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troy williams, my buddy and co hort in crime:



  1. I totally agree that Jesus was a socialist. He was a socialist because of what He did. He did a lot of great things and He also believed in egalitarianism and non-violence.

  2. Who really wrote the Book of Mormon and what were their motives? If it is a real history then the points in the article make sense, and everyone should be a Mormon and a socialist.
    However, if it was a fabrication, then the authors were trying to use religion to convince people to give their possessions away.

  3. Nice to have you here sunshine.
    Dr. Collin Ross
    Cathy O’Brien Part 1
    Roseanne Barr

  4. Strange analogy.

  5. I agree with the adage by the great mind behind Prairie Home Companion. There is a natural selection process at play between some in the southern or warmer climate states and those who reside in the north. We in the north have ice covered steams and lakes for the idiots to walk upon… leading to a modern natural selection process. I think it needs to get colder in Utah…

  6. I agree. Sometimes hope can guide you places you never thought you would be. Without change there would be no butterflies.

  7. I agree. It’s important to be happy & carefree celebrating life, but just as important is being concerened with issues at hand. We all have different parts to ourselves and it is great to find a place for each.

  8. Hi Roseanne:
    I came here to your blog looking for your comments about Kirk Douglass giving out the Best Supporting Actress award at the last Oscars. Would seem to reenforce everything you’ve said before about Hollywood. Looking for a insightful/witty rant, I guess. Just read the blog about alcoholics as sociopaths. Great discussion! Keep it up!

  9. Blah Blah Blah… Is there anything positive we can talk about? What happened to happy people? Sick of the snow, so I am going to make nakid snow angel. I can fit a whole BudLight in each breast imprint!

  10. Blah Blah Blah… Is there anything positive we can talk about? What happened to happy people? Sick of the snow, so I am going to make nakid snow angel. I can fit a whole BudLight in each breast imprint!

  11. Roseanne, I didn’t know where else to write you so I decided to post my comment here. I just finished your new book and thought it was fantastic. I also saw your most recent appearance on Oprah. I am 33 yrs old and a client of a therapist who works at the Ross Institute. I can’t tell you how inspiring it has been to watch your growth and transformation. I know many people love you for your comedy and I have to admit growing up your show was one of my favorites, but I admire you, respect you, and am so grateful to you for speaking out about DID. I can’t tell you what an inspiration it has been for me to be able to see someone on the other side. It gives me hope especially when at times there appears to be none. Thank you.

  12. I learned a long time ago that one cannot judge a book by it’s cover.

  13. Roberto Fortino Morales says:

    PS I am not a thief it just really hurt my feelings. I grew up catholic in C.C.D. weekly.

  14. Roberto Fortino Morales says:

    Does not surprise me, oh religion.Was on a backpacking trip with me ex boyfriend and visited the Vatican. Went into the gift store to buy Mom a cross and was trying to cash out only to be ignored by a nun helping suits over and over before me. I was bundled up looking like a hobo! Hello! I put it in my pocket and walked out. Somewhere in the back of my head I was a lil nervous boarding every flight the rest of that trip!
    “If you judge a person then you have no time to love them” -Mother Theresa (I believe this was your sister, sister).
    But who am I to judge right?

  15. Roseanne: I am currently reading Rosannearchy and I love it you are hilarious as usual. Sending good thoughts your way. -nancy

  16. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    WBNS-TV is a local channel here in columbus ohio, that is family owned and operated. They are not left or right they are middle sometimes. It is the local cbs station, and i have family who know them like my boyfriend,s sister Shari. They Rock as far as i am concern.

  17. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Troy ia very smart and i can see why he is your friend. The right-wingers hate people who stand up to them and tell the truth they want to hide. That is why i only watch fox news to watch bill o. I mostly get my news from CNN and HLN and WBNS-TV CH 10. WBNS-TV is a local channel that aies shows on CBS. Jesus was killed for specking out on what is wrong in this world and i have feeling it can and will happen to all of us who specks truth from someone who lies to us like a right winger. Thanks for the link friend