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a gay soldier is being tortured right now!

where are the gays??????  why are they silent??  free bradley manning, a hero of the american people,and the world!!!


    You do /not/ get enough credit for all the wonderful things you’ve done

    You do /not/ get enough credit for all the wonderful things you’ve done

  3. I have to agree with Moon Shadow, wvmtndude, I’ve been to the pub and back already tonight. And after that, I had some medication and now, I’m blogging again. In between, I sat in the hot tub for while and looked at the stars. After a long week, it’s good to relax, and this blog takes me away to what I like. It’s okay, I don’t think you defend the humiliation of that gay man, I bet we all agree on that. Have a nice night, wvmtndude. Meditate tonight. ; }

  4. Moon Shadow says:

    When you read on WIKI Leaks what knowledge he became privy to, it would have been criminal and unethical and ILLEGAL (under international law) for him to hold onto information that exposed war crimes and would result in the murder of innocent men, women and childres (and GAYS wvmtndude :)
    You are helping bring new attention to a short-attention span zombie America. Unless it’s on CNN or FOX and told what opinion to have, they see Bradley as a terrorist rather than the GAY AMERICAN HERO he is (I’m fucking proud as SHIT that he’s GAY!!). Now let’s tell the American public what opinion they should have on this and get that HERO out of prison.

  5. Moon Shadow says:

    Wow!! Take a few hours off and holy shit balls. You have 50 new posts and are still going. What, my brother do you have for “medication” for your disability (if any)?
    WE ARE AGREEING ABOUT 99% of EVERYTHING. Go get some sleep and don’t read the NEW thread until morning….

  6. i hear you—i hear what you are saying too, and what everyone is saying and the points they are making but—he is gay, he is being held and tortured for telling the truth about what a criminal organization our armed forces are at the very tippy top.

  7. Maybe I did. I need to stop looking at this fucking thread, it’s driving me nuts.

  8. i think you are misunderstanding me– i agree with you.

  9. I am stating my opinion and when someone addresses me by name making an accusation, I respond. This is a very personal issue. Any opinion anyone says is going to be “divisive” to somebody. I agree with everything you said except that Americans are not brave at all. I’ll just shut up.

  10. here are the facts–he is being held and tortured, and he is gay. He exposed the level of filth and corruption our country is undertaking in Iraq. Don’t make a personal issue of this, that is divisive and accomplishes nothing. He is a truth teller who is a hero, gay and being pushed to commit suicide, sexually and emotionally humiliated by our military authorites who do not one thing to stop this, despite Abu Ghrab and Guantanamo. Americans are not brave at all, and no longer free.

  11. So, why are you telling me “I can hear the dog whistle”? I am not defending the humiliation. Go back and read my comments. I explained myself probably close to 50 times. I deplore the torture. I do not think he is being tortured because he is gay, though. I do not think it is a “gay issue”, but an American issue of our corrupt government and legal system. If you think that makes me a “tool for bashing/intolerance/discrimination”, whatever. Good for you, but I don’t see it that way. All I can tell you is re-read my comments because I’m not going through it again.

  12. Yea, that wasn’t very clear. I am trying to explain that there is a certain “silent dog whistle” element to the story. He’s being punished for leaking documents. He’s being humiliated because he’s gay. That’s the dog whistle part. Those who are humiliating him do so as ordered and permitted. Those defending the humiliation can hear the dog whistle and become tools to carry on the gay bashing/intolerance/discrimination in some way.

  13. Moon Shadow says:

    So very true. As they say (regarding Obama as “friend to the gays) “with friends like that, who needs enemies?”.
    btw, at least Sedona is still a very spiritual place, but as you stated, everything and every place changes. I had thought about moving there years ago, but the passive spiritualists are not my bag. We need to import some more of the San Fran gays/lesbians to bring a little more edge to the scene here (a nod to LJG in Puna). :)

  14. Just more proof to me that there are Powers that we know nothing of making the decisions.

  15. Then my mind stated storming with all the hilarious things I could imagine her doing with some of the cool things that the president has at his/her disposal, like the tear gas shooting presidential limousine…of course there’s a car company now that makes a car similar to that for billionaires and celebrities with bullet proof glass and some James Bond like gadgets like an add on of being able to have spikes drop out of the back in case their able being chased. LOL

  16. Yea, I was kind of surprised when I found out Roseanne was running for president. My husband was the one to tell me and I was like “President of what?” he says “the country” and I’m like “our country?” LOL

  17. Well, Brooke & Moon Shadow – Ms. Barr has said elect her and she’ll take care of it : )
    Zelda, I am not following you.

  18. There’s a certain ‘dog whistle’ element to it.
    wink, wink, he leaked documents. BTW he’s gay, too.
    The same is used for Obama wink, wink, he *fill in the negative blank*. BTW he’s black, too.
    Seems like you can hear the whistle and don’t see or care about the gay issue.

  19. Moon Shadow says:

    Roseanne would flip it and put the war criminals on trial! Apparently torture is not considered important to some. Obama is useless. A waste and a disappointment. Set up to fail and hasn’t disappointed.
    BARR 2012!!!
    RRROOOAAARRR mr. leo. all is clear to me now… ;)

  20. I’ve often wondered what it would be like with Roseanne as president… of course if she has road rage then the presidential limousine would be the worst thing for her. LOL. Those things are like a Cadillac version of an army tank and able to with stand anything, including having the ability to shoot tear gas out of the bumper…. hell, she’d get pissed at a protesting bystander as she drives by and out comes the tear gas. LOL. :P

  21. LOL it is nothing like saying that. And yes, we elected Obama and he serves us. That’s the way it is. If Roseanne was president, I hope (and I know she would) have the decency to use an hour of her time over SEVEN MONTHS to stop the torture of a fellow human being, yes.

  22. I mean, the idea of saying that Obama has to use his “Free” time to check on issues just because he’s president is like telling Roseanne “Hey, what are you doing on a farm in Hawaii? Without the public and our interest in you then you would have no money so get back to California because we own you and your ‘personal’ life” … now, I’m sure anyone that’s even seen a second of Roseanne on TV would know that if you did that then its not the index finger she’d be flipping you saying “hold on” but another finger she’d be flipping at you, lol. The difference is Obama has a lot long schedules and a lot more stressful of a job so the man is entitled to “free” time.

  23. Good post! No, I’m a Leo- I’m stubborn as hell and I don’t take no for an answer ; )

  24. I don’t think you realize that he’s had SEVEN months to take an hour to visit that place and handle it. Come on now.

  25. Moon Shadow says:

    dude, you crack me up. are you a taurus? have to admire your tenacity when you grab onto an issue. btw, I AGREE w/ you here. This case is MOST important for all, and Obama should grasp the significance of running a (false) anti-war anti-torture campaign if he’s not going to show us that he takes this seriously. So I guess the “terrorist” label means that Obama agrees w/ the Bush/Cheney policies and is going to allow the torture to continue.

  26. Also, have you seen the ages of his young daughters? How about do you even know the work schedule of the President? He is entitled to “Free” time as you mentioned it to spend with them and have time for his personal life as well, which he gets very very little of.

  27. I wouldn’t put all the blame on Obama, I’m not saying that he’s done the best on everything that he could because he hasn’t but you have to realize that the man is only human and just because he’s the head of state doesn’t mean absolutely everything is his fault.
    He cannot be everywhere and do everything, just like anyone else…. its not like the man has some sort of superpower or something.

  28. That’s great, but it has nothing to do with the president taking personal action to stop the torture (he can do that in one hour) and speed up the trial (he can twist some elbows to speed it up even if they are waiting on documents, etc), which he really has not done and is capable of doing.

  29. I believe you are writing right now without her saying that you can. lol. :P

  30. I’m not defending the actions of the government or anything and believe just like anyone else that this guy should be released but part of the reason why he hasn’t been to trial is because they are holding him to see what information Wikileaks will release and also a continuance was requested by his defense, as do all other trials, so they can prepare. He is entitled to a quick and speedy trial and if you read his Wikipedia page then you’ll see that its speculated to be in May or June.

  31. Roseanne this is Jay/michele. I never meant your show was stereotypical i only referred to it that way because i believe Leon says that to you. Your show was the only one that took on real issues. “Roseanne” opened up dialog for family’s and now with my 2 young boys it still does. Can I come back? i wont write again unless u say i can.

  32. LOL, that is the best times to blog… or even better, a combination of being angry and drunk is always fun. It just makes for a morning of regrets though which is the downside. lol

  33. i like to blog only two times–when angry or drunk. lol

  34. Because an hour of the President’s FREE time is not worth stopping ongoing day-to-day torture of another human being… If I was the president I’d take a quick trip on the copter on my own free time instead of playing basketball and tell them how it’s going to be and I would place a camera in his cell and check it periodically myself to make sure they leave him be. I would also speed up the process of this trial. It can be done, and he can make it happen, if he wanted to.

  35. As are many other issues, it is an important issue but its not one that the world stops for though. They have many many other things to do, that’s why I don’t understand why Roseanne is running. I remember seeing an episode of The View where she said that she would never do another sitcom because she doesn’t have the time because of her children and grandchildren, but yet she has time to run for President? Running and even serving as president is a job that NEVER ends. Probably just a publicity stunt.

  36. This is important enough for one hour of the President’s personal time in my opinion. Period.

  37. There’s even a special department in the White House called the Office of Appointments and Scheduling because the President is a very busy man, there are lots of people that want and have to meet with him and lots of issues that he has to address.

  38. Take a look at presidential aging, they all age tremendously in the 4 – 8 years in office because its a highly stressful job so its not like he’s not constantly busy. Half the time their schedules are over scheduled anyway.

  39. No need for being snippity, I was just saying I believe this is cause enough for the President to go there and address this issue. He can fit it in and by helicopter take all of one hour total. He’s not God, he can make the time if he wanted to.

  40. Yeah because its not like the leader of the free world doesn’t have other things to do as well, I mean he should run everywhere and find out everything on his own, anything else would like having advisers would be shear laziness, right?

  41. *50 minutes

  42. Why can’t he just go there himself and see what is going on? It’s like 5 minutes away, Christ.

  43. Today, Obama said that he’s spoken to The Pentagon and declared that they assured him Bradley Manning’s treatment “meets standards.”
    President Obama is now officialy on record as a war criminal.
    We need to impeach him now!

  44. We all have moments like that hon, tip of advice that helps with me. The two times that are best to never blog are when either angry or drunk. Its always best to just collect your thoughts and reply when sober and clear headed.

  45. Moon Shadow says:

    Shit! With all the fucking water and energy shifting and vibrating, I think we’re all a little sensitive right now.
    My gut tells me you are likely a Scorpio, if so, then this is part of your Scorpio nature to “sting” every now and again when backed into a corner or feeling attacked.
    I appreciate the deletion of the asshole(s) who pop up now and again!

  46. wow–i need to take a break from this place a while, sorry if i overreacted.

  47. I’m not defending her but I don’t think she was implying the writing was stereotypical but just was mentioning the plot of the story of the stereotypical gay wedding where Roseanne the character had put together the wedding with all the purple and GI Joe on the wedding cake, which Leon got mad about and he had even said on the show “You’ve managed to take every gay stereotype and throw it into one big circus”

  48. you are mistaken–i wasnt talking to you, but to jay and michelle

  49. Well, thank you, Roseanne- ya scared me there for a second. I can’t speak for her, but, my God, your show is anything BUT stereotypical. You know what, I haven’t watched a “modern” TV sitcom in YEARS just because they are so damn stereotypical! Thank you for defending us gays against the FIENDS who seek to hijack our discussion. Also, if I was under a tsunami alert I’d be paranoid, too! Be safe and pay attention to your animals because if anything were about to happen THEY will begin to act uneasy!

  50. no i am asking her to leave,not you. i feel she insulted my show by calling the writing stereotypical. maybe i am overly senstive and paranoid today, but I am sick of deleting all of these terrible gay bashing things. I wasnt talking to you man!