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  1. i think the way this ecomomy is going i am going to lay myself off apply for food stamps,sell them to someone outside the grocery store and then take that money and go buy drink,then i am going to find a gal or two and make ootles of babys and get some other assistance money and take that and go buy drink.then i am going to apply for heat assistance and use that to go buy drink.All because someone with a IQ of 160 with a grade point av.of 4 said that it was ok. Well i have the IQ of a imbicyle and even i can tell right from wrong.

  2. Moon Shadow says:

    Yes, a waste of time spent arguing the wrong issue. We KNOW there’s money, and we know WE don’t have any of it (that includes the braindead/brainwashed Pee Baggers). But we’re gonna get it back!!!
    The thinking has to shift. We ALL deserve to live a good, decent life! Work hard! Play harder!! This is a pretty short span we have here, so we might as well enjoy some of the guilty pleasures found on this physical plane while we repair our planet.

  3. Hell she had my vote on the free booze part, as well as probably the other 28 million people New Yorkers and Jersey residents! LMFAO HAHA!!!
    But in all seriousness, that is a problem when the attention from the acts that the rich at the top that are draining this country is adverted to the ones at the bottom and scrutinizing them for enjoying leisure activities.
    BARR 2012!!

  4. Moon Shadow says:

    I have a vision of fields and fields of banker-powered treadmills, interspersed amongst the Ka’u windmills (Trump has land down there). We’ll have enough power to sell to Canada!

  5. Moon Shadow says:

    “when I am elected, I will have free education and free booze for everyone as well as free health care…”
    Now THAT’S a campaign promise I can stand behind!!!
    wvmtndude wrote: “You would vote for any president willing to hand out checks for “incidentals” (code word for personal entertainment and lesiure)? I wonder if Roseanne would do that – probably not.”
    Well, you have your answer. Still gonna vote for her?
    BARR 2012 (The BOOZE is on U.S.!)

  6. they must pay the money back or face beheading…if they pay the money back, then they can be rehabilitated by running on treadmills forty hours per week for ten years to generate enough power to light a city block (this is in place of windmills and solar power, and nuclear power–much safer than all of them).

  7. Moon Shadow says:

    Again everyone… there is lots and lots of money. We are FUCKING LOADED!!! Stop believing the LIE that there isn’t. THERE IS!!
    Now, we need a little wealth redistribution, a few trials, and ultimately, swift justice for the criminal bankers. And what pray tell does our future candidate suggest for these criminals? Yes, the wonderfully painless and low-cost GUILLOTINE!!!
    BARR 2012

  8. when I am elected, I will have free education and free booze for everyone as well as free health care, and I will do it all by using a fraction of a month of the pentagon’s budget.
    anyone who bitches about anyone doing anything whatsoever at the public expense in this country should take an un racist look at FACTS: 3 billion dollars a month goes to the fake and unjust war in Iraq…a wasted 3 trillion dollar war that broke our country down. What the poor and helpless waste is not even a drop in the bucket next to that.
    to anne—until you learn to blame people at the top, instead of at the bottom, you are displaying racism, (HATE) in my opinion. I can read between the lines of everything you say and it is all 100% untrue republican racist lies. I do not hate you, so don’t fling that around. I feel sorry for you and how you have swallowed the republican’s bullshit.
    Seriously, you are very hateful in your condemnation of the helpless widows and orphans, and like so many republican moles, you condemn anyone who does not agree with your classist ideas as being “hateful”. seriously, you have been programmed not to look at fact!
    I am convinced that people who say the things you do are on the public assistance themselves and ashamed of it–there is no need to be ashamed of needing help, nor to mouth what your rich masters instruct you to say.
    There is more than enough money for every kid in this country to live like they are in disneyland. You have NO outrage at the bigger thieves and monsters who are stealing your money. You are not brave enough to face that truth, instead, you strive to “progress” to their level…and become a thief and a monster yourself, as that is what your masters tell you is right, but it isn’t right at all.
    To make money off of thieving and killing is quite satanic and worse than buying drugs or booze or anything else.

  9. I agree with that 100%!!! I mean, that is what this nation has come to! We fight and argue with each other over the little assistance that the government gives us but don’t nearly bring up the subject as much about the millions that are being drained by the CEOs and bankers! Why worry about what someone else, who is not one of these billionaires bankrupting us, gets and what they use it for….hell, they use it on a lot worse things then I do on leisure items, like starting wars for example!

  10. Moon Shadow says:

    from RW “TEA PARTIERS WAKE UP” thread 3/12/11
    “A Wall Street CEO, A Union worker and a Tea Partier are sitting at a table. there’s 12 cookies on the table…the wall Street CEO takes 11 of them and then leans over to the Tea Partier and whispers, “the union guy is trying to steal your cookie!” People, it’s not about taxes, it’s not about welfare, it’s not about unions…the wealth of the nation has been hijacked by corporate interests and while you argue with each other…the last of it will be gone.”

  11. Which hey, guess what! I pay them too but I’m not going to judge you or anyone else because to do so is just hypocritical…for anyone!

  12. Thank you, hon. I really appreciate that. I may have to stop visiting this site because this whole thing has emotionally drained me.

  13. And you are not comprehending what these programs essentially are for, in the entirety of it. Whose to say who is really needy? And whose to also judge how others spend their money? God, with all the useless crap this government spends money on overseas and even domestically that’s a waste but yea, lets pin point it on giving assistance to citizens (which isn’t the problem at all)and act like this is a third world country and there isn’t enough money in the system for it when actually this is one of the richest nations in the world.
    I am sick to death of people always feeling the need to judge others. Just because you pay taxes doesn’t give you that right!

  14. wvmtndude I agree with u about the use of Government money. My opinion

  15. Ha…..I’m with ya……breath in….breath out…..I promise its not always like this here…..its better sometimes to let it all go…… have a good weekend

  16. Rob-I never said “take away” anything…….your not reading my post as I have typed them- I said give it to those who need it, help them get in a better place and help them to learn to stand on their own feet. I NEVER said stop helping the needy… twisted my words. Its Friday night………go out… young……..take a break from trying to always be right

  17. 16 years old? I am 22 years old asshat! If Roseanne wants my Facebook link I would be happy to send it to her for her to investigate herself, but I have nothing to prove to you!
    And anne, I am taking a break – some of the people on this site seem mentally deranged!

  18. Thanks…..Your right…and we all will never agree on everything…that would mean we were not human! Take a break for while from the vile comments…….dont let it get to you….not worth it ! Take care : )

  19. I will just choose to ignore you. You are just obsessive and appear to always want the last word and harp on the same subject, like a teenager would do….which obviously you are as to the fact that from other sites where you’ve given your birth date and indicated that your only 16 years old….. which brings to the point of being an habitual liar with a lot that you’ve said here. But again, I’m done talking to you because its like talking to a wall that has to have the last word and then twist everything and try to sugarcoat it….. like the reporter did the other day! You show the same defense she did when presented with your lies!

  20. There are plenty of other ways to do that before taking away from the ones who need it….who just may happen to receive a little extra money…. not millions like the bankers and billionaires.
    Giving assistance to the poor and needy is NOT the issue.

  21. I agree with these last two comments of yours 100% and I hope that Roseanne reads these because what is in these two posts is NOT tea party dribble – this is really an issue in our country!

  22. Govt money is not a “private loan” its the publics and they have the right to know where its going. What about the disabled people that have been caught saying they are disabled then are found to have been lying the entire time? Do we turn our heads the other way like nothing happend or take that money away from them and give it to someone who is really disabled and needs the money?? Our system is broken and no one is caring or manning the ship, they haven’t for years and now that we have TRIPLED the debt we had in 2008…….I think its darn time we started steering in the right direction.

  23. Rob33….you dont know anything about me or my hard times no, i do want anything handed to me especially something someone worked for and gave to me to do something good with. and yes it IS our business how the money we give as tax payers is spent! If everything becomes not our business that we have a stake in then we would be living in chaos! I have just as much a right as you to speak out.I do plenty that you wouldnt know about because you do not know me at all. Like I said before, there are positive programs in place in NY that Guliani started that help people. If you feel good about taking money that is to improve your life (go to college) and spend it to drink and not know where you are the next morning then that is you, not me. Just because I have a different view doesnt mean I grew up with a silver spoon…. I didnt…far from it. I havent “sat around and bitched and moaned” I dont have time in the day to do that. And it is wrong for tax money to go to drinking and partying no matter what you say. That money in supposed to go out to “help” people that otherwise have no other resource and need to eat, pay rent put clothes on their backs until they can get on their feet not to party so ….no, you and I do not see things the same but that doesnt make you right or wrong. Im happy to help others go to school, pay rent ….what ever it takes to help them be the best they can be but no, i am not happy to pay taxes for people to play with it. Like I said….read Star Parkers book, dont listen to me…..she has been there at the bottom for a long time and has a different perspective. you are very harsh and should know that in life you will meet many people from this point on who do not agree with you….you should learn to agree to disagree and find more respect for others, it will help you get along with others easier.

  24. LOL. Please! I already addressed the issue THOROUGHLY. I have bitched so many people out for their BS in real life that I would be proud to claim his comments as my own, but guess what, they are not mine! Of course I cannot prove that to you, so what is the point in me saying no, you saying yes, me saying no? I never pried into your life. I never asked you a single personal question. Not one, go back and look. I based my comments only off of what you put out there for us to read. I’m dragging this on? THAT’S a two-way road. Skeletons in my closet? I told you before that I have had moral fuckups, but I will be the first to admit them because I am secure enough to do so. Now my point is proven, too, yes, let’s move on.

  25. And you are trying to advert it now, seems to be a bigger issue that hasn’t been addressed yet as to the manner of why your being so defensive, but personally I don’t care. Drop the subject, I’ve proved my point—don’t try to pry into my life and judge how I live it and I won’t with you, its a two way road. Frankly the fact that your dragging this on indicates that you do have something to hide but that’s skeltons in YOUR closet and which personally, I don’t care. LOL. Point proven so let’s move on!

  26. What exactly am I adverting? I addressed every single point you made, yet you have tried anything in your power to divert people’s attention from the fact that you accused me of wanting to own slaves and have twisted my position around on entitlements to make me look like a complete monster! I am SO sorry that you have a problem with me having a different opinion than you, and I am sorry that you think I want to control your life. I said I don’t I just want government programs to be FAIR and not wasteful. That was ALL I was getting at.

  27. And that is what you are doing! You are trying to advert the attention to something else as you have tried doing in other posts, and being defensive on the subject, as you’ve done in another comment when I brought it up.

  28. Believe what you will, I cannot reason with someone who has already formed their opinion about me. I’m not going submit writing a writing analysis for me and Jim so that you can be sure that isn’t me. If you are going for investigative reporting you have some more work to do. I have also taken the class of life and know when someone is throwing out redherrings and name-calling to divert attention away from the issue at hand. I will recap – I am a lying, nosy, overbearing and annoying wannabe slaveholder (there’s more but you get the jist). Good day!

  29. THANK YOU! There is my point, you don’t have to explain yourself to me, as I don’t have to explain myself to you. Those comments are you because you use the same word pattern and write on the same level, and that analysis comes from a class taken thru the FBI on analyzing human interactions and detecting a liar….. but I’m not going to judge you, so don’t judge me! Period.

  30. And I am “bored within my days”! I am waiting to go back to work after I have a few medical procedures. I have nothing to hide, but I am also not about to explain every move I make to you.

  31. Oh my God LOL! I never lied. The site you posted- those comments criticizing are my brother speaking to people on that video on YOUTUBE with an account we both share to subscribe to videos (notice there are none posted). I am saying that if it was me, sure- I’d be the first to let you know because when I say something I stand by it. I was criticizing your use of government money for liquor, not your life. Please read and reread that last sentence if you have to.

  32. So now you admit it! Ok then, why originally lie about it and now change your story? Seems that your trying to cover something up, like the fact that you may be so bored within your days that you have to go online and criticize other people and their lives which you have done to me!

  33. Trust me buddy, I am proud of my criticisms of people and I stand by them- nothing to hide here! Sorry you don’t like being criticized but when you post an inflammatory post and lay out your personal actions to illicit responses from people, don’t NOT expect a response.

  34. He just looked at those comments. They are on a website that re-posts YouTube videos and the comments. Yes, it is our account and yes those ARE his comments. What is your problem?

  35. Seems a bit off that of all the comparisons between the two though and brings me back to my point…and what you said….why lie about it? And if your not lying then why be so self defensive? Normally when someone is lying then they are going to be very defensive about it, if your not trying to hide something (like going around websites criticizing people) then you wouldn’t be so defensive.

  36. What the hell is your problem? I love the red herrings you throw out to divert the thread.
    How nosey are you anyway? Yes I DO have an iPod and YES I did write on the ITUNES STORE informing people about Roseanne’s audiobook. I just asked my brother if he ever joined an iPod site under this name and he said no but he has commented on videos about tech on Youtube because he is into that stuff and that’s his thing. We share it so I can’t my fucking brother’s keeper with what he says. I am on there MAYBE once every week looking at Jackvalefilms and the Shaytards because I subscribe to those. So I don’t know what the fuck that is about but it’s not me. Trust me- if I was bitching people out I wouldn’t think twice about telling you it was me because I couldn’t give two fucks!

  37. No, that is not creepy or stalkerish….that is someone curious to the type of person you are since you are going to want to judge my life, then lets judge yours! The username you use is not a particularly popular one and I seem to also see an earlier comment when you first started on this website to Roseanne stating that people on an iPod website were inquirying to whose voice it is when her first husband narrates. Seems odd that that wouldn’t be you considering its on an iPod website, with you making the same type of comments you are making now. Why do you need to lie and be defensive all of a sudden?

  38. LOL if that was me, I would be calling you a extremely creepy and a stalker, and hypocritical for being personally judgemental, however that is not me – good try, though! The only other place I use this is Youtube where I have one account that I share with my brother. Nice try!

  39. For anyone who wants to see how obsessive wvmtndude is, because obviously by mentioning this and his sudden change in rythmn of words that I must have hit a spot where he has to be defensive then visit
    Search the bottom and look at the comment boards, same individual with the same username making rude comments and even having others asking why he is going thru and doing that to EVERY single person.

  40. What are you talking about? What the FUCK is LOL
    I am done with the personal arguments DONE. Have fun by yourself!

  41. Hmmm, and yes since you want to be so critical on talking about me and analyzing my life then lets talk about you for a bit. I see from doing a little research that this isn’t the only site that you go to critize people. How about where you went to and replied to EVERY person on the comment board to criticize every single one of them? I replied to one thing that SHE said but it seems that your habitual at being overbearing.

  42. Also, anne65726 did not write to you but you responded to her with a lengthy, personal, critical response…. does that not make you “nosy, overbearing and annoying”?

  43. “you think that they should have to basically live in poverty because they get it!”
    I feel like this is the Twilight Zone? Where are you pulling this stuff from? I am for government assistance. I am not for an educational grant subsidizing liquor. How much clearer can I make that?
    I’m not “imposing on what you do”. Go out and get fucked up – have 5 drinks for me while you’re at it! I DON”T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU DO FOR LESIURE so long as it is with your own money.
    Any sane person reading this conversation must be on the verge of shitting themselves with laughter for someone to parallel my position on this with wanting to own slaves. What the hell?
    And Moon Shadow, you’re not getting it at all what I am saying but I also don’t think you have any ill will towards me, you are just misunderstanding me.

  44. Moon Shadow says:

    OK, I guess the Virgo Moon shit is now affecting the East Coast.
    There is an abundance of wealth! Relinquish your need for control! Don’t try to control others, EVER! What you are writing is about CONTROL, not your just your opinion on how Rob should spend his money.
    You are poor and you too are a slave. Want for others what you want for yourself, even more so and the reward shall be far greater than financial.
    Peace and love? please.

  45. Actually I am not speaking of that from the South but I am expressing that to cyber space which is worldwide, as I am not in the South. I live in Jersey and school in NYC. And that is my opinion as it is that you are nosy, overbearing and annoying because I did not write that to YOU. And yes, the money I receive is used for what it should but its looking down on those who need it when you think that they should have to basically live in poverty because they get it! What about full time students who don’t have time for work? I am a full time student and I can only work for 15 hours a week and I receive money from as well. Don’t feel the need to impose on what I do, and I won’t say you want to own slaves because that is what your acting like.

  46. I’m back. Christ, this site is turning into nothing but flaming. I didn’t take shit out of context. You put your actions out there – expect a response. And that is my response – I don’t give two shits about what you do in your life! I don’t want to control you or anyone else- I want to make sure that money that is ALL of ours is going to helping people in need in the right ways for the right things. There HAS to be a line drawn somewhere. Also when you speak of slavery from this area south, that does hit a personal button with lots of people and does automatically “ding” in our minds the words “African American”. Please refrain from equating me to a slave owner because I have an opinion on the use of tax dollars and government funds that is different than yours. Thanks.

  47. I mean, it was YOU that had to start in stirring up chaos because of one line I said that you wanted to take out of context…no one ever asked for your opinion but since you provided it then that is my opinion that you have attributes of wanting to own slaves.

  48. YOU are the one acting like you should be in control over basically someones life! That is what a slave owner would be! And why bring African Americans into this? That’s kind of racist because just because I said “slave owner” doesn’t refer to them, that is words from YOU, not ME.

  49. Also one more thing before I go- comparing me to a slave owner? What the fuck is wrong with you? I have relatives descendant of slaves here in Maryland and I have always advocated for African Americans. And I AM a person on the bottom – I have $500 in my bank account. Also I am FOR government assistance of food and necessities- but I am AGAINST the government subsidizing entertainment and alcohol. And also I am NOT a morally superior person. I have plenty of moral fuckups!

  50. Also one more thing before I go- comparing me to a slave owner? What the fuck is wrong with you? I have relatives descendant of slaves here in Maryland and I have always advocated for African Americans. And I AM a person on the bottom – I have $500 in my bank account and also I am NOT a morally superior person. I have plenty of moral fuckups!