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cruel and unusual punishment before a trial! innocent until proven guilty! We have no rights at all under this government!!


  1. According to a member of the Supreme Court cruel and unusual punishment doesn’t apply to one who has not been convicted of a crime. It’s punishment only after conviction. This is b…s… It is absolutely punishment and all the more heinous because it is being someone who is innocent (until proven guilty). But with this kind of mentality we have on the Supreme Court, we have truly lost our constitution and, more importantly, any moral legitimacy.

  2. dashus christ says:

    Yes The TRUTH NEEDS to become LOUDER-I see the TRUTH every day here on Roseanne’s site/blog,everywhere-LIGHT/GOOD will always beat out evil. GOOD wasn’t made to lose.

  3. This is just breaking news. State Department Spokesman, P.J. Crowley had resigned because of comments that he made about Bradley Manning’s abuse. He condemned the abuse of Bradley Manning calling it stupid and counterproductive. Now, the White House has forced him to resign. If you speak the truth you are liable to be fired, forced to resign, or be imprisoned. I am not afraid to speak the truth and I am not afraid of what will happen to me for speaking it. I myself, have been threatened because of letters that I have written to the editors of my local newspapers because people do not want to hear the truth. They do not want to hear bad things about the United States or what our government is doing. But, the truth is that the U.S. interferes in the internal affairs of other countries for no reason. The U.S. has tortured political prisoners in its prisons. The U.S. has tortured detainees at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib in Iraq. No one wants to hear about it and when you publicly write about it then people want to make threats and I am not going to let threats intimidate me. Bradley Manning should be treated as a patriotic American for speaking the truth about what is really going on and what the U.S. is really doing. But no, they put him in prison and now they are torturing him. The people who are torturing him should be imprisoned themselves. President Obama should hold these people accountable.

  4. I just put the link to this story on Twitter!

  5. Islam is not a threat to anyone. The real threat is the right-wing nut jobs in Congress who want to have anti-Islam legislation and they are also the ones who want Bradley Manning sentenced to life in prison. They will do everything they can to silence any dissent and they do not want anyone to know the truth. I already know the truth and that is that our government went to Iraq in order to control Middle Eastern oil, conquer Iraq and overthrow its government and then control it through a puppet government. The only way they could pull this off is to manipulate intelligence on Iraq in order to lie to and mislead the American people about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. Weapons that never even existed at the time. Weapons that were destroyed after Desert Storm in 1991. The other reason Bush wanted to go into Iraq was to settle an old score and he used our fine young men and women to do it and then they either get killed for some bullshit or come home with severe mental problems and then our government does not want to help them. Bush and Cheney should be on trial for treason and for crimes against humanity.

  6. I agree with you, Roseanne, that North Korea is a lot better than we are. By the way, I loved your show and I watch it regularly on TV Land and Nick at Nite.
    Anyway, at least in socialist Korea, no one is being laid off, no one is losing their homes to foreclosure and no one is being evicted because they do not do that there. They take care of their people. Also, North Korea does not meddle in the internal affairs of other countries like the U.S. does. The U.S. lies, manipulates and then has these hearings about Islam and radicalism here in America. They want to cover up stuff and they do not want the people to know the whole truth. I guarantee if the American people knew, I mean really knew what was going on there would be a rebellion right now.

  7. n. korea is better than us.

  8. Wow, how sad and scary that our government really does this. Our government is no better than N. Korea.

  9. “The other reason they are targeting him is because he told the damn truth and no one wants to hear the truth and our own U.S. Government does not want us to know the truth.”
    I fear that Manning has been put on suicide watch so that our government can kill him and make it look like a suicide and people will believe the lie.
    Our government is full of lies. They do whatever they want. When I was seventeen, and in Japan. Our government covered up a plane being shot down by reporting it as a crash. That’s when I first knew how messed up our government could be.
    God help Bradley Manning.

  10. Moon Shadow says:

    I agree. I think more will come out later. There was a prevoius thread discussing this at length. The military (and most of the country) is so fucking homophobic, there’s no way in hell it is NOT affecting his treatment.
    Bottom line as far as I’m concerned, he is a true Patriot! A GAY AMERICAN HERO!! To not disclose evidence of war crimes and information that would have directly resulted in the death of innocents, would have been CRIMINAL. The real criminals are trying desperately to mislead and redirect focus to avoid and exposure to the truth.
    Obama has weighed in w/ approval and acceptance. No review no visit no discussion. “Uh, duh, I guess if Bush and Cheney made torture legal then, uh I guess it’s OK, I don’t know, what should I think?”

  11. I consider Bradley Manning a personal hero of mine because he spoke the truth about what the U.S. was really doing in Iraq and he spoke out against this senseless and imperialist war that the U.S. conducted against the Iraqi people. Bradley Manning ought to be free from prison. The real people who should be brought to trail for war crimes, crimes against humanity, treason, and for lying to and manipulating the American people on Iraq and weapons of mass destruction should be former President George W. Bush, former Vice President Richard Cheney and former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. These three men should be on trial for all this bullshit and getting us in two senseless wars and a bunch of innocent people killed and not to mention our own fine young men and women who are serving in our nations’ military, killed. Killed for no reason except for a bunch of bullshit. All because Bush had a score to settle with a leader of a country that was never a threat to the United States, ever. We had no reason to go into Iraq and there is no evidence that Saddam Hussein tried to have former President George H.W. Bush assassinated.

  12. Bradley Manning is being singled out because he is gay. That is the only reason. They are trying to say that they stripped him naked to keep him from harming himself. Give me a break! They are torturing him in prison. I cannot even write him a letter because they will not allow him to receive mail. I think it is wrong. The other reason they are targeting him is because he told the damn truth and no one wants to hear the truth and our own U.S. Government does not want us to know the truth.

  13. It is horrible to humiliate someone like this! And he has not stood trial yet. Why are they allowed to do this?? Did we not put on trial the soldiers who humiliated the Iraqi prisoners in much the same manner?? And now we are doing this to our own prisoners?? This is insane.

  14. “Property of the US Government”
    Does this give the government the right to torture and treat a man anyway they want? This is a crime in itself. How can we allow this to continue? What needs to be done to stop this?