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a spiritual person respects the boundaries of others

which is hard to do if you have no strong sense of female self.  Woman is taught not to know where she begins or ends.  She serves and doesn’t command, which is the foundation of “Babylon”—(the perverse reverse, as julia named it).  In the real world, the one that I live in, the woman is at the top of the evolutionary heap, because she can decode the ideas of men easily, as well as invite their enlightened (limited) involvement.  They must be limited in their involvement because they do not have the ultimate key:  they are not problem solvers.  However, in the sad state of reversal in which we find ourselves, no living woman can heed another living woman’s words, if those words do not agree with the words that women have been taught to decipher and regurgitate.  Women are not deep thinkers and rarely can break program.  this is the solution to that:  twelve men who can serve a new order of Government…and who have the means to change the flow of capital, from disaster capitalism to a new green capitalism.  I know these men exist.  I know that many men of means who are also kabballists read this blog too.  this is the time. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their planet.  



  1. Lucifer Sam says:

    Also I”d like to congradualte you on “Roseannearchy” I bellieve it’s going to be a huge winner and came out just in time for the Mother’s Day March you are leading! Light and Love…. and Yes “God Wears Lipstick”… I think you know what I’m talking about.

  2. Lucifer Sam says:

    I’m here as a Kabbalist to will you complete support for your mission to end the Government we have for something new! Green Party Alllllll the way! Pro-Cannabis too ;)… Thank you for declaring your demand to be President and God Bless your “Million Bitch March”!

  3. the woman does not become a man, please.
    that is great!! I use to hear that all the time and my little inner red flag riser just flew with the wind with yours Rosanne this is the thing,,,, people don’t understand there are subtle forces that will always put a kabosh on women and it is not true….It is saying it is not ok to be a woman and
    it is ok to be a woman, in fact more than ok, it is the way were were meticulously designed….and trust me it is the way we are headed, into a balance cause Patriarchs have destroyed things. you don’t know how many men that have tried to stop my mouth…tee hee
    but I have some men friends that are amazingly feminine…

  4. woah, no need to ban me Roseann: Im not dangerous to women: By the way I am a woman and you didn’t give me much leeway: Yes Rabbi Shimon understood that his female side made him whole. He was a male…..and….the male part of the female makes her whole too: I think you are more male energy than female….just saying

  5. the woman does not become a man, please. You have swallowed the Christian version, which to me is very woman hating. I know that anyone can get whatever they want out of whatever they want, but the whole woman hating thing is my red flag. It is a nullification of female divinity to say that woman becomes man. RABBI SHIMON, who was Jesus, for those who read what I write here said the exact opposite of what you are saying, and I love his words, and prefer them to yours. He says that man finds his female inside his heart, and then becomes whole.

  6. Roseanne, I started out female in this life and for 40 years I remained female, and I was a Christian as well. On Yom Kippur of 1992 I had an experience that opened me up to Judaism, and what the Torah really means. My soul (Israel) was taken out of Egypt(ego) but it happened when I had a vision of the ‘serpent lifted up’ and found myself on the cross with it….(crucified with Christ): this led to the opening and understanding of the whole Bible. Six years later I got a computer and found kabbalah on the internet and Judaism, and oy, it was my experience. In this, I was no longer male or female, Jew or Greek but a New MAN……the woman becomes a MAN when she is lifted up, transcends this world, or crosses the barrier (red sea) to become identified as a Jew (circumcised heart) and Israel. Herein the creator is revealed as the FORCE, the light, the ayin sof, the keter of the tree of life…chaim etz.. anyway, Ive been writing about this for 18 years…bringing the understanding of Judaism and Christianity together as well as where Islam fits in. Nobody hears me or cares what I say but Rabbi Leitman speaks of this “rising above the barrier” (Zohar) and even though he doesn’t speak of Jesus, I understand that name in any experience that is the same. Bottom line, if I could rise above malkut and receive keter to reveal the whole tree, then others should be able to as well if they follow the same law. I believe the time is here for everyone to rise above the ego….everyone, the whole world so the glory of the Lord can fill the earth as the waters cover the sea:

  7. men are supposed to rise above the ego, not women. women have no karma in this life, according to rabbi shimon bar yochai (zohar). women suffer because they do not force men to evolve. that is what it says. women’s issues are with wishing harm to other women and their children, which is why it says that women are slaves to their biology. only men can bring shekkinah, but because they cannot recognize female divinity, that is their death/downfall. I try to write about that and force it into focus. rabbi leitman, (not a cohen or a david) should endorse me! lol i will look up baruch bnei, but find no men can truly comprehend the meta-ethics of kabballah.

  8. you studied Kabbalah but who really understands it but a soul that has risen above their own ego (male or female): Kabbalah is all about becoming ‘MAN’ which is neither male or female, but a NEW creation that has not yet made his appearance on planet earth. 18 years ago I had the experience of a kabbalist and understand what MAN is; My male and female parts are joined together again as they were in the beginning. Unfortunately Im 58 years old and too physically weak to do much with what I have received, but I am absolutely sure that the 12 need a transcendant view of one who has risen above the ego. Rabbi Leitman also talks about this on Baruch BNEI. He speaks and seeks for his people to rise above the ego since 1995….it happened to me in 1992. I’ve been writing about it for over a decade and a half: What Rabbi Leitman needs is an endorsement from a star like you Roseanne. Im too old to make much of a difference so I send everyone to him.

  9. this is weird but I did have this dream last night. and you are right Rosanne, because women do hate other women. they are continually competing when we can join together. Loved this. so here is my dream about the 12…\
    Last night in my dream I was in an office. There was a board room with 12 people each sitting at the big table. I was going from person to person asking them things, but when I got to this one man, he was dressed in business attire, a light shirt and nice pants and very long hair he said
    people are playing and they don’t realize a storm is coming.
    I awoke.

  10. every year on mother’s day!

  11. Ladyjane Green says:

    Hey DJ! Im glad to hear youll be there for the Million Bitch March on Mothers Day! Perhaps an act of Divine Goddess Providence could teleport LJG and band there….i will be there in true puna dirt dyke spirit!( is that mary wanna i smell?) Our Matriot knows how to speak to the people, from all sectors of society. To be part of that scene, in such a historic setting would be super bad ass! Now im really getting stoked for you and all who will be there…Who knows, it has been a lucky year for the fyrehorse, knock on wood, lol! And my gal named Meat is from the D.C. area, so she could show us a thing…

  12. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    I would gladly follow you Roseanne and have encouraged both men and women to do the same . Your meditations have helped me break the code , I share them with people all the time.
    Is your Million Bitch March On for Mothers Day in D.C.?
    I am so there and can help organize / mobilize , this year is crucial!
    thank you for telling the truth !
    Aloha LadyJane!

  13. how bout an international no f**k day.

  14. its weird–women are brain dead, hate women and men are too egocentric to follow one–

  15. Ladyjane Green says:

    Twelve men who can serve…. that order is looking tough to fill…..even Jesus hired a ratz! Programming supposedly does “take” better with womyn, at least so the mkultra xperts think.. The submissive female paradigm is a hard one to shake. Sometimes i am thankful that i didnt fit into the restrictive world that i was born into. I barely escaped certain hetro disaster, and have finally made it to dyketopia! Which is next to gayvana! after a long time of not “fitting in” I find myself finally feeling at home in my own skin and world… figures that satan and his minions would be taking one last hard run at the Natural World!
    “We have a job to do, we have to save Mother Earth!”Neil Young

  16. because there are twelve months twelve signs and twelve tribes and twelve me is thirteen, a very important number for women.

  17. why 12? he wondered..

  18. Tippy -Lite says:

    When are words heard that haven’t been echoed 1000 times?

  19. off topic….. but I hope you got to see the final season of “Big Love”. Love the way they handled Jeanne Tripplehorn’s character and her pursuit of the priesthood. Impressed how much they included about the misogyny in the Mormon religion and the suppression of the Female.