Donations then include any goods or services donated, volunteers, and loans. Choosing B. is not a wise decision because it then just becomes more complicated, convoluted and confusing.
    So pick a running-mate someone who is not going to over shadow you but has had a serious track record of politics and has a track record of discussing and acting in politics adeptly. Once you have announced a running-mate you will be able to proceed forward with increased velocity. This will allow you to not only start a PAC but also your marketing platform as well your merchandising. Not to mention that this will add press and legitimacy to your campaign. Announcing early will give us a much needed step in organizing because its much more difficult to reach your constituency when you’re an Independent candidate.
    Once you have made a decision or have at-least filed to start your Political Action Committee you can begin to develop a pristine and crisp webpage. I understand that you are not a person to care much about image but when running for office image is everything. With a well designed and executed webpage you are sending the message of your stability and political effectiveness. With the right colors and placements you can actually draw more people to donate to your campaign. After the page is developed (which could be developed rapidly) we can then market it out through the web with Google Adwords and Targets words. I know that you’ve had past addictions with Facebook and Twitter but this is where you will amass great followings.
    Please don’t sue but I’ve already started you a Roseanne Barr for President Facebook page and we can increase volume and traffic by creating a Facebook Ad which would again target anyone who has ever liked your Wiki profile, mentioned your name or even 90’s sitcoms. Twitter would allow you to comment on political hot topics or promotions of “Town-hall meetings” even measure feedback from your followers and allows them to connect with you so you can understand the issues important to them. Links to all of your social networking sites will of course be posted on your website.
    Think about a campaign as multi-level marketing all political campaigns are pyramid schemes it’s just a fact no one wants to admit. Roseanne of course, you are at the top. You then work with the next tier or upper management. This will consist of your consultants, managers, and promoters. The next level is your State managers, these are your commanders who’s responsibility it is to organize at the grassroots level. They will be setting up your state campaigns and activities who will begin to localize your city bases and will help in recruiting others to help organize. This is what I like to call Political Amway. To get to this level you obviously must set up and build your foundation. To recruit State Organizers you will post an interactive United State map on the website. Clicking on your state will allow you to then pull up a state-by-state information page which will inform the page visitor how to become involved on a city/state bases. Also allowing applicants to send in resumes and credentials for the state organizer position.
    From here you will start building up your volunteer base which brings us to your constituency level and foot soldiers (Roseannearchists) This is the level you need to be reach in about ten months so this allows us a lot of time to work on building the foundations of the campaign. Obviously politicking is now done through the web and social networking more then door knocking.
    When the PAC application is granted we will start having an understanding of the financial undertaking the campaign will entail and how much money can be allocated towards marketing and on a state-by-state level. Now that you have some sort of understanding of what a PAC is there are several bylaws we should take note of. PACs contribution limits are 5,000 dollars in a primary, general or special election. Though in all other instances the limit is 10,000 but this may not be the case to an Independent Candidate and you may be limited to 5k and this may also be determined on a state bases. Leadership PACs provide indirect financial support to a the candidate and can pay for: Travel, Consulting, Marketing Expenses and even as we found out through Sarah Palin a wardrobe.
    Immediately what needs to be done is to form an actual mission statement. I’ve often notice that people will make statements or ask questions about how you feel about an issue and you will refer them to look through your page and you will find it in the archive. Most of the time you will go on to explain but people need the tangible and everyone needs to see the issues you feel are most important. So on your presidential webpage you should post these issues. People want an actual change and it would be wonderful if you write individual articles on each of these issues. There are obvious social trends to choose from. Trending will show that American voters want to see a change on Marijuana Laws, Gay Rights, Jobs and Security, Unions, Taxation, Deficits and the economy. Propose actual solutions because voters are exhausted of the banter and rhetoric and want resolutions.
    You often discuss the Israel/ Palestine conflict but to be honest not many Americans understand the battle. They may be aware of the progressing problems in Israel or they might hear about a car bombing but to be most honest the last time the average American thought about Israel was earlier this year when those Youtube videos surfaced of the ‘UFO’ over Temple Mound. So explain it to them from the beginning, explain the issue of West Bank and Gaza Strip and the deep seeded religious intolerance. Explain the historical significance and especially how it personally effects the reader. In your MSNBC presidential candidacy announcement with Lawrence O’Donnell you also satirically announced you were running for Prime Minster of Israel but when asked how you were going to solve the problem you just said, “Peace.”
    You seemed a bit thrown off by his question, but you will have to explain an action. Peace is the end result not the feat that got you there. Propose a plan of peace how you will teach tolerance in-between the central hub and birth place of the major three religions and how you will reform their views on land ownership and how they will be able to co-exist peacefully. So it’s up to you to figure out what those issues are and what’s standing in the way of their completion.
    Writing your individual stances and solutions will be the best material for your website. Though this isn’t the only way we can reach your audience. You’re running as a president for the people and have promised to listen to their concerns so of course there should also be an official submission page where your constituents KNOW you a listing to them.
    Running polls and surveys will allow the campaign to track the top trending issues and responses. During the time that you are writing and editing the material for your website the actual design and construction of your page can be underway. I’ve basically gone over the extent of the site but graphic design will be the most important as political websites are much different then blogs and will need a professional to manage it. The design needs to be crisp and hip and flow symmetrically and of course have a section for Voter Registration.
    During the time you are designing the webpage you can also design your merchandise. Such as: Bumperstickers, Yardsigns, T-shirts, etc.. Once the page is live we can set up a system to mail free bumperstickers and sell Yardsigns and other Merchandise to help fund the campaign. The large demand for bumperstickers can be printed in bulk and have bulk mailing on organized days for discounts. Promotional items will help not only your marketing but also in the polling booth. If you’d like people to actually put them on their car you should print car magnates as well which will cost about the same as a printing bumperstickers.
    You will need to start personally preparing to be on-call 24/7 and always have a bag packed. Times are changing and people are revolting against the very system you are demanding to be fixed. You need to go and be with the people. This will put you in the press spot light as a politician that iscampaigning differently and proving that you will be a citizens president.
    I know you’re tired of hearing that you need to be marketing to millennials and youth but they are movement that has proven it will not to be stopped and has been known to be the driving machine behind recent political campaigns. Millinials (those who spent a large majority of their youth in the new millennium) grew up with you and most probably consider you a second mother as they are a generation raised by the television. They can no longer be politically ignored considering they are now a voting majority in politics and need answers in these times because what happens is their future and they aren’t seeing the shape the future they want! Every single US citizen is in your market but the millennials are the ones having to start out in this world and find financing for college and basically try and struggle to make it in America. These are your volunteer and free information centers. Potential interns just looking for that opportunity. Sick and tired of their rising tuition and terrified to get cold or sniffle or if they’ll have to go to a doctor that will just produce another bill on an already towering amount of debt they‘re collecting!
    Tour major college campuses who’s students will be thrilled to get a chance to even breath the same air! You should really consider organizing this as one of your first tour or always make it a point to speak at a campus when you’re touring because these are your instant votes because you’re speaking to a population that broadly shares your political opinions!
    Grand Marshal Pride Parades possibly San Francisco’s or Chicago’s and even New York’s attend major gay events like Southern Decadence and if you have a little extra time when in cities go out to Gay Bars! Go to festivals like Bonnaroo (The new Woodstock) always try to be amongst your people because changing the image of campaigning is what the progressive voter wants!
    In my professional opinion time is of the essence so when you are ready to proceed forward and start building your campaign you know I’m here for you!
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day,
    David Bell [Commonwealth Marketing]

  15. BLACK ART STARS says:

    Billionaire America have the power to un-leash an angry, well trained, well armed and focused prison army on a un-happy working America and her unions overnight , while you’re all asleep in your warm beds, and it’s a wrap.
    Americans are in serious trouble.
    That fact is going to be made very clear, very soon……….

    I really REALLY like this tagline. I’m feeling a bumper sticker.

  17. Moon Shadow says:

    I think the most likely path to success will result in a revolution! A small minority can lead the revolt, the masses will follow. This is the history of revolution. Let the dust settle, let the new parties be recognized and let the the parliament rise. Those who have organized with support and a clear platform will succeed.
    GREEN TEA PARTY!!! The most clear, concise, logical platform I’ve seen in my lifetime!
    BARR 2012!!!!

  18. Roseanne, this is a two party system. You do realize that we’ll be essentially voting for repiglicans if we vote for you. Can’t you just become a dem or repub so as not to waste our votes? Ralph Nader was the best candidate in 2000, but look where that got us. Many liberals voted for him thereby taking votes from Gore, putting that imbecile Bush into the White House.

  19. The message is the right one, but it’s not going to do much unless it reaches the masses. I would hope for you as president because that would be the ultimate way to actually implementing the ideas, or someone with your platform at least, but I guess the real work that needs to be done is us spreading news of the solutions ourselves.

  20. I see what your doing, it makes sense! Its not so much of if you actually become elected or not but just bringing pertinent issues to the table and making them addressed, like other third party candidates have done in the past!

  21. I’m glad you are doing what you do – you’ve got the right attitude about it : )

  22. please know that my solutions and my platform are the real deal, not so much me!

  23. I know. whether it gets on there or doesn’t does not in any way take away from the solutions I offer, and the points I make. If elected, I will serve the people, if not, then just the act of reading my platform opens people’s minds to the truth of what is going on and has been going on, so to me…I have done all that I can do, and I will campaign and give speeches this year. My annual mother’s day speech in washington dc in lafayette park will be installment two of roseannearchy—the conscious evolution past patriarchy.

  24. Write in votes are in most states.

  25. We would need to start petitioning in each state for you soon, though, because we would have to garner enough signatures to even get your name on the ballot.

  26. Yeah that’s true. I’m worried about the numbers, though. The money coincides with the number of votes unfortunately – I wish it wasn’t that way. Hopefully people will just wake up enough and not let their vote be bought– but it’s going to take a big awakening!

  27. people can read my platform and if they have a functioning brain, then they will see whose ideas are best…and of course, mine are best.

  28. actually, i do not need a dime, nor to debate monsters and liars. all i need is to get on the ballot and then of course, your votes.

  29. Also, Roseanne, how will you raise enough money to fund this? — because, after all, they won’t even let anyone in the debates unless they have millions upon millions!

  30. Roseanne, I think you have a real solution here. The Green Tea Party itself, from its name to its platform is something I would imagine someone would have a very hard time saying no to. I think people are sick of the Tea Party and the Republican and Democratic parties just as much! This would be a real option. The only thing that makes me fearful that it won’t take hold it is the fact that you are a comedian and people have known you as that for years… a lot of people might not take you seriously just because of that. What can we do to convince people of the merits of your platform when they say something like “Roseanne Barr? You’ve got to be kidding me, she’s a comedian”?

  31. dude, i been votin’ for you since 1988. early and often. ;-)

  32. And that I agree with, there needs to be a new third party with just as much influence as Republicans and Democrats because neither one work for the taxpayers but you cannot fix a rotten system in a rotten form. To take away the right for everyone to cast their vote for whomever they want to isn’t working for the taxpayers—its working against them because it would be the taxpayers right that’s being taken away!

  33. TO Linda,
    Are you serious? Am talking about my family, I never tell other people outside my family who they should vote for. Besides I have never voted for a republican and never will, because I believe in the right to choose,gay-rights, equality for all women and freedom of speech. And since I have been paying taxes all my life,since the age of sixteen-am 37, I would like to get some return.
    ROSEANNE BARRR 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. linda, there IS complete fascism in this country right now—neither party represents the taxpayers. the system is rotten and cannot be fixed, now or ever. time for a third party, and a new government that works for of and by the taxpayers, not the billionaires.

  35. Here are the facts: The ten wealthiest members of congress estimated net worth:
    Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) $451.1 million
    Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) $435.4 million
    Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.) $366.2 million
    Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) $294.9 million
    Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) $285.1 million
    Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) $283.1 million
    Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wisc.) $231.2 million
    Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) $201.5 million
    Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) $136.2 million
    Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) $108.1 million
    combined net worth: $2.8 billion
    Source Mother Jones article titled: It’s the Inequality Stupid!
    What do they all have in common (besides the obvious wealth)? They ALL VOTED TO CONTINUE THE BUSH TAX CUTS!
    A time for a third party is here!

  36. No, I didn’t miss that. They are the ones who have the biggest voice. They are the ones right now who control this country but as far as elections have gone, it has not been outweighed yet that everyone doesn’t have a least a small voice that they can put on their ballot of who they’d at least like to see in office—anything else would just be complete fascism.

  37. this thread is about a third party, and my platform.

  38. in case you missed it–no one has a voice in this government unless they are a lobbyist or a billionaire.

  39. I mean, you can hope that they’ll agree with you but one of the few great things about this country is still in some form every person still has a voice, regardless of if mine or yours may be louder then theirs.

  40. Regardless of that, you cannot try to interfere with who even your family wants to vote for! Yes, you can try to influence them into it and give your opinion but you cannot force them to vote for whomever you want to, thats a decision that’s really up to them ultimately.

  41. I was referring to her saying she’d get others to vote for you as well and I just mean by that is you cannot interfere with who someone else wants to vote for.


  43. “I will make sure every body I know including my brothers and sisters vote for you”


  45. I am all for Roseanne being our next president but lets be real here, you can’t do that and influence and try to interfere with other people’s voting decisions. Doing that is taking away democracy in this country completely because everyone should have the right to vote for whomever they please—regardless of if its the wrong person or not.

  46. Roseanne,
    I will only vote for you in 2012, and I will make sure every body I know including my brothers and sisters vote for you, I have lots(am spanish).
    Obama hasn’t done anything meaningfull for the people that put him in office, SELL-OUT.

  47. Obama’s failure is that he fell into what he said in the beginning of his presidency that he wouldn’t, which is the presidential bubble and where he is closed off from real American’s and real American problems and surrounded by the rich and lobbyists who are the key players in what’s caused the decay of this nation for the last century.
    I believe that he did go into his presidency with the intent to actually do some good but unfortunately he’s fell into the trap.

  48. Obama’s failure… exposed in the INSIDE JOB doc film, here is an excerpt…