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sister wives secret:

a very high percentage of ‘sister wives’ are closeted lesbians who have sex with their fellow sister wives, as that is a good way to stay under the Utah-Mormon lesbian seeking radar that seeks to control uppity women, who are a potential threat to the Big Boys’ Patriarchal Industrial Complex.  A lot of these women target and groom young and adolescent girls to have sex with them too.  All of their happy sister wife talk makes me sick, as I used to live by polygamists and saw firsthand what the women are really into, as they pretend to be submissives.  They like to punish and destroy other sister wives, like some S and M freakazoids, and the ‘winner’ gets to have boring sex with their effeminate husband.


  1. Kelly Pritchard says:

    Having donated several members of my immediate and a cousin to the jack mormans who did not want to marry locally in the small towns where their families have lived for over 300 years, my sibs are happily adding some much needed dna into the gene pool. I have lived up there high in the wachach, and I will miss big love. I think Cody was a bit nuts to risk breaking the law openly, however when it comes down to it we do have religious freedom, even mormans or buddhist/methodists like myself. Guess I will have to content myself to sister wives and be thankful true blood and hung are still on hbo. I watch a lot Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell. I love Utah ane my family. 3 generations into it I am related by blood or marriage to the whole town almost, and they are kind to this odd transplant when I am up there. I am too sleepy to contemplate tv vs rl nite

  2. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I love the HBO show Big Love it,s abount how the mormons live and it needs to be seen so people can see they ae not alwys good people. I have not seen the TLC show sister wives but want to check it out. I used to get beat up on when i was between the ages of 9 and 13 i think and i do not know if they were mormons but i hear a lot of them lived next to me. Sister wives are really gay women i think that too.

  3. does any one who is a steven king fan remember that the devil looks like kody in the movie the stand? MOON spells satan/kody brown thats right M O O N spells SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tippy -Lite says:

    sounds like she’s been watching TLC’s “Sister wives”
    sorry to gross you all out with this link but I can’t help myself.

  5. wait that sounded wierd….i mean you cant argueboth sides of the issue…the whole whore/virgin dichotomy for gays.

  6. I lived in utah for 10 years and grew up in a crazytown mormon household of hypocrites and even as a child I often asked people if you say that gays are promiscuous, is that because no one lets them get married?

  7. Jeeze yknow I often wondered about those sister-wives!
    Why is it these religious sects (cults?) seem to get their freak on the way they do and yet get away with acting so pious!

  8. * Oh, and goats too- don’t forget that. More man-goat-marriages.

  9. I have been told before that I shouldn’t be able to get married (yes, I’m homosexual) because more of these people will get married? I’m not seeing the correlation.

  10. DomesticGod says:

    As always Roseanne you are the premier voice of reason in this f’d up cracked-out post-Bush bizarro world. I want to know what drug these tea bagging freaks were taking in the 70s/80s while you sat on the sidelines observing their conservative family values-esque bacchnalia. Anywho… I want to thank these closet sadistic lesbian sister wives…because as a gay man, if it werent for their easily recognizable fay husbands, I wouldn’t be getting any sex…

  11. i could not afford all the duct tape i would need if i was a morman,one,two,three,rolls just to get through a guite dinner,or a half hour tv program,hell bring in a truck load for the super bowl.

  12. I enjoy HBO’s Big Love. I could only stand to watch a partial episode of those reality douche bags on Sister Wives, though. You’d have to be a lesbian to put up with that situation.

  13. I’d rather it be “brother husbands.” Equal opportunity here. After all, it would take several men to accomplish one task. LOL

  14. Where can I sign up??