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rising cost of “healthy food”


  1. Moon Shadow says:

    Who is importing the quinoa? “Quinoa Corporation of Los Angeles, one of the largest importers of quinoa in the United States”!! This IS about the U.S.!
    This is NOT bartering! This is capitalism, pure and simple. The demand in the US is high, the price goes up, and profits increase – CAPITALISM!
    Profits are SO good that the locals aren’t consuming their native diet any more, but instead sell all of their food source to the highest bidder. The trade off is an early death with the introduction of deadly processed foods from the WEST! This is the “American” diet, and something I would not wish on any country, not even a “third world” country (a deragatory term originated by America to designate the U.S. as the FIRST, aka best, world).
    Again, I do not feel that MONEY is the answer to the problems of “third world” countries. That is an American way of thinking and trying to FIX problems. Bartering could only be supported if the American capitalists would remove themselves from the equation. They’re not there to help, but to PROFIT!!! If they really wanted to “help” the people, then provide free health care or offer free education for sustainable farming. Don’t steal their food source and call it “part of life and economics”.
    Call it what it is. American capitalistic greed! Buy local, support local and be aware of where your food comes from. Stop raping the world’s resources for financial gain!!
    Bartering GOOD, capitalism BAD!!!

  2. This is an issue that really isn’t even about the US and actually a system of export isn’t “capitalism” or “western thinking” but actually its similar to bartering, which has been done between different countries since basically the beginning of human civilization. For you to equate that to “the american dream” shows some brainwashing because why equate it to our country? A country having the chance from moving up from third world status and are able to provide basic needs for their citizens or even more isn’t “the american dream” because this shit has been happening for thousands of years. I’m not talking about them becoming a prominent superpower in the world market, but for them to have a fighting chance to help their citizens….like they should have the right to do.

  3. Moon Shadow says:

    Hmm, that’s some loaded bullshit you’re heaping. Fascism? Where the fuck did that come from? A very dangerous word to misuse.
    Americans are lulled into a sense of superiority by actually believing the world is trying to emulate our “success”.
    “Brainwashing is the attempt to change the thoughts and beliefs of another person against their will.”
    We are brainwashed daily through false media hype to try and distort the truth. How you equate that to fascism is truly frightening. We’re brainwashed from birth to embrace consumerism. Turn on your TV and let the brainwashing begin! It’s that simple and that prevalent.
    American Dream – work hard so you can make lots of money and CONSUME. If you don’t work hard and achieve success, then you’re doing something wrong, and you just might be a SOCIALIST!
    Economics is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. “Western” economics = CAPITALISM!!
    Focusing on the issue, cultural genocide, American desire to HAVE quinoa at any price and under the guise of “helping the poor Bolivian’s” is killing the local indigenous people in Bolivia.
    Instilling the Western sense of more is better and money fixes all, is just wrong, in my opinion. Not much joy in riding in that new car to your funeral.
    from the article: “The shift away from consuming quinoa in the cradle of its cultivation has alarmed some of the plant’s top marketers in the United States, where quinoa is increasingly coveted by health-conscious consumers.
    “It’s kind of discouraging to see stuff like this happen, but that’s part of life and economics,” said David Schnorr, the president of the Quinoa Corporation of Los Angeles, one of the largest importers of quinoa in the United States, which has worked with Bolivian producers since the 1980s.”
    Part of life, huh? Take all we want and screw the indigenous people. Oh yea, but we’re allowing them to replace their diet w/ sugar and processed foods.

  4. And how exactly does western culture or capitalism have anything to do with this? Its not about that, its about the fact that this is a third world country, which the basics aren’t even provided and a countries economic situation does play a role in it being able to provide that.
    Economics is not a western term, nor is profit. Its what’s used all over the world and true, there are places that have corruption within it but that is asinine to this situation. How is providing an economic boost to an already under developed third world country with starving children, no medical care, barely any shelter and no education “the american dream” or a bad thing? That’s not “brainwashing”
    True that I believe it exists but just because someone has a different view then you or doesn’t believe that everything happens for a negative reason doesn’t mean that its brainwashing—those that constantly throw around the term “brainwashing” around at absolutely everything that contradicts what’s set in their mind is not called brainwashing, its called fascism and is just a crutch to try being narrow minded and liberal at the same time—which is an oxymoron. LOL

  5. Moon Shadow says:

    Do you really think capitalism is the solution? Do you really think the “workers” will be the one’s with the profits? Why do we continue to think in western terms of “economics”. Are we the model? I think not! It’s not always about the money.
    When the basics are provided for – FOOD, SHELTER, WATER, HEALTH CARE, EDUCATION, is this not wealth? Wanting more and “needing” more is not the solution. Don’t be brainwashed into believing the world is still aspiring to achieve the “American Dream”.

  6. I mean, a big way that a country builds their economy is exports and since then they have plant that’s now in demand then they can start building farms to produce the product, hiring workers and building up their economy.
    I mean, how do you think the USA came to now be worth almost $2 quadrillion? A major part in that is because we are a haven of natural resources. The most important principle in economics is you’ve got to produce more then you consume or otherwise your a sinking ship so I think this will help them.

  7. That’s just how the cookie crumbles bro, its all about the system of supply and demand. Maybe it will help them. Bolivia is the poorest and least developed country in Latin America so maybe it will help their economy.

  8. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Yes i read it but i did not read it clearly i thought the header said healthy foods not food. Sorry for the mis infomation, i have never had Bolivia but it is crazy they are makingthe prices sky rocket that does not make sense to me. Thanks rob for helping me see what i did wrong.

  9. That’s just America, we’ve been the unhealthy and overweight country for decades. As for kids who drink sugar drinks and eat foods that are high in carbs usually its just about self control, or lack there of, and that’s what they were raised with consuming. I mean, take alcohol as an example in this. The USA has the highest drinking age in the world but yet we also have the highest rate of alcoholics and the reason for that is we’re one of the few prosperous countries that do not teach youth to drink in moderation, just like with food. Most do not know how to eat in moderation, as are serving sizes are also much larger then the rest of the worlds.
    I’d just stick with a vodka diet, no carbs no fat so you’ll be drinking good and DEFINITELY feeling good! LOL!

  10. Moon Shadow says:

    More accessible = CHEAPER!
    Raising the cost for Native foods and making the unhealthy corporate foods CHEAP, there is no “choice” if you’re poor.
    Subsidize the small local farmers and encourage and support small family gardens, and tax the fuck out of the corporate foods until we can get someone in office (BARR 2012) to establish standards in ALL foods and eliminate HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (kiddie heroin).
    Not a true macrobiotic, but I do support the eating locally concept. Many benefits to eating local foods, not the least of which supports your small local farmers.

  11. Yeah, but what do you do with the fact that kids are choosing to drink Coke or eat white bread vs. the more healthy native foods, even if they are accessible?

  12. Moon Shadow says:

    I believe the term is CULTURAL GENOCIDE. Eliminating Native food sources is tantamount to murder.
    We are VERY familiar with that term here in Hawaii.
    Taro anyone?

  13. Ummm, did you even read the article bro? Its about rising costs in Bolivia for a crop they’ve lived off for centuries that’s just now less accessible to them and higher priced because of its demand to richer countries.

  14. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    They are making it harder for the working class to eat healthy and that makes me sick. I do not eat mean just chicken, turkey, and fish and soon they are going to come after that more then they are now. What the hell is going on here?.