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america’s ‘heroes':

class warfare in america includes inducting those who could not pass High School into the army where they are inundated with mind altering drugs, video games and racist religious baiting.


  1. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    Its American as apple pie Roseanne and will go right along unabated … guaranteed..

  2. Thanks for putting this information out there, as always. I remember Michael Moore delving into class warfare & recruitment techniques in Fahrenheit 911.

  3. The first action of military brainwashing is to remove the attributes of being human (the enemy). The advancement of war technology has only made this easier for the hired killer. What are they fighting for may I ask? What has produced this?
    From Johnny Got His Gun, the best anti-war novel…
    “What the hell does liberty mean anyhow? It’s just a word like house or table or any other word. Only it’s a special kind of word. A guy says house and he can point to a house to prove it. But a guy says come on let’s fight for liberty and he can’t show you liberty. He can’t prove the thing he’s talking about so how in the hell can he be telling you to fight for it?
    Some of us are easily persauded and relish in its power, to be on “right side of right”
    God help us.

  4. That’s my fear too. These murderers will be patroling our streets upon return. Truly sickening.

  5. its disgusting, its the kind of stuff serial killers do. The one guy took the boys pinky as a trophy of his first afghan killed. Disgusting.

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    And the us has the nerve to point fingers at other countries’ terrorists and madmen. We are training a fine batch of immoral killers to bring back home to mom n pop. Watch them assimilate into your local police forces and homeland security forces. God Bless A- moral-ca

  7. I know that these few men don’t represent the entire US armed forces but I am finding it extremely difficult to tell the difference between their actions and that of the Nazi Regime. Killing innocent civilians and then threatening the lives of their fellow soldiers if they spoke out against them has ‘Nazi’ written all over it. It makes me so sick and so sad.