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frank battaglia:

i do not have an email or phone for you, but want to thank you for the picture of edie, and her letter to you–i am willing to pay you for these wonderful things, which were handed to me at the hilo booksigning.  my daughter says you are on another website upset that i havent thanked you, but i could not reach you and if you want these back, I will send them to you as I do have your address—in mountainview, HI.



    Well it was so bad it ws actually good! LOl seriouly it does contain some good info. Editing could have been a whole lot better. It was my first video so credit is due I THINK? LOL.No BTW not easy money on SO CALLED celebrity photography. I do not chase celebrities s they re every day people. Not a big deal to me because they have a profession a great one but they are alo people too! have their on faults, anxieties, heart break hppiness, sadness etc. YES to answer your question. Thru the yer many have bought it. Did not get rich on it, but it was nice to hre some thoughts brought about on my video to the buyers who viewed it.


    Because it is a terrible video thats that makes it so good! LOL No really, it does have some good info about truth of living in hawaii.It just needed better editing nd more profesionl sound such as perhaps lapel microphones etc but hey it was done on a budget. My first video EVER!

  3. LOL. I think I will become a celebrity photographer, then once they are dead I can flog them all. Easy money or what?
    hey frank, why are you selling this Hawaii DVD on your website, if you so stated on your above post that: “terribly made documentary”, “horribly edited video”. Why would anyone to buy a that? False advertising comes to mind.


    Rosie I was the guy at book signing that was to your immedite left who asked you a question about wether hawaii ill continue to be your new home. Also what you did not know and recieve was 2 thing. A five page letter and a terribly made documentry dvd i made about living in hawaii{A HORRIBLY EDITED VIDEO, BUT INTERESTING IN CONTENT IN PARTS} which proprietor also never gave you. As i said its a long story and its regarding the proprietor and truthfully it started becuse she grabbed the EDITH EBALE photo straight out of your hands when i was giving it to you and the story goes on from there not to be discussed on this forum. You never recieved my personal letter and the DVD. you would have found my letter to be funny and that we share alot of lifes idiosyncrisies. Letter was 5 pages and it shared my personal anxiety issues and other tuff that we both have experienced in our lives.


    I would lso like to talk serious stuff about my EDITH BEALE negative collection. I need some referrall to a buyer. LONG STORY why I have to sell my precious negatives.I will not discuss it on open forum. Thanks ROSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ps I just NOW on august 7th found this Roseannes World mail from you. i would have responded much sooner.BTW you want to meet an interesting chracter with philosophies that just might blow you away? LOL thats meLOL Im so hppy you moved here but truthfully Roseanne its a challenging plce to live with the local here. I have stories for you i have been here 7 years now and WOULD LOVE TO SHARE some of MY stories with you. Im really into your new show.I like you Roseanne because you are REAL. You re like me, you say whats on your mind and express your thoughts and dont give a flying shit about whatever folks think. BTW never got my book signed. Waited in line but heat got to me.Ok so when you got time give me a call maybe some day i can ride out to HONAAAKA or if your in my area would be more than enthusiastic to meet a kindred pirit.


    OMG! Roseanne, long story but we need to talk. The book igning event there was some crazy shit happening that day with book store proprietor.Roseanne there is no need to pay me anything because you have personally entertained me for year and we both have ome thoughts about life, nxiety, and uch that we share quite a bit. My reward for photo is to someday personally meet up with you and have a long interesting talk. that would make me happy. To also talk about my meeting with EDITH BEALE I can be reached at 968-1224 my email is My website I truly hope to hear from you t your convenience. I know your busy with your show. FRANK>>>>LOVE ya honey!

    Thank you,
    Chris Cookson