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world moves left…YAY!

Monsatan is ruining America’s ability to grow crops and to feed itself–


  1. Roberto Fortino Morales says:

    I have recently been able to join a union. I caretake for my Mother in Wa. State & am proud to have health benefits again for the first time in a long time I went to the doctor not scared! We are moving soon and will need to re apply in our new state for caretaking and benefits & I will have a gap in benefits for a lil while so I’m getting all I can get done with my benefits right now! They probably think I’m a hypochondriac lol!
    ps. I am lucky to also have a job working at the olive garden right now. Tons of educated people working with me and very lucky my state did not take away Mom’s medicade & hospice if needed (almost did). A little nervous about how everything will transfer to Hawaii but My Momma has cancer and I will take her where she see’s fit. Thank-you for reading and I use Wai Lana yoga for meditation &!

  2. hi rosie….i love that you are open to different media outlets….here is something that i found through arabic news outlets, but found the same story from original israeli source….it states that gaddafi’s mom is jewish….if im not mistaken, wouldnt that make him jewish since the kids follow the mom? the video with this link is in hebrew..

  3. maybe,seems like even at fox one may have ventured a little left of far not let a FOX into your chicken coop,be on guard Shep. rupert may spank you with a wet tie dye t shirt.