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impeach clarence thomas–

he is there because of a lie.  this woman could have single handedly stopped the Bush onslaught against human rights and democracy, had she just come forward to support Anita Hill!


  1. Judge Thomas can’t do anything right:

  2. ropeless homantic says:

    all i remember from it is the big deal they made out of someones pubic hair in his coke. or her coke. someones coke had a pube…i’ll have to read up on it. did he rub his junk on her glass or something? or perhaps on her doorknob so he could get a hand job by proxy? i dunno, rock out with ur cock out c.t.

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    Cat got his tongue? how can he still have that job? The bar graph of his performance compared to the other justices sez it all. IMPEACH is right….

  4. Tippy -Lite says:
  5. Ladyjane Green says:

    It is vile that money will be made off of this book….

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    this book revolts me….. Anita Hill should be given his supreme court position, and CT can be the towel rack and “old glory hole” at the gnarliest Big Bear Bar South of Market. if anyperson truly deserves to be on the receiving end of some Sexual Harassment, it would be ct, and the gender traitor whore McScrEwen….. Anita Hill took major abuse from ct and from the amerikkkan press, who tried to ruin her career. Kudos Anita for Surviving! The” writing “about CTs sexual aspects is TMI!!!! Hence the appelation Whore….. This book is grotesque, and truly shows how womyn can be the biggest threat to other womyn. We cant even begin to calculate the damage Clarence “cock of the rock”Thomas has done to the people of this Nay-tion by his inclusion on the Phallocratic Sham of a ” not so supreme court”.

  7. The man is no Thurgood Marshall, that’s for sure.

  8. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I never like mr thomas after the rape case happen in the 90s.

  9. Anita Hill is a heroic person. A smart, articulate, brave woman is always viewed as a threat.
    Thanks for nothing, Lillian.

  10. Moon Shadow says:

    Thank the fucking pacifists again. Anita Hill – brave activist. Lillian McEwen – scared pacifist.
    Too little too late!! What a fucking waste.
    Question: How do you turn a pacifist into an activist? really… anyone?

  11. “McEwen gushes over Thomas’ prowess and “fantasy [package],” describing his body as “coffee-bean … velvet-covered cement.”
    He was a “national treasure,”