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osho –genius:


  1. so, the children of Haiti brought the disaster down on themselves, because they had stinkin’ thinkin’?

  2. which parts of my book are wrong?

  3. Octoberfest says:

    I will read your book now.
    Because when I get it, no matter what, it will be now.
    A year from now doesn’t exist, it’s only in the mind.
    The shift is about to hit the fan.
    You have it all Roseanne…….wrong.
    I love you, and what you bring into the world is what the world becomes.

  4. i keep responding to you because i love to argue with sick people who are wrong and keep arguing back, its fun–by the way–you are not that smart at all, because when you read my book next year, it will be too late for you–its all about NOW, remember? and yes I have read and actually KNOW eckart tolle. You are not living in the NOW sandy. that is your problem. I will not be requiring any help or assistance from you, ever, but it is fun to win every single argument against you. You are more than a troll, you are a worm. My apple is not for you.

  5. Octoberfest says:

    You know what the problem is?
    I haven’t read your book
    And you haven’t read tolles
    Again, until the local library notifies me by email that your book is ready to be picked up at the main branch, I won’t be able to read it.
    In about a year, as all these things seem to go, I’ll be able to pick it up on ebay for about $3.50 including shipping. (I’m pretty damn smart about simple money. I have to be, I’m a woman.)
    Have you heard about the docmov I AM ?
    One of them men in your profession made it.
    P.S. You have my email address…..if you actually think i’m a stalker I just don’t understand why you keep communicating with me. Did somebody else put that in your head?
    I’m right here. Clear as day. You’ve got my email. And anything else you need.

  6. Okay, I’ve just emerged from Osho-world on YouTube. He is brilliant and FUNNY! The video on marriage and children is priceless — esp when he talks about how the Virgin Mary got pregnant — the interviewer then asks him if he really believes that story, and he says something like “I only believe in it to be able to tell you that your God is a rapist, otherwise I don’t believe in it.”
    It’s interesting to observe my culturally-programmed mind reacting to (judging) someone who has so intentionally freed himself from cultural and social conventions.
    Thanks for posting! Lots to contemplate!

  7. Will do.

  8. Hi Greens, I couldnt find anything on google for you either. Be great if Roseanne was doing a book tour, esp in Australia. Ide be there in a heartbeat

  9. Wow, just found this site today, I love that there’s an active little community going on here, and that Roseanne’s involved!
    I’m wondering if anyone could inform me as to whether Roseanne will be doing a book tour? I tried Googling and didn’t find any info…
    Roseanne, if you’re reading, I’m a huge fan!

  10. good on you roseanne for banning OctoberOhio! You dont need that sorta crap from anyone! what a low life

  11. Sounds like its just a troubled individual that probably needs help, like in the form of a mental evaluation. OctoberOhio seems to maybe be schizophrenic, maybe, and in a disillusioned state unparalleled with anyone elses reality with a sense of grandeur (as to the sense that they speak of them self as a prophet)

  12. WTF!! Why do people get on a site just to spit hate? Never understood that

  13. yeah–he is dead but you can get his speeches–there are good ideas in them, although the culty thing is scary. He knew they were going to kill him and they did. read about him.

  14. ps I do not have hate for you, I am just bored by you, and astounded at how limited your thought processes are. I really think you should try some meditation so that you can get your own thoughts instead of downloading echart tolle, whose stuff is way too right wing new age blame the victim and woman hating for me. wake up sandy, and stop worshipping satanist philosophies. they do not work! I just wrote a whole book about consciousness..called roseannearchy…to come here and tell me I am not conscious without ever reading my book about consciousness is so very boringly troll like. I haven’t banned you–are you aware of anything in your world? You are not banned here, which is why I am addressing you here now. That tidbit of information may help to turn a light on for you, but I really doubt it.
    because you do not listen and come to my site to attack, you are banned now. Be conscious of the fact that you yourself chose to cast yourself into a private room…

  15. Thanks for posting this Roseanne. I really like this man’s way of thinking.

  16. you are stalking me –i told you to stop attacking me–you do not know me at all–talk about LIVING IN CONSCIOUSNESS! I do not want you here!
    You are stuck and looking in a mirror when you address me. Move on! Do some meditation! Look at yourself, not me!!
    Why would you continually come here and say I am not conscious, (or whatever you call it –when all I do is write about all that stuff every day here for years?)
    Why would you be doing that? Is it to call me a phony? Is it to unmask me as a hypocrite? What is wrong with you? Why have you fixated on me and my thoughts? Can’t you see how sick that is? You are not conscious at all about that fact–also, you would probably never in your life be able to listen to any woman on this earth–you are threatened that any woman (beside you) has ‘unsanctioned’ spiritual opinions, because you support patriarchal notions about men’s superior spirituality.

  17. Ladyjane Green says:

    This visionary(vision is scary) would be profiled and incarcerated in our dis(united) states due to his bin ladin-esque look….I do rather like his theory of living in the moment…. or moment to moment……Also the walking corpses comment…. those who are stuck in the past following the outdated theologies. One must not forget their history in the moment to moment approach. Future also used to be a consideration,…….but that can wait! lol

  18. OctoberOhio says:

    Again a prophet tells us to live in presence, in consciousness and is feared.
    Roseanne banned me from this site because she was afraid of me when I spoke of consciousness.
    This man is simply another interpetation of what people like Echart Tolle are saying now.
    Hate me Roseanne, then maybe you will wake up.

  19. Moon Shadow says:

    That is one serious campaign slogan though..

  20. Moon Shadow says:

    much more than that! you are a social ACTIVIST! labels are bullshit. just laughed when i heard osho’s response to the question in the video. i see many minds opening to new ideas right now. hope it continues…

  21. i am a social critc, and a public servant NOT a politician (shit eater).

  22. Hey you Goddess, I just started reading your book, first chapter and absolutely love it and had to tell you, found out about it from JZ, looking forward to seeing you at RSE!!!! Thank you so much for putting this out there in your beautiful way!

  23. Hey you Goddess, I just started reading your book, first chapter and absolutely love it and had to tell you, found out about it from JZ, looking forward to seeing you at RSE!!!! Thank you so much for putting this out there in your beautiful way!

  24. Moon Shadow says:

    Still make you want to be a politician?