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A powerful story of a slave revolt:

is told to us in a little known or read book, named, ‘The Book of Exodus’–Twelve tribes simply walked away from a system built on slavery and remade the world by birthing a system of law (which took forty years).  None of those laws were meant to outlast the time they were written for, as all unchanged laws will eventually recreate the same problems they were created to dismantle.  The slave state has never been abolished, and is stronger now than ever before. 

  People can change the dynamics of slavery, simply by volunteering to do farm work. Richer folks can alleviate the suffering of those who are paid next to nothing in order to produce the world’s food. The Wolf program works–read about it–there are lots of swedish looking supermodels in Hawaii volunteering for green farming in order to do just this–resist the system of slavery.  
  I will be accepting applications from Jewish people who will put themselves on the front lines of the politics of food and getting it to the hungry.  This Passover, the Jews can show the world how to leave slavery.  (note to the jewish people farm workers in hawaii–there will be delicious and free cakes and greens for you!–free eats!).
   We will be feeding the hungry, and thereby become like G-d ourselves, which is our tikkun olam.


  1. Johnny Argent says:

    We’re all still slaves to the degree that we can’t let go of the idea of ‘separate and sovereign SELF-hood.” It seems so to me (as it has to lots of people who, since time immemorial have beheld the human condition and asked a heartfelt, “WTF??!”).
    “THAT which passes through everything” (yet another puny alias for what can’t be named or contained by conceptualization or identity) is what acts through ‘us,’ animates’ us,’ responds to the Biological Imperative, and finally uses up and wears out another body or physical sheath.
    THAT which we call life – and THAT which we call death – exist in MIND, and nowhere else.
    “Enjoy your SELF – it’s later than you think!” (That’s a great old song – good lyrics) – Johnny

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    H.O.P.E. what a great name tippy….

  3. Tippy -Lite says:

    Also, just like to comment on the only truly successful slave revolt: HAITI
    and they’ve never let that country live it down.

  4. Tippy -Lite says:

    We will call it the HOPE kitchen “help other people eat”

  5. Tippy -Lite says:

    I am working daily basis on the creation of an LA based soup kitchen…

  6. Tippy -Lite says:

    What about the Goy who wants to distribute the soy-

  7. Ladyjane Green says:

    Count me and T. G.C.M. in…… we both have bulk food prep experience in the local health food industry… and who doesnt love soup? its the backbone of any survival war time economy! we have always admired the food not bombs people for their tenacity and commitment…Feeding hungry people is a revolutionary act, and one i can support. I can definitely process and cook organic produce! Will cook for The Roseannearchy Soup Kitchen any day……

  8. girlwiththepoop says:

    Can we really save the rich’s souls from satan? Just kidding, I am sure they will be fine. I find it hard to understand what that must be like, to be rich. I know that some people got there through a lot of hard work and determination, but there are many who got there through trust funds.
    What has been your experience with the rich? Does it seem that the majority of them care about the under dog, or do they even have an understanding of what being the underdog means? Thanks.

  9. Jesus is very proud of his cousin Roseanne:)

  10. I love you pj, but I do want to see how many very wealthy jewish people are interested in helping dismantle slavery for Passover this year…You are a goddess and I am dreaming up some stuff for you Peles in Puna—!! the work is just to help me plant and harvest and create yummy soups for hungry folks around the B.I.—but i prefer the rich do the hard work, just so they can experience what it is like to feel the high of service to others. (I want to save their souls from satan).

  11. that sounds great, how can i help?