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union supporters blog here!

let us know the view from the front lines!  Go Packers!  Unseat that rich arrogantly perverse governor that taunts the people who are suffering and protects the guilty who caused it.  The first shall be last!  The Meek are truly beginning to Inherit the world–now that we know the world is ours, and that we will be judged for the leaders we allow and for what they do to our ‘enemies’ in our names!  Stop the Repiglicans- and the blue dogs!  Let’s go Badgers!! The Right is Dead like Satan and falling!  Fall Babylon!  Fall Satan!  Fall Greed and corruption and the Predatory Rich!  Let it Burn!  

Police join the protests– the human spirit that repiglicans know nothing about is the X factor:


  1. Totally PRO union here.
    I was actually fired from a job I worked at hard for 6 years because there was no one to support me in proving the unfair practices that were happening in my workplace.
    When middle management had changed and my new boss decided she just didn’t like me and decided to have it in for me. Months of bullying & harassment went by, while I worked my butt off, and other employees would stand around with the boss laughing and chatting not even doing the work!!! (not to mention constant shift changes, that were unreasonable when I was a contract rostered employee) I finally complained to higher management which of course made things worse for me and I was labelled a troublemaker then!
    I asked to be transferred, they never did it.
    I was finally fired when I became completely dispondent and depressed and I started backchatting the boss and calling them out on their unfair treatment of me, and the policies they were breaking, safety wise and other!!! But because there was no union to get involved they simply fired me, which was what they wanted to do all along because they could hire a younger person and pay them LESS!
    So that was 6 years of good work down the drain, I can’t even get a good reference for just because of 6 months of a hell a middle manager decided to put me through.
    I do believe a Union could have helped in this instances.

  2. Roseanne, please encourage everyone you can to fight for union rights! I live in SC, a state where teachers or state employees have no collective bargaining rights (they can be fired for even reading union literature), and where you can be openly harassed or even fired from any job just for investigating the possibility of forming a union.
    The situation is dire! To everyone in WI, thanks for everything you do! For everyone else, keep making your voices heard.

  3. I wonder what Gov Walker is trying to say here:

  4. So when do politicians get to throw their retirement and benefits into the garbage, so the people who went to college to get good stand up jobs, are now amongst the burger flippers and ass wipers but(which there is nothing wrong with as i am currently an ass wiper myself) now have to pay off student loans and such, the people that make the world go round get minimum wage while the congressmen and women get to live a life of luxury voting on ways of life they will never themselves hae to endure.I think i will teach my kids to be sports heroes and make sure they commit a few felonies so they will get paid more and then retire from that and become a crooked senator, then at least they will have a glimmer of the “good life” this world is going to hell in a handbasket, i wonder if theres a camera at the end so we can all buy a photo of ourselves as we descend into hell like they do at amusement parks. better go get my teeth whitened.

  5. My Hubby has been in the local 1699 for millwrights for 30 years! His father was a union member, and his grandfather was a union member. He is a Journey Man/forman and works on replacing, and rebuilding turbines in dams. He says honest pay, for honest work, and thats what the union does for the working man…He wont even allow his money to be spent at walmart, because they dont support the union, the last time he was there he said he felt dirty just being in there. So at our house its always been, and always will be goooooo UNION…

  6. Thank you Roseanne! The collective American People have ALZHEIMERS… Have we forgotten what the unions have done for us: the 8 hour work day,etc. I am sick and tired of public employees being made out to be money grubbing, not sharing in the recession pigs. The right to bargain as a worker is a basic human right. Concessions have been made Walker wants it all. Most expensive STATE union packages (fire, police, troopers) are EXEMPT from this bill… come on!! Unions support working class Dems, Big Business supports Repubs… he is trying to crush the union. One Angry urban teacher!

  7. roseanne, you shouldnt have to pay for ex husband to go to hawaii. he should. also, i have read your book. love it. you are a great lady. I saw you on Oprah.

  8. Dear Rosanne, you sound like the lead character in my new novel, whose name I will not divulge here because she’s a surly, unlicensed teacher hitching a ride on a union she’s not a member of, and people who want to decimate collective bargaining and all things for the downtrodden might assassinate her. Never mind that she’s a fictional character. You can’t be too careful these days. I’m an unemployed writer who needs a break. I’m a member of a guild, not a union, but does that count as far as me responding to your blog? Do you want to read the novel and consider endorsing it and maybe making a movie of it, so I can join the Writer’s Guild and collect unemployment after being dumped by a big studio? My website is if you want to contact me.

  9. My parents are retired Milwaukee Public School Teachers who dedicated 30 plus years each to the school system. I have many friends who are currently MPS teachers. This is what one of them had to say about Scott Walker….
    I would invite Governor Walker into my classroom to co-teach with me however, he does not meet the minimum required college credits to do so.
    Not only does Walker want to get rid of collective bargaining but he is also asking for a pay cut for teachers as they will be required a higher percentage of their health insurance.

  10. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Glad to hear the cops are seeing they are one of us, some cops think they are not. like i said before i surrport unions my family have had low budget jobs my whole lfe. All the women have waited tables to bring food on the table and make sure me and my family was fed, My grandma was a butcher at big bear even. So i know why and the reason people are protesting to keep unions. We need em thats why.

  11. Interesting that the police finally wake up and catch on to protests , especially when its their own jobs and futures on the line..
    there is a shift here in this world , things are changing.
    love + light to you Roseanne.

  12. lech,lech,lech,100 times on the chalk board lech walesa

  13. hopefully the spark that was lit in wis. spreads like a wild fire,to be put out only by firefighters with a union card, and not just a smoldering ash to be blown out by the hot air coming from the farout right,where is leach walesa when you need him,1981,u.s.a. supports polish union org.,2011 u.s.a. screw the unions.go figure.

  14. Thanks for the support, as a wisconsin college student I have been seeing the affects that Walker is having on our state. It would be an honor to have you attend our protesting down at the capitol!!
    Teachers are already getting layoff notices, teachers who still have plenty of life and knowledge to them and it sickens me to hear about all of what is going on here. Thanks for your support.

  15. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    We need more jobs in this u.s.a. That is why i am still without a job but waiting on some news form one, it is a editing job from a new network getting ready to start called Telos. But before this i was out here in the world looking for a job for like 2 years calling every place i could and NOT A DAMN PLACE WAS HIRING. So i surport unions lets give jobs to the workers who get off their ass and try like i do and did for 2 years not the rich who have jobs. I AM FOR THE WORING CLASS BECHUSE I AM PART OF THE WORKING CLASS. I can not even get my rent paid on time for hell sake.

  16. dashus christ says:

    No one or nobody says/writes it better Roseanne,-No one!