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i disagree with this strongly:

I say arrest them, try them in a court of law not heavily weighed in their favor as now (clarence thomas, judge roberts, etc.) and when and if found guilty, beheading by the blessed and holy Guillotine, a fast and painless death.  A swift execution of justice and of execution.  Elect me, I will fix everything and for cheap! 
ps.must legally add: LOL!


  1. ropeless homantic says:

    they probably were upset about the prospect of having to work for microsoft at their technical advisory center.

  2. AND ANOTHER THING lol i lost my user name and password so that is why it says that i have just created my account lol BUT i have REALLY been a member of FOR A LONG TIME haha so YEAH…..haters. AND ANOTHER THING STOP hateing on ROSEANNE!!!! OR i will open a can…. you dont want me to open up that can lol

  3. OMG moon shadow you are right. The guillotine is a really old-fashioned way to go. I dont think it is painless either. Roseanne have you ever been de-headed by the guillotine? So how do you know it’s painless? lol But on the other hand I’ve never been de-headed by the guillotine either so i dont know that it would hurt either lmoa but i don’t think having your damn head would feeeeel tooooo goooood HAHA Roseanne your crazeeeee as hell and I think that is why we love your crazy ass lol HUGS and KISSES straight from your queen of the gays him self……ME!, of course HAHA XOXOXO

  4. Tippy -Lite says:

    yes, antiquities, and whatever was left from the Alexandria museum…… the garden of Eden and the cradle of civilization. So much older that Europe.
    My wonder is what secrets the found when they opened the paw of the “Great Sphinx”in 99…
    Seems Bush and friends were in a quick hurry to get to Mars after that.

  5. Ladyjane Green says:

    Please dont apologize for this outburst, I just sang it through and we loved your rendition…We puna dykes wanna know when your coming out to rock this ditty live…You seem to have a penchant for costumes… and a chameleon-like gift for self transformation. All would translate well to screen and stage, ms bankhead, but this you already know. PS.During the French Revolution, when the guillotine wasnt working fast enough, the french revolutionaries put the aristocrats on barges, and sank them! Now thats a rush job! Of course a natural for this Guillotine-scene soundtrack is “another one bites the dust” by Queen…, im so ready, give me half a reason….

  6. Moon Shadow says:

    That’s totally fucked up, but again, you present a workable solution. One that will CREATE jobs. oh how much work there is to be done…

  7. the univ. of jerusalem is on the verge of releasing papers that conclude that king david (MY TRIBE) was an actual being and that jews indeed have the right to tribal homelands going back to its being plundered and stolen from them by european royals.

  8. love! i wrote here about three years ago that what was really happening is not just a war for oil, but a war for Holy Books of Antiquities, and Talismans and artifacts…which includes so much stolen art, that it could choke a russian ox.

  9. Tippy -Lite says:

    I’m hearing the tune.. “Dancing Queen”… by ABBA
    except it’s the “Guillotine-Queen”
    “Yoooou can CUT”…..
    “Yooooou can SLICE”….
    “OOOooooh see that GIRL”
    sorry everyone, i break into song sometimes.

  10. Tippy -Lite says:

    I’ll get my execution gear on… and bring the bucket.
    We’re going to have a surplus of headz…have you seen the news? Not the devils day off as planned….the Middle East is seriously inflamed. Not surprised to find that Mount Sinai is the “crotch charka” of the world……
    Like a bad jock itch, we gotta serious rash down there…
    So Lady Jane can pick the beheading music that will be pumped from the town guillotine, and I’ll………. You know, “sharpen my knife” so to speak.
    Beheading beats, by the “Bring it down-Town”..
    “ Guillotine –Queen”