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  1. Ladyjane Green says:

    This article by R does make me proud to be a Womyn, a Roseannearchist, a Matriot and a Va-genius! Pj, the girl called Meat, and Ljg actually made it to the hilo version of the 100th International Womens Day celebration, on Suisan Bridge. There were way more people in attendance than i expected, which was inspirational in its own right! an aunty gave me one of her homemade signs. We found out last minute, so we could only bring our voices and ourselves!(and our Barr 2012, and va-genius stickers) Favorite moment was when the huge militare planes flew by overhead and we waved our signs and peacefingers at them! It was great fun watching the girl called Meat getting the diverse folk in their cars to take notice and cheer with us! this was a peace march and a womyns unity event. Womyn are the multi taskers of the world. We have to be!

  2. Mariann Shannon says:

    Roseanne…when r u coming back to tv? There are no good sitcoms on anymore? Two and l/2 Men stinks!!! Never thought it was funny at all. I watch Roseanne DVD’s at night because of the crap that’s on tv now.

  3. Mariann Shannon says:

    Roseanne, Roseanne, when are u coming back to TV? There are no decent sitcoms on anymore. I have all the Roseanne DVD’s and I watch them at night now because of all the crap that’s on. Two and l/2 Men stinks and I just wish it would go off the air..never found it the slightest bit funny.

  4. Great article. I totally agree with you. I am so happy to see women standing up for justice and also standing up for reproductive rights. I am a Christian and I attend one of those evangelical churches. However, that does not mean that I completely agree with the mindset of the congregation and we have had disagreements on abortion because I support a woman’s right to choose because I feel that no one, except the woman herself, should be in control of her body. No one else has the right to make the determination that abortion is wrong. If a woman wants to have an abortion then she should be allowed to have one. It is her body and her choice. The government and neither the churches should be playing political football with a woman’s reproductive rights.

  5. urbanteach says:

    Just wanted to share with bloggers an 11 minute piece “Reinventing Feminism.” There are women in our midst standing for justice each day…and young ones at that!
    Worth the watch…

  6. dashus christ says:

    What a wonderful surprise for The Roseannearchists-i Love your article-TY for the link!

  7. Well-written, thanks for sharing!
    I haven’t seen it yet, but there is a documentary called “Miss Representation” about how our media brainwashes women continually with the message that they are only valuable as youthful sex objects. So the fact that the news media is showing women and grandmothers joining the rebellion against tyranny is very important and powerful.

  8. Great article. Free, sovereign, women are the biggest threat to the Oligarchy.

  9. Excellent! I will be in Ann Arbor later today for the celebration of National Women’s Day.
    I am feeling called to teach women the waning arts of gardening, seed saving/exchanging, and canning and preserving our own food. It’s a seed of an idea right now, but I will pursue my goal.

  10. urbanteach says:

    Simple fact, astounding truth and insight. After the end of aparthied in South Africa, the Parliment building had one challenge… no female bathrooms… it appears that this like so much other hate is the work only of men. Off to work now to live my beliefs… to celebrate with my students the amazing contributions of women (we get this month). teach!

  11. Excellent! I remember the saying “If you educate a man you educate an individual. If you educate a woman, you educate a whole family.”
    I was watching Bill Maher a couple weeks ago (because I was in a motel) and they were talking about the uprisings in the Middle East. The woman on the panel said that social networking is making the military obsolete. I caught my breath when I heard that. What a hopeful sign!

  12. Joseph Yoga says:

    Omg what a tremendous article. Super job. Ur smart. I posted it on fb. Did u see michaels speech in Wisconsin? On YouTube. Omg I have never heard such truth in tv