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bradley manning a young gay soldier is charged with aiding and abetting the enemy by releasing the truth about our insane war effort in Iraq–but Cheney, who forged secret documents in order to get us into a war is not charged with anything:



  1. Sadly there is probably nothing that anyone can do. Today’s society is a lot different, and one that I personally hate. We will let individuals and groups at a whole go in suffering without one person stepping up and voicing there opinion. There are a few that will actually do this but they are the ones that are either just ignored by the media and considered crazy or if they have some legitimate backing (like Charlie Sheen with 9/11) then they are bashed in the media and considered crazy. That is the problem with the world today, the media controls the minds of the country and the media is controlled by the ones causing the problems.

  2. TheHoleTruth says:

    those bastards are going to kill him and they’re setting it up to make us believe suicide occurred. they’re portraying him as to be mentally deviant, “fully capable” of self destruction; when he isn’t.  in fact, their portrayal couldn’t  be further from truth.  he is mentally healthy, by every count of his own father, and who better does knows Bradley Manning?  we mustn’t allow this murder to happen to our beautiful brother! unless we speak up, our gay brother will be dead!

  3. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    One of the main beefs I have with Obama is that he let Bush and Cheney completely off the hook in terms of 9/11 and the war in Iraq.
    The people demand a leader that will stand up to those 2 satanic turds, have them arrested , tried in at the UN in an international court of law (not weighed heavily in their favour, as always) and then the punishment of swift painless death via the guillotine.
    But Obama also knows that if they get in there and start digging around we will see just as many guilty Dems as Repubs and that party will not allow that.
    I want anyone on this blog right now to tell me what has really changed in the last 4 years? We were finally “allowed” to elect a president in 2008 and thats it.
    the same course that Bush / Cheney took us on remains the order of the day here in 2011.
    War in Iraq and Afghanistan
    Rich sociopaths got their tax cuts
    Dont Ask Dont Tell completely gutted.
    where’s the change?
    VivA Roseannearchy!

  4. And that I have taken action on. I have always felt that technology was just the decay of our youth. When raising my children, they had limited access to it. Computers in the home wasn’t as common as it is now so that wasn’t really a concern but I never allowed them to watch television. Most is just mindless dribble that isn’t doing them any good.
    Capitalism however is a good idea on paper. How it plays out until the end is just whats terrible. Citizens being able to have private ownership is great! However when the big corporations come in and squash the little ones is just where it started to decay. The best way I’ve found to counter that is boycott big names. Only frequent your local small businesses, they value the business a lot more and it leads to a sense of community where everyone is actually living as a community.

  5. Moon Shadow says:

    Roseanne: “…action is the more important thing.”
    This statement is why I support all you do. You have truly lived your life this way. This must continue and expand. A lot of talking and ideas, but the action results in immediate change. Fear of losing the false reality we are living in prevents true direct action. Pray for fearlessness and a truthful life, and ACT!!!

  6. Yes, humans do but they also need common sense and knowledge. Technology has contributed to destroying everything just as much as capitalism.
    Today most young people cannot do simple math and lack even basic education but yet they are geniuses when it comes to a computer game. With our youth being deprived, what good does that bring to our future?

  7. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    i have folders with pages of topics from this site so if this site gets blocked by the goverment i have everthing on paper linda.

  8. I think its capitalism and not technology that has ruined everything–humans need community.

  9. failure is impossible

  10. No, that’s not what I’m referring to. What I mean by the interlinking of cultures is by the way that since technology has had a major influence on the world and made it a lot more connected its decayed our youth.
    Slavery was not good times. The world has just changed vastly within the last 100 years and we’re just now seeing the negative impact of it.

  11. dashus christ says:

    Yes-FREE Bradley Manning NOW!
    BARR 2012 and NOW

  12. do you mean the good old slave times or what?

  13. Ladyjane Green says:

    And Free Bradley Manning! that poor fucker has suffered enough!

  14. Ladyjane Green says:

    Actions speak louder than words, but together they both can change the world…and i meant thanks to the domestic goddess.. it has been fun here while its lasted, and we will continue to weave our word webs till the plug be pulled. Viva la revolucion, Viva Roseannearchy !

  15. Ladyjane Green says:

    thank Goddess!

  16. That’s the plan, Ma’am! We’ve had it in our heads and hearts to do this for so long. Feeling grateful that we trusted those intuitive feelings, as things collapse all around us.
    It took us almost 7 years to make it reality, and away we go. I have realized that more than a few people are embarking on similar paths, due to the drastic changes in day to day life which are glaringly obvious to some.
    Also, am enjoying your book!

  17. And when Americans are finally ready to revolt against our oppressors you’ll know it by the fact that internet service will probably be shut down completely, like Mubarak tried doing during the wake of their protests.
    And its not necessarily a new society that we need to change to but just go back to olden times, as that’s how the world used to be ran. The interlink of cultures has just destroyed everything.

  18. I don’t think prayer is the most important thing you can do, I think prayer mixed with action is, and of the two, action is the more important thing.

  19. tell us more about them!

  20. oh i know that, and when and if that happens, we can say we had a blast, and hopefully by then people will at least have gardens and some idea of a substructure for a new kind of society.

  21. It could still be here but if the government thinks its a threat to them then with a filter they could sadly block your site from American view too Roseanne.

  22. And , oh yeah, maybe the world-wrecking bastards will someday pay for their rain of hells.

  23. The crap is soooo deep, I decided awhile ago that while it’s imperative to say as informed as possible, the best and most positive thing I can do is continue in my role as a Prayer Warrior For Enlightenment. My Prayers are exceptionally strong and powerful due to love-charged practice. These are the birth volcano-pangs of Our New World. Cover yourself in kind mojo and go forth!Love you!

  24. this place will be here though.

  25. Its all in an effort to regulate the internet, silence and blind the American people.
    Its only a matter of time before its proposed to put a filter on US internet, like has been done in other countries like Australia and China. Sites like these prove interesting though as they expose the true evil. Its just amazing what you can find on it, like this very same site you can read over a half a million text messages sent by New Yorkers on the morning of 9/11/2001

  26. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    My heart goes out to bead manning it is sad that chaney who has a gay kid himself just sits back on his old ass and does not do a damn thing abount this. How would he like it if thi was his daughter mary?. Also if anyone knows how we write to brad or his family let me know. Thanks

  27. Dang! too fired-up, and double posted. Sorry for that and please feel free to remove one.

  28. Cheney AND Bush were complicit in outing Valerie Plame as well. Also, Scooter Libby was not given the death penalty for his role. On the contrary, he barely did any time before being pardoned. The imbalance is obvious to anyone paying attention, but too many are not!

  29. Cheney AND Bush were complicit in outing Valerie Plame as well. Also, Scooter Libby was not given the death penalty for his role. On the contrary, he barely did any time before being pardoned. The insanity continues.