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Watch Oprah today

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  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I loved this show and i also liked seeing jenny and jake. Good show ladies

  2. Jeanette Bartha says:

    Thank you, Roseanne for sharing a sliver of your experiences with therapy and psychotropic drugs. I too am of the “if you think you were abused” generation. Your shrink was/is a friend of mine. I developed multiple personalities too. Fled therapy and the alters disappeared!
    Although I’ve written many essays about the relationship between therapist, client, and psychotropic drugs – I have difficulty getting the message out. Families and patients are still torn apart.
    My agent is peddling my memoir: Remembering Lies: How My Psychiatrist Coerced Me into Believing I had Multiple Personalities. When it’s published, I’ll send you a copy.
    Thank you, once again, for having the courage to speak for those of us who have largely been silenced. Stop by my blog maybe you will find it useful to read. Be well, Roseanne. Glad you found some peace. Regards, JB

  3. I saw you on Oprah and it was great!!!!
    So good to see you and you look “Wonderful!”
    Hawaii looks good on you Roseanne.
    My husband and I are going to be moving to Maui sometime this year.
    I can’t wait!!
    Love ya always,
    oh btw, I loved your shoes!!!!

  4. deborah coletti says:

    saw ur show on oprah today!! it was amazing and ur amazing!! btw i loved ur shoes!!

  5. So good to see you on Oprah today. You really seemed mentally healthier and more content than I’ve ever seen you and I’m so happy for you. I agree with you about contenment. I think at our age happiness is a fleeting thing but contenment is so much better. Watch Rosanne reruns on TV Land most every night before I go to sleep because it puts a smile on my face and it’s always good to have a smile before you go to sleep. I’m a widow and very lonely at times, but sometimes it’s easier to be alone than deal with destructive people. Love you Roseanne and keep the up the good work…..Roseanne on a nut farm….how funny is that:)))

  6. Love the interview on Oprah;I didn’t want it to end. I love that you always keep it “real” and you are truly authentic. I have to say ever since that Pizza Hut commercial you made back in the early 80’s,people have not stopped comparing me to you. I guess I am your evil twin! To hell with garbanzo beans!!!!!!!!

  7. Love your hair with the grey, it looks very beautiful! Loved seeing you on the show, you seem very happy now and I love your farm!

  8. You look wonderful and I just love your lifestyle!! Your so down to earth…don’t ever change!

  9. You Rock!
    Jim in Orlando, FL

  10. So glad that you are in such a good place. Peace and harmony sister friend

  11. Thank you for your candid and moving expression of your personal misperceptions, the consequences of this have been to set an example of compassion, forgiveness and healing. Your Oprah interview was truly engaging.
    Additionally, your allowing us into your home and to meet with your family members was charming. This was very endearing.
    Your use of humor has benefited many, your creative genius and humble resolve are touching. I really enjoyed your honest warm admissions.
    This was truly disarming a side of you never before seen. You are so beautiful. The world is a better place with you in it.
    It is with gratitude that I thank you for your wise and beautiful expression.
    All the best,

  12. Your honesty regarding mental illness is so refreshing. Having the courage to be resposible for past actions is not easy but You do it with grace. I hope that the stigma of mental illness will go away and people will realise to matter how pretty, rich or famous it can effect us all . The degrees may differ but the suffering is same. It’s comforting to know You made it this far and stll have Your bite and rock and roll self.

  13. Your honesty regarding mental illness is so refreshing. Having the courage to be resposible for past actions is not easy but You do it with grace. I hope that the stigma of mental illness will go away and people will realise to matter how pretty, rich or famous it can effect us all . The degrees may differ but the suffering is same. It’s comforting to know You made it this far and stll have Your bite and rock and roll self.

  14. Dear Roseanne,
    I can’t believe my ears, what you are sharing on Oprah is my life. The only difference is I was molested by my father until I was 12. It was never a surpressed memory it happened. At the age of 29 while holding my youngest son in the car with my father he actually said “I’m sorry for what I did to you when you were a child, I didn’t like women.” I couldn’t answer him I just looked at him. It took me another 10 yers to realize that he was molested as a child. There is alot more to that part of my life growing up in a house with continual abuse on my mother. But at 42 my life started the downward spiral into mental disease, dis-ease of the mind is something that one does not know it is happening until you get to the end of it, I to spent time in a mental hospital and was filled with meds, my husband and children really thought I was gone and would never return. I did return after a very dark, dark year by finding my strength in my mothers bible, it took me one year of reading everyday. The out come brought me to know that I can be alone if I have too and that I love myself more. The physical out come from all the meds brought vocal seizures to my left arm and grand-mal seizures, I do take dialantin for this, am I upset over the intense medication that the doctors provided? No, I would like to be able to be a voice for people who are having a hard time in their life and that doctors need to be better at assiting in diagnois’s of momentary break down that happens in some people lifes. I have spent my life fighting for those who seem to be the under dog not realizing that I was fighting for myself, I no longer fight, I help when neccesary. When I hear my life story being told by others it is comforting only because it makes me (us) all know that we humans can survive and do survive.
    Thank you,

  15. i only realized u have a website. I’m a big fan. I swear i was just saying where is she now. you are awesome

  16. You were wonderful today! I believe we share the same philosophies about happiness.
    I believe that happiness comes in moments and that we should strive for contentment. I am very content.
    Love you Roseanne and eagerly await your new show!
    Take Care!

  17. I watched you on Roseanne today and what a great job you did. I have been dying laughing since watching the show. So, happy you are just as funny today as I remember seeing you doing improv in the early 80’s.
    Very impressed that you are working on a nut farm and would love to do that someday as well.
    I do miss you doing your sitcom and wished it could have gone on forever:)
    Best of Luck to you in your life and so happy you have found peace.

  18. Touching! Roseanne, your Honesty & Brillance still shines through! I am 48 and raised my children with you and remember so many times watching you and learning how to laugh at myself when things got too serious. I am a Grandmother now, and have tried to pass that gift on to my kids.
    I too have the gift of some mental illness that I deal with and have also been “over medicated” in the past, so I understand exactly what you were going through. It seems we have a lot in common.
    I am so happy you have found some peace in your life!
    I pray that I will find what you have found. Best of Luck!

  19. I loved you on the Oprah show today! Couldn’t wait to watch it again! I wish you so much luck on your new show and I will watch! I will get your book and I am so glad you are happy with your family all around. You are the best thing Oprah has had on in ….forever! Congrats….. much success! I really liked your sister today, too! Tell her I felt her soul….she can really help people.
    all the best, L

  20. Roseanne is and will always be someone I think of fondly. Her comedic brilliance and heart has me still watching ALL repeats of the Roseanne show.
    When she sang the National Anthem I thought it brilliant….seems to me that folks in this country get mad about the silliest things while the bigger issues that they should be getting “miffed” about elude them.
    Thank you Roseanne for sharing your brilliance, for giving me years of laughter…..I am forever a fan!

  21. I saw the Oprah show and was so happy to see you. I have been a fan of yours since the beginning. We are the same age. I will love to see you on tv again. You have been missed. Good luck, Roseanne

  22. I saw the Oprah show and was so happy to see you. I have been a fan of yours since the beginning. We are the same age. I will love to see you on tv again. You have been missed. Good luck, Roseanne

  23. Well, Rosie. You did it again! You are, as always, shall I say, original! I’m so, so happy to hear you have conquered your life’s obstacles and came out the other end better for it. I watch your show every chance I get and am jealous of the life you have made for yourself. Good luck Roseanne and if I’m ever in Hawaii I will be sure to seek you out! A lifelong fan, Jennifer Brasel

  24. OMG Roseanne, you are still the greatest comedienne ever! It was fantastic to see you on Oprah today – I really enjoyed the show! You seem genuinely relaxed, content and at peace with yourself. Your nut farm is really cool – never tried “Mac Butter”, but would love to. Looking forward to your reality show also. It will be great to have you back on TV regularly. I always thought your series ended w-a-y too soon. That show was so realistic, your audience would have kept watching for another 10 years or more. So, until your next show airs, I’ll have to settle for watching my Roseanne collection, which never gets old, so its all good. Thanks for all the laughter-thru-life, Roseanne!!! Nobody does it better than you!!!

  25. I loved seeing you on the show today, Roseanne. But I’m confused. I didn’t understand why you said that Obama is the right person for the job of president. I thought you knew that Obama is a NWO puppet just carrying out the agenda that Bush was. He hasn’t pulled out of the wars; he supports the state of Israel and their crimes, and he has done nothing to repeal the Patriot Act…shall I go on? Why, Roseanne?

  26. I look up to u roseanne u inspire me. i dont laugh alot i just work. i got to stay home today,so i watch oprah and u were on it was so great just watch u and listen to the word of your life. u are a great person

  27. Roseanne, you look beautiful and happy! I am so glad to see you thrivving on your nut farm. Oprah is lucky to have you;)

  28. Great Job Roseanne ! Loved you on Oprah.
    It’s about time you were back on her show.
    You’re an amazing person.
    Love you.

  29. Hey….
    Great seeing you again…love your attitude…you can see your more peaceful..with yourself and the world. I
    have been there (…the dark side) myself..I know…still trying to dig myself through to the light.
    Good friends will get you there….maybe a little wine too.
    Being always the funny girl in the group myself…I like how you get yourself through with that means as well…
    Jealous of you and your looking for the same…but very happy for you…maybe one day for me too.
    You look great..I just turned 58 yesterday….so here’s hoping the rest of our years are filled with cool things that doesn’t cause pain or hurt – just peace. Lil NJ

  30. I’m watching as I type. I’m feeling the pain as you discuss your issues with your dad. I had many issues with my mom after the death of my sister. There is a phrase I heard Mary J. Blidge use when she was on Oprah discussing difficult issues with her mother a couple of years ago. She said she was able to move on and told her mother “I blame you for nothing and I forgive you everything.” This simple phrase changed my thinking, helped me to move on and let go of much bitterness. Sis, I think this phrase can be applied when we are working on forgiving our selves as well. Great Show! A shout out to Miss Mary J. She definitely walks in Grace.

  31. Rosie, you look amazing! I have followed you career for years. Wishing you only the best in the future.

  32. nd I, like you and your family have bought land in the mountains of Virginia and gone back to basics. Sure wish we could meet and buy u some dinner and a little Virginia vino. We love you Roseanne. scott and Diane

  33. ScrappinNavyWife says:

    I just finished watching Oprah. What a great show…and you look FABULOUS!
    ♥ Nikki ♥

  34. I am so glad to see you on Oprah today! Unbelievable — I thought surely this must be a rerun..but no. Good to see you! I love Oprah but don’t watch the show regularly (just retired); I am today (watching). I still watch your TV sitcom when they’re on and (unabashedly) admit your show is what I put on at night to sleep or relax me back to sleep. You are really “wowing” me today on Oprah’s show — I love seeing the chemistry between you two.. Thank you Roseanne. I never get tired of watching.

  35. nicholefeltman says:

    I absolutely loved your appearance on Oprah. I actually watch Ellen everyday and gave it up so that I could see you. Im really glad that you have found happiness. You have always been an idol of mine and I have looked up to you from afar all of my life. Your like my other mother whom i have never met. I really hope that you get this message because I feeled blessed to have been able to experience you in my life and I am sure many others feel the same way. I have never judged you on anything that you have done, and commend you for what you have survived. Everyone must experience darkness in life so that they can know when they are able to reach the light. Thank you Roseanne for always being you, I wish you all the happiness in the world.

  36. I absolutely love you Roseanne! I get your kind of humor. I watched every show you have ever done. She Devil is one of my favorite movies. It was so funny!! I am watching you on Oprah now and I think you look absolutely beautiful and your teeth look fabulous!!! My son, who is 17 and watching with me. We are so glad you did the show. We have missed seeing you but watch you in reruns all the time. You are still hilarious!!!

  37. Am watching you on Oprah right now & feel like I’m visiting with an old friend… Have missed you on TV..the comedy AND the bluntness. I SO look forward to hearing from you on your blog!

  38. I don’t ever watch Oprah but flipping through the channels I saw Roseanne and I had to watch. I love your show and record it on any channel playing the reruns. I wasn’t allowed to watch your show growing up, but I’m 28 now. Roseanne broke ground with her show and as Erica said, she can always make me laugh on my worst day as well. I just have to disagree with the remark Roseanne made about Obama.
    Ron Paul R3VOLUTION, baby!! Defend Liberty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. OMG, you are so funny. I have been watching you since i was little. I love to watch you. You can make me laugh on my worst day. Keep it up

  40. I would like to say while watching the Oprah episode today that I noticed that Roseanne was correct about Oprah cheating. If you watch Oprahs other hand it’s holding on to something for balance which is not allowed during an armwrestling match. When Roseanne pulls on Oprah you will see Oprahs arm let go of whatever she was holding for leverage, so don’t feel bad after all these years Roseanne :)

  41. I love your show growing up, I am 28 now and I’m glad I’m able to enjoy all 9 seasons on Netflix. I missed the Oprah show at 10 I’m going to have to wait until tonight to watch it. Any way to find out if you will be in Chicago for book signing, I would love to attend. Thank you.
    And thank you for the laughs!

  42. Just watched the Oprah show and loved seeing you after so many years! I am a great big huge fan of yours and own all the seasons of Roseanne.
    I’ve been watching the show since i was a little girl. I had my first child 4 months ago and spent just over a week in the hospital and i brought my seasons with me! haha.
    It just brings me to a place that makes me happy.
    You’re truly an idol

  43. I am lucky that Oprah is on at 9am here.

  44. dashus christ says:

    Im waiting for it to air-can not wait!

  45. I did watch and it was wondeful!! I said more about it in your earlier blog. Bravo!!!