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  1. kind of exciting tho JC or you might not have read all the prior 142 posts.have to admit i like yours best.

  2. johnnycolorado says:

    Well theres no middle ground in my book in any class war. the middle ground I was speaking of was about our leaders never finding any middle ground. They always want it their own way and never want to hear the other side. Its always bi-partisian now. We can not get ahead that way. Now I know after watching many administrations in my time that there is always going to be division because we all have our way of thinking, right? But there is no leadership going on and for the first time in many years I feel like there are not many leaders to look up to (in this administration and many before this one) but I am not hearing much of anything good coming out of the mouths of any repubulicans or Democrats and it seems like thats what we are always stuck with to vote for. I guess I am rambleing. I am not good at this blog thing, I guess thats why I have steered clear for so long and just read mostly. I went ahead and read this entire blog about “impeach obama” from the very beginning and all the post were interesting but in the last day there ws alot of distress after one blogger said he got govt money and spent it on booze. Well, that ruffled a few feathers on here and all hell broke loose. In speaking on the ann blogger, what I was hearing her say after going back to beginning and reading all the post was that in keeping poverty stricken folks on welfare, it was sorta like saying they couldnt aspire to anything better. I felt like she was saying it was like our Government was telling them they couldnt do better so stay where you are and take the check every month. I have been on assistance once when I fell off a ladder about 15 years ago and was out of work for 21 months after I broke a hip and it helped my family stay on our feet so I would never say after my experience that its a bad thing to get help when needed but I do think there are many families that fall into a generational slump where the govt is all they know and many of those folks are very smart and have talents that they may never know they have if they already are born into thinking that poverty is what they are supposed to stay in. I dont know Roseanne? I am just blogging on thoughts right now, I know thats not what you would like for us to do here and I do apologize for that but I am just trying to say I think I understand where the other blogger was coming from on that matter. there were plenty of other bloggers i read on this subject that were upset about paying for booze too so i know many others on here have different thoughts on this subject. Its a sensitive thing when we care about the lives of people who are down on their luck but I would have to think it would be depressing to wake up each day and feel like there was no end to that life of poverty. I do think there is something better we can do, just not sure what. I dont have the answers, wish I did but I know we all have thoughts on it. Maybe if you ask for a list from bloggers? Like 3 things you would do to change the system and why? Just 3 quick answers. I just like to know other peoples thoughts in the US about things and enjoy coming here to see what people say. I am retired now and alone more than I used to be so its nice to have places to come to read about others thoughts and dreams. thanks for the opportunity Ms. Barr I know I have rambled and bored many people.

  3. where is the middle ground in a class war? describe it.

  4. johnnycolorado says:

    WoW man. this debate is the most stressful one I have been watching in awhile here! I usually watch and read and dont respond or sign up for blogs but this has been interesting. I have to stand up and say on most issues I would not agree with ann65726 at all and maybe there are facts (or non-facts) she wrote I need to look into but I have to say the Rudy G welfare to work program is a fact indeed. It did change many lives for the better according to those who did that profram. Noone was forced into doing the program. Those that did it volunteered. Now the underground living is also something I know about but it has been around for many many years. I love this blog and love to read and see what others are thinking but I have to say I think all views are important here unless the blogger is really out of line. i just did not see that in this blogger. I may not agree with her always but arent we supposed to listen and help eachother out here instead of getting into fusses? Isnt that what our leaders are doing which is ALL they seem to do is call eachother names instead of finding middle ground and find solutions? Maybe I am wrong? I just like to read all sides and different views. One sided can be boring. Thats why I quit going to many other sites and blogs because its all one view. People are all different and thats what really makes us all interesting or at least I think that way. ??

  5. rudy is a nazi. people are living underground in tunnels under nyc because of what he did to them. FACTS are different from propaganda. after you read one word of fact, return here. You are mouthing lies that I cannot let stand here.

  6. Also….the “jews that are too ignorant” comment is a little off base. I dont know any ignorant Jews mesianic or otherwise ?? I never called anyone n*ggers or ignorant and wouldnt ever. I also dont decide who goes to heaven or who doesnt but I will take up for myself…..You are judging my heart and my thoughts only because i think there are better ways to run our welfare program. I listed a book for you to read from a real lady who has been there….they are about her journey….she did not love living under our corrupt govt system and list ways that she believes will help others. Im not sure why this conversation has gotten so testy?

  7. No I do not put myself on a higher level than anyone……jewish or not…..I only said what my religion was because it seemed you were referring my beliefs to satanic ones which is far from what mine are. One thing I do not do is put labels on others or tell them what they believe or what to believe.

  8. No….cutting assistance out -like ripping it from them would be cruel…..Rudy Guliani did a welfare -to -work program which is one of the best programs any city has ever had. He helped them ease off over time, helped them to learn a trade or helped them go to school and they came off assistance on their own, not cut off from it. Even the people that did his program praised it. Its a way to help these people know they are productive. This is about those who are able to do a program like this……it saved New York 30 million dollars in the end and those people are happy not living under the “system”. I am only giving you real facts….There are always going to be people with illness or other reasons that would not be able to do a program like this – But there are many who would be happier by having a better life if possible.

  9. facts do not get in the way for you anne. All of this life will end with you at the right hand of Jesus up in Heaven anyway, right? So what do you care what happens to ni*gers? Right? If they believe in Jesus they will get to the exalted glory that is You, right? You will help all those ni*gers by making them even more destitute, and that will more hurriedly bring armaggeddon and the rebirth of your dead God, right? He will get the n-words for all white people, won’t He Anne–all those Jews who are too ignorant and evil to be on your jewish messianic level (the right one of course) will all be dead too, and that is what your God, the God of LOVE wants for his chosen people right Anne?

    and you will do that by cutting that assistance off, right? Anne, that is a solution alright! A FINAL SOLUTION, i would say. Nice try—why do you hate our freedom?

  11. and how will you help them, anne? give them jobs, or cut their benefits until they pass on to be with Jesus in the Heavenly clouds?

  12. Roseanne…I think everyones “problem solving” is different…….we may not all agree on how to fix the problems but at least we are trying…… And since we still have power hungry people in whitehouse and have to try to figure it out with them there…….my problem solving was to help those in poverty in a different way (help them get out of only relying on assistance) since what we have been doing to them for years has not helped them or their morale at all.

  13. im noticing levels of spookdom–there are the anne’s (pawns) and there are the statisticians (data spouters) and then there are the problem solvers (roseannearchists).

  14. Augh, the smoke screen has cleared. Holy shit, the same old argument about the poor and needy of our country sucking up the resources (or Colt 45) whichever. All the while our government sucks us… fiscal responsibility yes? Can we begin with Washington and the Treasurery, rather than the free breakfast programs feeding our youth?
    Taxes: Lest we forget that there is rapid growth in our nation in what economists call “tax expenditures and “targeted tax credits”. These policies use the tax code to implement social and economic policy instead of traditional government spending. Lawmakers have come to prefer tax expenditures and credits in recent years because they are less transparent to tax payers, face less budgetary scrutiny and allow lawmakers to funnel taxpayer dollars from one group to another without facing criticism.
    The Bush-era tax cuts gave $700 billion in breaks over eight years to those of us with annual incomes more than $200,000. The United States borrowed money to make these tax cuts possible, even as our schools, infrastructure, research institutions and social services were in need of new investments. Whose on welfare?

  15. Yes, and my apologies for all of that last night. I did not expect it to turn into that, or even think that would be such a hot topic.

  16. can we be done with this anne episode now? boring.

  17. Moon Shadow says:

    EXACTLY! Why isn’t education FREE for ALL!!! It makes no fucking sense!
    Shouldn’t we, the “older” group be supporting Rob, and buoying him up, acknowledging his intelligence and supporting his continued education? I KNOW the younger generation is where the most hope lie. Fearless and reckless is what this progressive movement is crying out for. Can noone remember their youth? Their college days? I don’t see ego, but confidence and that scares the shit out of many people. And yes, this is true for wvmtndude too. Gotsa show some love people. :)
    I had NO grants, NO loans, thanks to fuckwad Reagan. YES YES YES, this is the time we are in desperate need of new leadership,
    BARR 2012!!!
    Come together.. right now…. over HER!!!

  18. LMFAO! Sorry but if you think by visiting this one website a few times and hearing a few compliments has inflated an ego then I don’t have the problem but you are. I do not absorb this shit around my life really. If I have an over inflated ego then it was there before hun, sorry! LOL!
    And thank you Lady Jane! I knew somebody must understand that thinking outside the box and challenging the authority that’s set into mind by an outdated government is not a bad thing…. but then when you do you get responses like Anne, where their hypocritical and condemn you saying your disrespectful and trying spreading hate while they sit back and talk about the people on the “bottom” like they are the ones who are using the system by accepting aide and just going round and round when the republican bullshit they’ve been fed.
    And also that one little bit of few words was COMPLETELY blown into something it shouldn’t have been. I do not spill my money in the sink, it goes to what it should but maybe I’ll use it for a few incidentals and ya know, its been approved for that! I don’t have loans but its all grants, 4 of them. 1 is Pell, 2 are honorary, and the OTHER one which is the ONE that I use on these incidentials is ACTUALLY a scholarship from the NYPD because of my father, who was a civil servant for 16 years before being killed in the line of duty…..I have a clause in that scholarship for “incidentals and personal entertainment” and that’s what fired me up so much about people on this thread really…..they are going to try and judge why money should be granted to a fallen police officers, who spent his life protecting scum like that, son….. which is for my education, but also to help with other expenses as well. Its just ridiculous what people have come to.

  19. come on dude–get with the program! we all hate the same things, every one of us, but the problem and the fight starts when we begin to discuss solutions–the right wing and the left wing have NOTHING, no ideas at all for any problem that exists. Blaming the poor for that is immoral, dude!

  20. Ladyjane Green says:

    This brings me to this question….why isnt higher education free, or at least cheaper here in the us of slay. why should rob33 have to take out huge loans, apply for grants and have to work, all to pay tuition that is insanely expensive? There is no automatic pay off once you attain your degree anyway…This system is set up to deny higher education to those who cannot understand the complexities of loan financing. i know i shouldnt have ever signed those loan papers, but i wanted to “Get an education” Trust me, im still learning…. Learning how our supposed government is squandering our nations legendary wealth on the military and its corrupt and immoral wars. we are wasting our most valuable resource in this country, The People! Too bad, really, cuz we have tons of potential to save this battered world.
    BARR 2012 NOW more than EVER!

  21. good morning everyone,to some 3 bayer with water,no red beer,gorgeous morning in dakland,sunny,no wind,warm.oh look there is hot air ballons on the horizon.oh no,its not is it,yes i believe it is,its robs head not a balloon after all.i thought, wow ,this guy is good, the other day outing the troll,but since then,with all the compliments thrown out there,including mine,i believe it may have did some unintentional personal slam intended just a observation by a racist,assitance hating,right wing nut case,tea party loving,moron,ME.

  22. Ladyjane Green says:

    Theres so much trouble in the world, LJG could use a Government drink right now! That Supa Moon got people acting agro, so watch out! When our government can wayste what it did on the trillion dollar bailouts of the greediest mofos on earth(wall street), or on the many wars we are sponsering, Rob33s piddling student loan $ seems inconsequential. If he continues to question authority the way he has established in previous posts, than the $ has been well spent! We ( the people ) have no say about how our ungovernment spends the trillions of tax dollars it receives daily. Why should Rob 33 be held to a standard over his pittance when our own evil government system need not show any responsibilty for the taxpayers $$$ whatsoever……

  23. Moon Shadow says:

    It’s all good. No worries. It’s good to get worked up, honing your skills.

  24. This is so true but man does that just stir me up to have someone blatantly talks of people on assistance as being a user of the system, and then will talk down to me saying shit like “pipe down” and “go put liquid soap in your mouth” and all because I am not speaking of the same brainwashed shit she continues to arrogantly spread, and yet I’m the one spreading hatred and not her?
    Damn, if there is one thing I cannot stand is Sarah Palin wannabes.

  25. Moon Shadow says:

    posted by astrology4themasses on 3/18/11:
    Tomorrow’s Moon in Virgo is the biggest Luna in twenty years. It’s a super perigee Moon, so it’s a hard ass emotional one; there will be tears. Also the Virgo Moon hates any form of laziness and demands order (a bitter pill to swallow but down the undisciplined gullet it goes). This Moon is not just about its usual preoccupations like becoming a mop martyr or switching your coffee love to a sexier green tea. Virgo’s planetary ruler is Mercury, and this thinking planet demands rigorous self-analysis or be damned. We need this Super Virgo Moon to help us realize larger existential heartbreaks. Who’s behind the wheel of Mother Ship Earth? When do ordinary people get a chance to steer? Just what the hell is going on? From exploding nuclear power plants to revolutions, Uranus in Aries was behind every tremor, blow, and fist. Now the Moon in Virgo is getting our backs up even further by pointing a finger directly at the dealers in injustice. Let’s turn off the television, get off the sofa, and do some spring cleaning of body mind spirit EARTH. Call your politicians and get bolshie.

  26. My hatred? Its you spewing the hatred, and yes….read your above comments, your even trying to tell Roseanne what she should think and now trying to define what is “crazy” because it doesn’t fit into what you believe? Trying being a little more knowledgeable and less racist.
    WOW, I’ve got respect but not for people like this. I have morals, as I’ve stated before and will stand up for what I believe in and not just fall into the norm…. sorry that you see that as disrespect but really that is your problem.
    And WOW, you are REALLY just someone begging Roseanne to block you!

  27. Goodnight Rob33…….time to pipedown

  28. I think Roseanne can speak for herself Rob. And if we are supposed to say exactly what someone WANTS us to say instead of what we feel or think…..thats a little crazy. And your name calling and hatred has gotten old. I have never judged Roseanne, ever. I only replied to her when I replied, not to you. I have read Roseanne’s book (not that you knew that or its your business) Also on the right wing comments…..i am not a right winger…..I dont go on right wing websites all the time. I saw starr Jones book in a barnes and noble like I did Roseanne’s book and read it. Noone, including right or left wingers tell me how to think Rob. But one thing you need to do is learn a little respect. I learned that way before my 20’s. Maybe also drink a little ivory liquid soap for that vile mouth. Try to be a little less mouthy and a little more nice to people you judge and clearly dont even know….

  29. Arrogant people like you just cannot understand even if you want to, Roseanne laid it out for you and what clicks in your mind “Oh but I’m not wrong. She obviously just didn’t read everything I said”. Get off your ego trip and break your program.

  30. Oh….also Rob…..”spreading hatred” are you kidding? Please list the hatred I have spread… Have you noticed your in a deep debate with different bloggers all night on here? Not just me. And telling me to “stop talking” …….. Dont read my post if they are so hateful. If Roseanne wants me to stop talking, its “Roseanne’s World” not Robs. If you always want to only hear clones of you and think like you say, thats a little boring. We all have opinions……just because they can be different does not mean they are wrong or racist or hateful.

  31. Screw not getting worked up, only this once…. I won’t continue to harp on this but will add this. I’ll meditate later.
    ANNE: Your write to Roseanne “Your quick to call people what you think they are”. Now please pretell what fucking website you think your on? You think you can judge Roseanne on her views now and tell her what SHE is suppose to think? News flash, your one ROSEANNEWORLD.COM, and as the title on the homepage says its “RoseanneARCHY” so she can call you whatever she wants to call you, if you don’t like it then why not leave? Obviously she did read ALL of your posts, as she is not brainwashed by the right winged nonsense that you are. This is her site, her platform and she can voice it much more then you can. You keep speaking of Starr Jones book but have you thought to maybe pick up Roseanne’s and see her views, which will enlighten you and open your eyes to the real issues at hand and help deprogram you? Obviously not since you continue to talk to same right winged bullshit fed to you.

  32. One thing I do know Rob is that not one thing I have said is racist……. I also have no idea what your talking about Roseanne and an article? I was talking about how from the very beginning you are quick to call people out and judge them for what they believe but if they do not agree with you…..they are judgemental or racist. Roseanne obviously didnt read all my post from the beginning because I have never one time said anything against any class. I know that…….I have stated over and over and over again that the system is broken and needs to be re-vamped on all fronts. You yourself have admitted on here that the govt is not perfect- There are plenty of people who deserve help and plenty who scam the system……which I have said over and over again. Like I said read starr jones book…….read the words from a woman who scammed the system for years and admits that! Is she a racist too??

  33. Moon Shadow says:

    Don’t get worked up again… not worth your energy.
    Try one of the meditations on here before you go to bed. The breathing techniques take a little practice, but really have an immediate physiological effect on heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse…
    She is not what you need to be wasting your anger and rage on. Don’t waste that valuable commodity. Keep on your path. Act as you speak, and live as you believe. I know you do this already, so know that you are valued and respected.
    Peace out brother.

  34. No Roseanne I am not a repub or a tea partier or on public assistance and if you read all my post you would see that #1 ….I am not a racist (which is what the left call the right all the time) even though they have never met them. In fact Herman cain, which I mentioned is someone I would consider voting for is black. Ron Paul is more of a liberatarian than anyone and I vote for the person who shows the most character, that is real, has compassion for others and wants to work for the people instead of for power ( as I have also stated ) I did not vote for Obama simply because he followed Rev Wright and his church spreads hate for others then Obama lied and said he never hear Rev Wright talk that way… As far as my not being “for the needy” If you read my past statements, I wrote … thats exactly who does need help. NOT people who take just to take and their are plenty of them. The book I ask you to look into earlier is by a black woman, Starr Parker…please try and read it, it will change the way you look at how our system “dumbs down” American’s that are poor and helps them to stay in that position. The book is called “Pimps, whores and welfare” (her words not mine) read it and see things from the perspective of one who took and took and finally decided to use the help to better her life and she has. ALSO…If you read all my earlier post word for word you would see that I did blame the people at the top …..they have not ran any govt programs the right way when it comes to the wellness of the people including foster care and state run childrens homes….just ask your friend Rosie O about that-she talks about it alot. You have twisted my post into something totally wrong and didnt hear anytihng I was saying.
    Please do not be so quick to call people racist that are far from it. And the satanic statement?? As a mesianic Jewish American, I dont take that lightly, my beliefs are far from satanic. If you read past post, I have said more than once that I want our country to get out from under the power hungry greedy leaders we all want to get out of the whitehouse, congress and senate. I feel like I keep having to repeat myself on here ?? Also….believe me, my family “faces the truth” each day as we run a family business where we work 12 hour days and many weekends just to pay huge tax payments and not save a dime for our kids college or retirement. I am not on govt assistance but if we lost everything we have been working for in the past 20 years, I would defianantley use that assistance to get on our feet, thats what its there for but I would not want to stay on that assistance as we would strive to do better and when we did, we would want that assistance we had to use to go to others. Continual assistance should be for the disabled, women who have a family and had their husbands die or leave them, orphans, people who lose their homes in a disaster ect….. You have totally misunderstood who I am……Your quick to call people what you think they are and Anne is not a republican or a democrat she is just American and wants to see a better America for all of us.

  35. And also, who have I ripped into on this website that didn’t deserve it? Someone that is going to talk nonsense on this thread and trying to racist against the lower class? And also a reporter the other day who was trying to fish for a trashy article to write about Roseanne. You say you would hope your son doesn’t rip into people like I do? Well actually I “rip into” people like you put it to stand up for what I feel right, and if you hope your son doesn’t do that then your hoping your son is just submissive and doesn’t stand up for himself or anyone else.
    I felt it was wrong that a reporter should be ripping Roseanne so I pointed it out and went off on her. You think I was wrong on that? Probably not the site you should be one then. Also, you feel I’m wrong for ripping into someone that is going to judge me for something that is minor compared to the big issue and then try to spread their hatred? Well that is your problem, your the one being brainwashed by the right winged morons, not me…. and hey, I am going to stand up for myself and other people because I have morals.

  36. Anne, read Roseanne’s message to you and its probably just best for you to stop talking and trying to spread so much hatred.

  37. Honestly what that reminded me of is this ABC “What Would You Do” Special I saw on TV. They had several people collapse on the street and see how long it would take for people to react, the actor that was a well dressed and business looking women got passerbys reactions within seconds. The one that appeared to be a homeless guy it took 2 minutes for anyone to see if he was alright, and then they had one a guy that looked like he would be homeless collapse with a beer can in his hand, it took almost 20 minutes for anyone to react and then only after another homeless person (not an actor) had to ask people passing by to call 911, and after like the 5th person someone finally did!
    It is soooooo sad how society is crumbling and no one really cares for anyone else and has to scrutinize just because of appearances and the fact of the indulge occasionally in a personal pleasure. Stop judging and start actually caring about people! Damn, this is a satanic world anymore.

  38. Rob-I dont know if you have seen our debt lately…..the money you think is there ….isn’t! We are operating on borrowed money right now. And Yes because I pay taxes that does give me the right to speak out ( and also because of the constitution which states something about FREE speech!) You speak about being judgemental……maybe your drinking a little too much wack juice this weekend… all your post from the last 6 or 8 hours and you will see that you are very judgemental.You say you are in your 20’s. I have a son in his 20″s and I hope he doesnt go on blogs and rip into people the way you have. A few words from a person twice your age………try and listen more…….

  39. That’s what is so funny about all of this, I’m actually not this big partier and run out getting drunk every night like people reading this might think. Its just funny that one little line taken out of context is blown into a huge deal and just because I mentioned alcohol…. hell, I don’t party nearly as much as a lot of people that I know but ya know hey, there really is nothing wrong with it! Especially in your college years because anyone who says that they didn’t indulge through it is flat out lying and damn near everyone in college is receiving grants. You’ve got to live to learn and to try to restrict people from that is just keeping them down and guaranteeing they don’t move up and out of their current situation.

  40. Moon Shadow says:

    DAMN! Just when I thought things mellowed out a little, round and round and round…
    No matter, I stand by my statements. The poor need to stop fighting over the “cookie”, when there are 11 other “cookies” that we should be taking from the bankers!! We can throw them the crumbs of the first “cookie” as they run on the treadmills.
    I pay a shitload in taxes and will make sure to put a note in the memo section that I wish to designate the ENTIRETY of my 2010 taxes to fund the drunken debauchery of the youth. Hell, I’m relying on you once you finish college to step up to the plate and kick some ass!
    DRINK ROB DRINK! I know you are sitting in your shoebox apt in NYC waiting for your next grant subsidy so you can run to the liquor store, laughing at us, the tax payers the whole time.
    I take Roseanne’s book title seriously, literally –
    BARR 2012 (free booze for all, especially all of those women who are running out getting pregnant so they can get a larger check from the govt – GET REAL!! Stop displacing your anger and realize who the real enemy is!!!)

  41. Your tax money? Well then why don’t you leave it alone to then, even when you may need it, because others pay into it just as much, if not more then you do! Yes, lets cut educational funding altogether and leave this nation screwed 10 times worse then it already is because without it your leaving future generations deprived and where does that leave you in your retirement years?

  42. dbl something,sorry

  43. i think the way this ecomomy is going i am going to lay myself off apply for food stamps,sell them to someone outside the grocery store and then take that money and go buy drink,then i am going to find a gal or two and make ootles of babys and get some other assistance money and take that and go buy drink.then i am going to apply for heat assistance and use that to go buy drink.All because someone with a IQ of 160 with a grade point av.of 4 said that it was ok. Well i have the IQ of a imbicyle and even i can tell right from last thing i never had any children because i do not like them and always felt screwed by having to pay for someone elses little shits to go to school.the tax system should be if you have one or a hundred and one little shits you pay so much per head and leave my tax money alone.

  44. Very true! Life is too short to not enjoy its pleasures. And man, this thread really had me fired up because so much money is funneled into the Pentagon and other government agencies that they’ve actually lost hundreds of millions with it just being tied up in the system and have billionaires who are adding fuel to the fire of the useless wars in the Middle East but yet all people like wvmtndude and Anne care is how the people on the “bottom” spend their money.
    I liked how wvntndude said “I have bitched so many people out for their BS in real life” and then saying not to say he wants to own slaves because he lives in the South and its a soft spot. I don’t care where your from, I doubt anyone that would intrude like that would actually have the balls to do it in person. Hell, come to NYC and say that shit to someone in person and if your not swimming with the fishes then you’ll be sore enough in the morning that you’d wish you were.
    Just because I enjoy a few guilty pleasures doesn’t make me irresponsible or not get shit done what I have to get done. I pay for school and am a very responsible student and even work in the little time that I’m able to so the fact that I should be compared to these billionaire right winged morons who waste TONS of government money is just repulsive!