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the rabid rage of the elites beaten back in Haiti:


  1. I read where Obama was trying to keep Aristide from returning to Haiti this year until the Presidential runoff elections were held last month. Aristide did more good for Haiti when he was in office but the U.S. stepped in and had him ousted from office because the U.S. government wanted to be able to indirectly control the Haitian Government and they couldn’t do that with Aristide in office.
    Now I read where Baby Doc is back in Haiti too so life should get interesting. Baby Doc is probably after all of those monetary donations that people raised to help the people of Haiti recover from the earthquake.

  2. I, like most Haitians, am so very happy that Titid is back. However, the question is: now what? What can be done to throw back the U.S./U.N. imposed (s)elections? What can be done so that the MINUSTAH soldiers can go home? What can be done so that the NGOs can be drastically cut down and put under the control of a now non-existent Haitian State? What can we do so that the U.S. can reconstitute a new repressive Haitian Army. Titid is back, that is true, but now what are we to do? We must have a plan of positive action or else.

  3. Yes I do know that, it makes a valid point though because it was actually said that he is bipolar by valid news sites, which would explain his campaign and the manic stage he was in during it and wanting to reach for unrealistic goals and rambling when his speechs weren’t scripted, and now to the fact that we see a lot less of him and his news conferencing techniques have drastically changed which could be explained by him being in a depressive stage now.

  4. Tippy -Lite says:

    Just glad that one good thing has happened to Haiti in a long time, the return of Arostide.

  5. Tippy -Lite says:

    ….but you do know that “The Onion” is a fun fake news site…..
    don’t you?

  6. No, but of course no vice president do you ever hear about after elections. I had heard several years ago that Obama was bipolar, but even if it does ever get out of control and he’s considered incompetent for office there wouldn’t be much change, Biden and him are just about the same in policy.

  7. Tippy -Lite says:

    yeah….Biden…..don’t hear whole lot about him now do we……
    Mr. CFR’s just “biden” his time now aint he….

  8. I’m wondering just who the elite are anymore. I used to think that included President Obama until I seen this news clip video where the White House is now admitting the Obama suffers from bipolar disorder and during his campaign for Change he was in a manic stage and now has entered a depressive stage.