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Do you know this person?

let me know thanks!  (this is the email of someone who is harassing me here, against a restraining order I took out on a neighbor of mine, which includes all of her friends and acquaintences joining in on libelous claims and slander against me for which I will definitely sue).  A restraining order is a serious legal thing, and if you disobey it, you deserve to be in jail, because you have no respect for the law, and you are a danger to your community.

 here is what lucinda/janice wrote about me on another site that was tracked here:
   “This loud mouth, no talent third rate hollywood hacker, chooses Hawaii to live? Why? Because her friend Lisa Marie Presley lives there? or, did she get banished from the mainland because of her loud mouth antics? Why then, prior to her moving there, Honoka’a was paradise and now unfortunately, she has brought her unwanted attention and cultural and environmental destruction with her. Ms Barr was recently featured on Oprah showing off her”Mother Earth” image…Whoa! Stop the cameras! While Oprahs crew was there, did they not see the tractors gouging up the earth where possibly, Hawaiian artifacts sacred to our people, are being crushed and destroyed?

 What about the environmental damage she is causing? Will Oprah’s film crew be there to show us Rosanne, attired in rain gear and boots, shovel in hand, digging ditches to prevent torrential rain water from flooding her neighbours properties and saving her nuts and goats? I think not. Ms Barr has a sign on her property stating if you trespass, you will be shot!  (FROM ME:  ALL LIES!).

 Welcome to Hawaii Ms. Barr!  FROM ME: you despicable liar.



  1. anyone can say anything–if that were true, i would have built an entire town in pine ridge/rosebud reservation all by myself.

  2. LOL! Well if you Google your name hon, that’s what it comes up as your estimated total net worth.

  3. i wish i was worth even half that much!

  4. That was actually the first time I’ve actually laughed out loud from reading something on my computer screen…. that’s great achievement tho. When I’m in LA again, will I see you somewhere like The Grove maybe? Might want to have a good disguise, these a big paparazzi hot spots. LMFAO!! Ok, I must sign off and stop now. Starting to be mean.

  5. LMFAO ROFL! Not there yet, but almost? Okay…that’s a way to ummmm set your goals high. Roseanne is a Emmy and Golden Globe winning actress worth by some account $80 million… and since your almost reaching up to her status, where are you at right now?

  6. “i am not claming to be bigger then roseanne just getting there almost”
    I must keep my mouth shut. I must keep my mouth shut. I must keep my mouth shut.

  7. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Also richard let me just say it is not videos it is a channel by my company robinsonward thanks. But like i said i am not claming to be bigger then roseanne just getting there almost. Become a fan on facebook and tell your friends. Thanks new friend

  8. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Sorry i thought you was being mean i was misunderstanding you and i really am sorry. Thanks for liking it and please vist my facebook page as well. Sorry friend i did mean to be rude. I do not know if you saw two videos or one but one is my 1st show that could have been better and one is the thaksgiving show i am very happy abount. I am working on more right now with my co-host and boyfriend marc.
    Take Care

  9. Okay… I was actually giving you words of encouragement so ummmm good luck!

  10. Oh goodness…

  11. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I am not trying to say i am bigger then roseanne or nothing. My point is i know what it is like to be out there people around the world watch my videos and i hope pepople on here watch it too. FYI i may have 22 views now but that will change if you do not like it then tough. I am not just showing you this video i am showing everyone on this site. I only sent it to you to make a point that i know a little bit if what it is like to be seen by everyone and some people on here didi not know who i was. Now if you do not like me or my videos then please keep it to yourself Thanks.

  12. Well, I don’t know about y’all being famous, but that black dude does a mean James Earl Jones impression

  13. That’s….. good. Just because you have a video on YouTube doesn’t make you a celebrity though, sorry. Also your video only has 22 views? Don’t be discouraged though, if that’s what you want to achieve then the sky is the limit and I’m sure you could do it!….maybe. :/

  14. Christopher Michael Ward says:
  15. dashus christ says:

    In case anyone is wondering-the meditation i’m practicing is Roseannes* Meditation-you can find it on the top right of this page.
    Shared Connection-amazing,nothing like it

  16. Yes, she must run. I will not rest until she is in a debate : )

  17. dashus christ says:

    Roseanne is a True Goddess-TY R for sharing your more personal thoughts on Meditation and how it is scheduled through your daily life. I’m Meditating more now w/ all that is going on. Attacking your vegetable garden- is a horrific crime against Nature/God.
    Roseanne has the solutions!
    BARR 2012 and NOW

  18. No clue, she should be proud though. She looks great! It did make me remember an episode of the show though where Roseanne’s doing a kinky photo shoot and tells Laurie “I can’t wear that Jackie. What if the negatives get out? I’ll never be president” and ironically now she’s running for president next year. LOL!
    Their great people though, Laurie I’ve know for a number of years now and Roseanne I’ve met a few times a long long while ago in Hollywood.

  19. I wonder what she thinks of that shoot today lol

  20. Goddess, too

  21. Your right, being famous can suck. Roseanne has it worse then most celebrities tho. She has to balance not only being rich and famous but also a sex symbol. LOL ;-)

  22. I agree with Richard on the second part. I wouldn’t be fearful of these pussywillows who hide behind pseudonyms attacking Roseanne. As far as being famous goes, I nor anyone I have ever spoken to has mentioned you or knows who you are. Although, I don’t see it as a bad thing. I am sure Roseanne could tell you it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

  23. QuackQuack says:

    I agree with Richard

  24. LMFAO ROFL!! Alright little buddy, I’m very sure you are just as famous as you want to be.
    My only point to that though is read the context above, its not a vendetta spread out to members of her blog. Its just about a civil dispute.

  25. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Richard i am famous with a small media company and youtube and facebook page, i know everyone wants to be friends with famous people. I do not know abount you but i am a easy target not just bechuse i am out there but also bechuse if the person stalking roseanne wanted to hurt one of us she he whatever the fuck it is could. Do you get what i am saying now?.

  26. So was this chick out digging and foragging for her priceless artifacts before you moved there? Probably not, was it made sacred ground or a natural preserve probably not. If anything you are helping the states economy which is struggling is it not? she can quit drinking her Haterade and suck it up, or MOVE so she isn’t bothered with your goats and she doesn’t have to choke on your nuts! HA!

  27. I may have some information for you for your court date. Prefer to keep it private.

  28. Being your neighbor on the other side, I am so sorry for what you are going through-(even this morning’s cartoon)-so where is the aloha? I can tell you some stories-but not in this format. Anyone who has the gumption to farm should be praised-it’s a lot about getting dirty and sweaty and dealing with all the curve balls nature throws. It shouldn’t have to be neighbors. We truly live in paradise-(even with wild pigs)and we need to coexist with these people we see everyday. I’ve got some things to run by you personally. And if you would like some seeds for deep blue double butterfly peas (clitoria ternatea) I can give you some to cover your new fence. (the peas are edible-more like famine food-and the leguminous vines are a forage crop-for goats?)

  29. I also support bearing arms. I’m going to get a gun for my trailer because I will be, hopefully, living alone soon with a big bad St. Bernard and that’s it. A gun and a dog. All my fellow gays (especially) should get them too.

  30. Hmmm, well I don’t think you have to worry about them taking attack at you. Read the above fore mentioned blog entry, as none of this has anything to do with bloggers here but just a personal matter between Roseanne and her neighbor that they’ve took online. I doubt you or others are any concern of theirs.
    The only reason I created an account and left comments about this is this is just despicable to see and I can relate. Many people wish to be rich and famous and think that its the solution to their problems. Its actually rather a superficial achievement for ones life, as fame especially is just a curse. Once your famous, everyone thinks your suppose to be their best friend and do not respect the fact of you having the right to privacy, prying into your personal life. Its just one big pet peeve of mine.

  31. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Richard thanks for your advice but i am pro guns and sticking to my story on roseanne taking this monster off the blog. Now i will say thank you on saying you do not think none of us are at risk i hope your right. You are a good person rick if i may call you that and your very smart too you just need to know that taking bad people off a blog is the right thing to do that way they do not bother anyone else on here. C. Michael

  32. I’ve been observing this bizarre saga you are dealing with, and hoping our new neighbors-to-be over there are not petty jerks like the one next to you is. I cannot comprehend why anyone would treat you and yours the way you’ve been treated over a small piece of land! We chose our property because we are seeking peace and self-sufficiency, as this phony culture spirals further downward. All we want is to dig in that rich, volcanic dirt and be thankful for what remains. Hoping you’ll be done with all of this bullshit and back to pulling weeds and saving the world soon.

  33. I say she should keep them on and so she has more to let em fry with come court time. I noticed your earlier statement to saying for Roseanne to call the police because it puts us all at risk. Just to clarify for you, you or your computer is in no way in danger by an harasser coming here. The only way they could cause risk of virus to you is by either providing a link on a post and once you open that link then it could possibly infect your computer, otherwise they would have to attack and hack the website altogether and take over. If that were to happen though, Roseanne probably wouldn’t even have access as the hacker would be in control until Roseanne and her web host could get it back, but all of that is very unlikely. Just risks that could pose with any other website on the world wide web, my security software has already tested this site though and determined it as safe!!

  34. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Roseanne i plan on getting a gun when i move to my farm. Also i know your not going to court untill the 10th but is the stalker kicked off of here yet or do you have to wait to kick her or him off?

  35. oh okay.. I wasn’t sure!!
    as for everything else on here.. WOW some people!

  36. i have my lovely shotgun and would use it and use it well in order to cancel any threat to my family’s safety. I am quite a good shot, and here in hawaii it is legal to use deadly force against intruders.

  37. Oh my. I cannot even imagine having to deal with a problem like this! You should buy a gun and if your neighbor steps on your property, shoot first and ask questions later…call it self defense!
    After my husband died, my shot gun was the best investment I’ve made. Haven’t had to use it yet but at night it even sits propped between my bed and night stand.

  38. not yet but i am going to for sure!

  39. i know it seem a little excessive, but some people aren’t happy unless they are making someelses life hell. i was at your book signing, loved it by the way. also didn you get a chance to try the human hair remedy for your pig problem.

  40. Moon Shadow says:

    Is it really though? Seems more about intolerance and bullying. The “kaballah” comment they made to you set the tone.

  41. christ all this for a fucking vegetable garden?

  42. just wanted to say, i am behind you 100 percent. hope it all works out and you get justice for this. too bad you didn’t move to the puna district, from what i’ve read on the blogs here everybody is rooting for you.

  43. Moon Shadow says:

    This is so fucking crazy. I assume you are adding these new names to the TRO on Thursday. You were smart to install all of those security cams. ;)
    Have you asked around the community to get the scoops on the neighbors?

  44. You are welcome, Roseanne. You will need the link to the articles from QuackQuack and of course, Richard’s golden information! Your work is done now- relax, have a beer, and it will be solved on the 10th!

  45. thanks so much–

  46. The screenshots (save em to a flash drive and bring it to the judge):

  47. thank you so much–this is just terrorism. anonymous slander ! they are doing all of this because i flattened a ten foot area for a garden on my own land!
    LORRIE · 20 hours ago (their friend wrote this AFTER the tro was filed).
    “Tell that nut job to move back to Hollyweird where she belongs. SHE’S THE ONE CAUSING the problems on BIG ISLAND – HONOKA’A to be exact – about an hour and a half drive north of HILO.
    Go there and see what that whack job and her hillbilly family have done to her ‘property’. Her neighbors didn’t kill her goats, she and her family ATE THEM.

  48. I hope this helps with you serving them justice Roseanne.
    Last Known Address:
    1305 Ululani St
    Hilo, HI 96720-4169
    Age: 50
    NOWAK, LORIE ANN (age 47)
    NOWAK, THOMAS R (age 62)
    NOWAK, ROREE P (age 48)
    JONES, CHARLOTTE E (age 76)

  49. I have taken screen shots of all if they are needed in the future.