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  1. beautiful & powerful prayer. you really can feel it when you read it, and i don’t find it hippy dippy at all. if only this was a prayer at every church and place of worship right now. i really think it’s possible to exterminate all evil, within and outside.

  2. Yes!!! I was recently educated about HARRP by a friend and the more I read about it the more I believe it. HARRP must be shutdown immediately!!!

  3. dashus christ says:

    TY Roseanne for posting this Powerful and Very Beautiful Prayer/Meditation!
    I believe these words will direct the LIGHT where it is Much Needed Now
    Thank You Cathy and Dr. James for your Brilliant Creative Energies that you have put into words and now motion

  4. i posted cathy’s prayers for the mind excercise that comes from reading them or hearing them spoken.

  5. Prayer for calming the nuclear accident by Cathy Bilsky & Dr. James Wong
    Let there be light! In the name of the presence of God, which I AM, through the magnetic power of the sacred fire invested in me I COMMAND:
    O my God, this enslavement upon me, I order to be removed. Enough of my sadness, of my pain, of my sorrow that have weakened me so in fear. Open my mind. Let me know truth and let it be experienced, for I that have been lost desire to be found. From the lord God of my being within, unto this hour, that which I am be not flesh-weakened, be not Spirit-faint, be not mortal-humbled, I am, this hour, is the lord God of my being,
    I call to Michael the Arch Angel to cut all ties and binds all nuclear elementals have with anyone who is trying to misuse them in any way. We send a very Divine calm, peaceful healing energy through all the elementals that are out of balance . I order the very furious elementals who have come from the earth, been battered and forced to become what they are now, nuclear reactors, to be shut down safely forever. I ask the Divine to guide this into manifestation.
    In the mean time……See these elementals reconnect to the Creator, letting them be known they are still loved. See them going back to their proper geometric shape they had that made them function as one unit.
    Imagining arctic snow and air around the cooling containers as I bring down Divine, love, peace, calm, and the correct cooling energy that is needed to bring down the temperature. I also ask that these nuclear plants and all elementals that create a nuclear plant/reactor (machines, computers, everything electrical) start working together in Divine harmony becoming very efficient and running at perfect performance level.
    I am also asking that the violet flame blaze (100,000,000 fold) thru all nuclear fallout letting that energy burn out thru the flame, healing with Angelite , and now we reconnect every cell atom molecule in the radiation to God filling them up with that High Divine energy. Now we command them to become neutral and totally harmless. I call to the Lord God and Goddess of the winds to keep the breezes to a very gentle breeze flowing in a direction where no people will be hurt nor harmed. Please keep all sea life away from this energy.
    For those that have radiation sickness I ask the Divine to give these beings special Divine grace….. Please Cancel Clear whatever Karma they did to create this out of balance in them and bless them for taking on this Karma for the earth. We call the violet flame thru them on all levels body, mind and soul to help them release all past, present and future Karma, cleansing and purifying every cell atom and molecule in the bodies down to their DNA, cleansing all radiation to light. I now surround them in the energy of the Angelite to heal them and fill these beings up with the Creators Light. See this energy touching every cell atom molecules in their bodies going into their DNA reconnecting them to the Divine. As they fill up with this very high healing Divine energy I see them becoming healthy again. I send this energy to those that need to be healed 24/7 until they are healed.
    I ask Michael the Archangel to go and help those souls who have passed on in this disaster. As I cut their ties from anything on earth, I send them thru the violet flame to clean up their energies refill them up with Divine love. See the angels escorting all these beings back to heaven and becoming very peaceful. I send O Divine loving, calm, peaceful healing energy that will also Divinely inspire all those that are survivors to help them stay reconnected to God and be able to move forward.
    To those lost souls that have created this disaster thru the HARP, using any Tesla info or have anything to do with nuclear…I ask the Creator to awaken you and forgive you. I ask that you are now removed from all and positions of authority you now have..And replaced with a Light worker. O my beloved Divine, help these lost souls, NOW! I also ask the karmic board and the Creator to send you your Karma back NOW! And multiply that return 10,000 fold. I ask that all your money ties and resources are now cut from you and your families and redirected to all the light workers on the planet. I ask again that you are now removed from all positions of authority you now have..And replaced with a light worker. I stand out of the way as your Karma is returned to you NOW!
    I ask O Divine that this is a big wake up call for every one the planet. See all humanity now rejecting anything nuclear. See all Tesla inventions for FREE energy now come to the surface as well as all new technology about wind, solar and whatever else we need to use to make us a real green planet. Implementing them NOW.
    I ask that the angels to help everyone suffered in this nuclear threat be awakened, cut all trauma the earth is going through. As this is done we call the violet flame thru the mother earth to help her gently transmute all dark energy we send lots of Divine calming, peaceful, healing energy into the mother earth. Filling her up with lots of Divine love as she reconnects to the Creator.
    We also see all HARP programs breaking down NOW. We place magnets in the shape of tiny pyramids all over their computer hard drives..All of them including the back up systems, thus erasing all stored information.
    But as always oh Divine Creator ……Not our will but thy will be done.
    Amen…………..So be it.
    Any questions
    Call Cathy Bilsky
    808-775-9400 11am to 4 pm Hawaii time.
    Action Prayer to cut elementals free from Harp
    I form a circle and in the middle of the circle I will put a crystal to amplify the groups energy work. What ever size you have will work fine. And the bigger the crystal the more amplification you will have. You can also put a picture of my big 1,000 pound earth keeper in the center and she will amplify your work
    However you normally open up a group meditation circle will work. I like to call to all the ancestors ,angels, elemental kingdom and Divine deity’s , Gods and Goddesses to also join…like Jesus and the rest of the Gang He hangs out with. I also will close the opening circle so only that which is light may enter. Then I do a short meditation on Love so it fills us up completely so everyone can raise their energy as high as they can.
    I bring down God’s divine healing energy thru the top of my head (crown Chakra) let flow thru my body down my arms and out my hands and I imagine I am forming a bubble of white light in the center of the circle above the crystal.
    Whoever is speaking will speak while the others are pouring this energy into the bubble amplifying their words.
    Whoever will speak should use the power of the spoken word (which is the bases of creation) and the more feeling and intent and force you put behind your words the quicker they will manifest.
    In this bubble I place this action prayer.
    I call to Michael the Archangel to come forward with your sword of blue flame to cut ties to all HARP programs on the planet, where ever they are located, and cut all ties to every piece of equipment of the HARP program from whomever or whatever created you. No matter what material you are made off, rock, mineral, plant, animal or extraterrestrial based anything.
    As the ties are cut I call the violet flame through all the elementals in the harp programs to cleanse and purify their energies of all negative vibrations they have taken on. See the violet flame transmuting and re-purifying this energy back to light. We fill them up with the energy of the Angelite to heal them. We now reconnect these elementals to the Creator seeing them fill up again with God’s pure Divine love.
    Now we command them to be neutral, to not work, to break down and to keep breaking down.
    We ask the Angels to go forth and direct some of this energy to all the week spots in the HARP machinery and have permission to bend metal or move any loose wire that helps break the machines down. Doing so in a way where no one or anything will be neither hurt nor harmed.
    We ask that all computers connected to the Harp program start breaking down and all the information on them goes invisible as well with all the backup systems.
    Surround all the electrical equipment with such high energy that anyone who goes around them can’t function and goes dyslexic (just around the equipment.). Putting in wrong information and /or just being very forgetful. Unconsciously Sabotaging the HARP program with every action. We also call to the Higher Selves of all people working on the harp in anyway and ask that they now also become confused, forgetful, and dysfunctional as soon as they enter the gates.
    Imagine everyone starting to think all the HARP locations are haunted, finding reasons to transfer out of the program to programs that are beneficial to humanity Or go into the private sector. Being replaced with a light worker. Or no one at all.
    We again call to Michael the Arch angel to take his sword of blue flame and cut the ties to all cars , trucks, company buses, helicopters or planes to get to work. We call the violet flame thru them to clean their energies up, the Angelite energy to heal them and reconnect them to God . Now COMMAND all the vehicles to be neutral and keep breaking down till their owners decide to get another job that is not harmful to any life forms.
    As we ask this to be done for all the HARP locations in Australia we ask it be also done for all the HARP locations all over the world.
    Never the less Not our will but thy will be done….amen
    Take a deep breath and release it to God & the angels to take and put into use.
    The more anyone says this action prayer and says it out loud the quicker things will happen. Group energy really is the best for now your energies are amplified x 10,000 each person in the circle. The crystal will amplify it even more.
    It is great if you all will make this part of your daily prayers then when you meet as a group says it and everyone that is there really give it a lot of energy.
    Then start paying attention to the news about the Harp God will find a way to let you know you are being effective.
    Violet Flame….comes from with our hearts and is a very high vibration to use. (violet color) When you call it forth it erases cause effect memory of Karma. It also transmutes dark energy to light helping people, places, elementals to raise their energy and vibration.
    I also use it when I am removing evil spirits from the planet. To help clean up their energies before I send them back to God.
    If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
    In service

  6. Japan EarthQuake HAARP??… Japan threatened in past.
    Be sure to check out 8:45 on if you don’t watch the entire video.

  7. I’ve found some good articles at Vigilant Citizen.
    That’s someone posting on his message board, though. No telling what you’ll find on there.

  8. Very true, and he takes many forms… like sites like this who try to flip the script.

  9. “Treaty” has always been a code word for “look like we’re playing nice to the masses when we are both planning something sinister to be unleashed at the first agitation”.

  10. there are no treaties now…just satan.

  11. Well if this article is true then this could very likely start WW3 because if earthquakes are being used as a weapon against Iran then that violates the ENMOD Treaty of the UN.

  12. Haiti was clearly the test site for Japan. I would suspect China to be next if they continue to be a growing economic threat.

  13. I have been since i wrote that, sorry first time on here. Heard you have a reality show about to start. I never knew you were into this, Just was listening to “before its news” about japan being threatened with an earthquake machine. WOW!

  14. are you shitting me? search this site

  15. i was meditating at the time! it was astounding.

  16. Do you believe the biblical prophesy of what is going to take place in the end times, Have you ever read? I know I didn’t for most of my life.

  17. i think the quake on the big island later that night was unintended, like they thought they had powered down but not quite, their satellite rotated and oops. like laser surgery gone bad.

  18. yes read the link to darpa nazi ufo’s…search “the Matrix” too

  19. I can’t find anything on it? The only other thing I found were two threads from last year about freedom of information being gone and nazi UFOs?

  20. yes i have been writing about it for ten or more years here–search it here. haarp is nothing compared to darpa.

  21. YES! This is exactly what I mentioned to you last week! These aren’t the first catastrophes that its caused either, it was also the reason for Hurricane Katrina.