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many have asked me to comment on mania:

(as some say charlie sheen may be manifesting).  Yes, I do have it too, on occassion.  Instead of drugging it, I meditate.  In my highest highs, I blog and garden.  I have found a way to never get the depression side of bi-polar disorder–I simply switch to another mental state that I learned to do as a result of integrating from multiple personality disorder.  I have found some balance, as mental illness is no laughing matter sometimes.  (but mostly it is fun, if I stay home and read, blog garden, write.  wbgw).–i try to manage the madness of everything and stay out of people’s way for the most part.  I am afraid of people and have known far too many of them in my time.  Mostly they are not all that nice after a few hours.  I try to socialize three or four times a year, and attend good parties occassionally, but have yet to meet cher, whom I want to marry.

   sorry to be missing kirstie’s store opening tonight!  Have fun colleen camp, kirstie and david o. russell!!  wish i were there to be drinking and layin’ down the rhymes with y’all ninjas. i heard that corey feldman’s kid is named Zen Feldman, and he is six and cute.  Zen Feldman is the singularly best jewish name of all time!!  I love it.  If i have another kid, I will name it
son of or daughter of pele.
  lisa marie presley told me that perez hilton is being so nice to me now!  well, maybe he will come down and farm with me on my new show then!  I would love to see him hoe the beets and make goat cheese and then create a lovely salad.  beet and chevre salad is the best–with a hint of basil and olive oil.


  1. “but have yet to meet cher, whom I want to marry”
    Dude, I so agree with you!!! Cher is probably the ONLY woman on the planet that I would go lesbian for.
    My 3 all time favorite female celebrities are Cher, Roseanne and Barbara Walters. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to marry Cher, to arm wrestle Roseanne, and to see what 82 year old Bab Walters looks like without make up! LOL

  2. I spent my career helping others. I worked for 24 years in a facility for developmentally disabled kids (some of the best times of my life). Then 7 years with heroin addicts. After 31 years of much physical and mental work, I burned out both physically and mentally. I retired and have “taken a break” for the last 8 years. Now I see that it is helping others that validated me. I so want to get back in there and be part of the solution again. My body has regenerated a lot. My mind is getting there. The depressions are fewer and dissipating sooner. There is something left for me to accomplish before I leave this rock. I just haven’t gotten the email yet. But I so hear you. Solutions and not problems is profound. I really have disconnected from the world. I admit to being a misanthrope and a recluse. I hope to someday soon give the world another chance.

  3. here is what i think depression is: a disconnect from community–helping others alleviates it, truly! Be sure to talk about solutions and not problems, and offer help until it becomes almost uncomfortable–depression will lift!! (only if you do the breathing-intake-contain-release with it).

  4. I have been using a blend of meditation and self hypnosis to help control the depression for several years now. It really does help, but then there are just some days…. I will study your methods and see what I can incorporate into my routine. Right now I am going to meditate to send positive energy to those of you experiencing this catastrophe. My thoughts are racing with all that is going on. We have this vote in Annapolis sometime today. There was flooding all around us here in the east yesterday. I guess thats nothing compared to what is going on your way. Be well Sis, I feel such a strong connection.Even if it’s all in my head.

  5. Jay AndMichele says:

    I believe i found it.? Under Blog Tags, in large words it says meditation. The video is Under the Net.

  6. Jay AndMichele says:

    Im sorry, but i wasnt able to find the meditations either. ? suicide has been entering my mind more and more these days.

  7. I am looking for the meditations..I can’t find them..I am blind I guess. I found the video on light but that is it.

  8. meditation has helped me to have no more depressions, and more highs and creativity!! try it its in red to the right of this blog

  9. try my meditations here to the right of the blog–they help with depression, and will work for you–just try it

  10. I have suffered with depression my whole life. I feel for ya. I, too , have been on the dreaded meds zoloft paxil they made me fat and they made my depression way worse when i got off them. I slowly take each day at a time. Its hard I know and not a fun way to live. I often wonder why its me that has to go thru this every second of the day. I sure hope Sylvia Browne is right, as I often just want to go HOME, to my real home so I dont have to be this way anymore. So to all the other depression maniacs, take care. Its part of our disease to feel alone and society does not make it easier to go thru this. I hide it always although my family is well aware of mine. I very rarely laugh although Roseannes new book made me laugh out loud. It felt good for a change. All life is a big huge struggle for me. Wish there was a place all depressed people could go to be together. What a hoot that would be wouldn’t it? so take care always.

  11. Let me just say that I admire you Roseanne. I recognize the signs of mania as I have a daughter with bipolar disorder. I feel for charley sheen. He will hit the wall soon. I enjoyed your new book and got quite a few belly laughs(out loud no less). I dont laugh much anymore. I am your age and do see myself in your descriptions. I would just love to live as you are so lucky to do. I too enjoy the quiet peaceful life. I love digging in the dirt too. I have a personality like you, OH NO! I dread being around lots of people as it makes me uncomfortable. I wish i could have worked for a person such as yourself. Everybody is such an asshole and they take good people and just trash their lives. Why? For what? If I could have done it all over again I too, would have never married or had children although I love my grandchildren dearly. If I could have just skipped to them it would have been great. I believe that women who have been married for a long time and are in their 50’s and older should just be left the hell alone to do what the hell they want. We have had enough bullshit to last us the rest of our lives. why the hell do we have to live so damn long anyway. I dont want to cook for the whole family anymore. I want to eat what I want to eat and everybody else is old enough to cook for themselves. Im sick of working unless it’s something i want to do, but dammit the way the country is now I will still be working when I’m on my deathbed. Unfortunately i never did anything much for myself, as i had to sacrifice my life for my family which isnt a bad thing unless your me. Well roseanne, I still enjoy the reruns of your show. I miss you still. Its too bad they dont let you do another show. You would be wayyyy better than that stupid HOt in Cleveland. I like Betty white and Valerie Bertinelli but those other two talentless women I could do without. Ive tried to watch the show but cant stop throwing up. so how about it Roseanne. since Charley Sheen is fired maybe you could star in Two and a Half women. I wish I could meet you. It would be a privilege and an honor. Cant wait for your next book.

  12. pele rules.

  13. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I am getting better with my bi-polar i medatate too, but sometimes i can be mean to people and then i feel bad. I do not like to leave my house during the day and i like to be home alone.

  14. I would so love to discuss the aspects of my B/P identity ( I don’t to call it a disorder any more). It is so difficult to master a poly-polar (not relation to Amy), multi-channel transmitter/receiver. I doubt I will ever be able to transcend it. My approach is to embrace it; to feel what ever it is my brain is trying to feel. I don’t like those long stretches of darkness, but as they say,” it’s always darkest before dawn”. How would I know light if I didn’t know dark? I’ve never experienced a full blown manic phase. Most of the time I become hypomanic. I actually love those periods most of the time. My house is usually so clean and ordered! I write and write during those times. The words seem to come from elsewhere. I can get a bit grandiose at times, but that’s usually the worst of it. The depressions are another thing all together. They last longer and impair my pursuit of life. I have chosen to deal with my situation with out the use of the prescribed chemicals of the day. None of the ones I have tried ever made me feel truly better. As a nurse I took care of many people on dialysis secondary to decades on Lithium. Who knows what the new fangled concoctions will do to us down the road. Pot definitely lifts the mood, but I find that it also makes me complacent, accepting of status quo and terribly shy. It’s great for a party or a spiritual reawakening, but chronic use is not useful for B/Ps in my opinion. For me, B/P will always be a blessing and a curse. I am proud to be in the same category as people like Van Gogh and Cher. We B/Ps are the originators of art. We also receive signals and communications from the cosmos. Most people just think we’re nuts though.

  15. Thank you for sharing. :)

  16. Roseanne, good on you for sharing your thoughts. I look forward to your Blog every day. Keep it up. Thanks from Australia.

  17. gemstealer says:

    I have been diagnosed with bi-polar..have been told to take meds;;given valium…have been up and down my whole life..refuse to take meds…don’t try to give into my anxiety..smoke pot in the evening to help me sleep and in the morning so I can keep my anxiety down..and face the people
    I agree with you ..most people are not very nice after a couple of hours..trying to be nice to people is even harder sometimes.

  18. Jay AndMichele says:

    I have suffered with depression for years and have been to docs and even admitted myself into the hospital, but i still suffer threw my days. I would be honored to have advise from you. I have NEVER wrote anyone about my issues but in a weird way i have always felt close to you.

  19. Lisa Marie Presley’s music I’ve never really liked, blah. Her father tho, well he was definitely one hunk of man! All the conspiracies after he died I never fell for, a few years ago it got me curious though after I seen this television program about it and it showed this picture of what looked like a older version of Elvis holding Lisa Marie’s son when he was like 2 yrs old.

  20. urbanteach says:

    While reading your response Mary Smith, it reminded me of the interview James Lipton did with Dave Chapelle (after his Africa flee) he discussed quite pointedly (not doing it justice here) about the abuses of creative individuals within the reality of film/t.v./hollywood. His father once told him as he entered the world of comedy and “celebrity” to be able to “name his price” what the execs began to ask for in his show was to high a price… thus the trip to Africa. Recall what the media reported… Dave is a crack addict… all the while the real story was that the price to pay was just to f’n high.

  21. im bipolar and i must say that its an sob but i do love my creative side. as for charlie he needs to be hugged and praised not belittled.

  22. “I am afraid of people and have known far too many of them in my time. Mostly they are not all that nice after a few hours.”
    Same thing for me…

  23. Mary Smith says:

    Maybe Charlie’s just tired. Tired of the bullshit and the life he is living and that’s why he is demonstrating all of this? Whether he is high on drugs or manic or bi-polar, it all seems like the source may be from celebrity. I don’t know what they’ve done to you all in Hollywood but it’s pretty sad to see that people can’t just do what they love to do and be at peace with it. I am glad that you have found something to keep you at peace. I too suffer from my own issues and would love to live on a farm and meditate but unfortunately, I have to go to work every day and live through my mental challenges at work with people around me. Sometimes I think that isn’t such a bad thing because it keeps me distracted and focused on something else. Anyway, thanks so much for leaving a message about your experiences. They give me hope that I will find my own way to peace one day too.