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I always write about the Hebrew Goddess, Asherah (tree of life):


Now, in 2-0-11 She makes Herself visible, and is un-covered, re-covered, and apparent.  She is the reason that I write everything that I write and do everything that I do.  Read about my relationship with Her in my new book, “Roseannearchy:dispatches from the nutfarm”.
I’m doing a bit of book promotion this month–speaking at the school of Ramtha, and guest hosting the Joy Behar show next week.  


  1. Ladyjane Green says:

    Of course! yahweh had a female partner, and of course! the asshats who collected and edited those ancient texts strove to obliterate her from his- story…. Womyn are “scary” with their odd genitalia and inherent reproductive powers…. No place for that in the Temple….when did the tables turn, from worship to revulsion… Its only the patriarchal lust for War/ death that would try to defeat the power of life as embodied by all womyn. The King is played OUT, Long Live The Queen!

  2. dashus christ says:

    EXCITING-i Will be Watching w/ The ROSEANNEARCHISTS-along w/more to be born!

  3. Tippy -Lite says:

    sorry about the cropping on my pic…..i don’t want everyone to see my divine face….

  4. Tippy -Lite says:

    Feeling her divine flow

  5. That’s quite an honor Roseanne. This year is going gangbusters for you. A book release, Snicker’s #1 Superbowl commercial, a reality show, hosting for Joy. Wonder what you’ll be surprising us with next ……. President Barr? The ‘gang’ & I will be tuning in each night!

  6. i mean being a guest host sounds like a better show than being a co-host. i didn’t mean what i misread sounds better.

  7. i misread and thought you were co-hosting rather than guest hosting.
    sounds better.

  8. i will be the guest host, sitting in for JOY

  9. just a quick note to say roseannearchy (book) rules.
    i’ll write something more in depth at another time in another relevant blog post, but what a book it is! your perceptions in it are so vibrant and palpable, and it perfectly pulls heart strings and strikes the funny bone.
    really, really liked it and learned from it – bravo.
    will be cool to see you rock that shit on joy again – hopefully joy’s more on the ball this time though!