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the ruling classes are not patriotic

they are unwilling to contribute even one more dime from their vast hoarded and stolen wealth to help this country!  Traitors to the Guillotines!


  1. In my opinion it depends on the crime. In the event of a social uprising then yea ok I guess the guillotine would be effective, like was done to the French upper crest during their uprising in 1700s. Something like that’s unlikely.
    For other crimes tho it should really depend on the crime. In the US the only reasons you’d be sentenced to death really are rape and murder. If you committed rape then I’m sure your fellow inmates would pay you back for the crime you committed and then your given the lethal injection, sounds fair. As for murder tho, depends on how you killed your victim. If you shot them then you should face a firing squad, etc. etc… This is kind of a morbid topic to talk about tho so this will be my only entry.

  2. Hi Roseanne and company!,
    I am living on the other side of the Globe and would like to inform you all that the grass is DEFINITELY not greener here. It seems that any country that is pro-US and seems to have “developed” are following the trend of making the middle class disappear and creating more levels of hell for its citizens. As expected, I am not in the upper/ruling class where the money is but on a positive note it is good to be where I am as I can’t get any lower! (Hahaha…ok loser :( )
    With today’s nonsense and if given a chance, I would like to be an amazon aborigine, where total ignorance is BLISS! :D
    Warmest regards,
    PS: Alright you all, it is obvious that Roseanne is a guillotine believer so does anyone else has suggestions as to how we deal with these traitors? My style is a bit more legendary and to some extent religious…STONE TO DEATH!

  3. During he Depression, a man with a summer Newport RI mansion hung himself because he only had $40,000,000 dollars left. His shame was to heavy to live with. There are some that want money to have control, there are other who want money for comfort. Huge difference.

  4. Hi Rosie.. I watched your show growing up and loved you, I used to wish you were my mom! Then I found out you had wrote your book so I had to order it, it is so far very fascinating, and after hearing some of the things you say on here and in your writings I was wondering if you knew of Marshall Vian Summers? Some of the things you speak of remind me of what he has been saying and I wasn’t sure if you had known of his works? Either way I love you and can’t wait to see what is to come on your new show!

  5. They are addicted to money aka greed. The more money they have the better they sleep so they think. I read an article about a billionaire who killed himself because he became a millionaire during these tough economic times. He couldn’t live with himself being a millionaire.

  6. We all too frequently forget that most of the decisions affecting the lives of working people are made by politicians who like the corporations have absolutely no moral or ethical values.

  7. i always wonder how they sleep at night.
    and why the maker continues to let their putrid hearts beat.
    the beast must sing one potent lullabye.

  8. i always wonder how they sleep at night.
    and why the maker continues to let their putrid hearts beat.
    the beast must sing one potent lullabye.

  9. some of them don’t even pay their taxes.

  10. slaves are not allowed to use the term “capitalism”—nor racism slavery warmongering eugenics nazis fascists polygamists, class warfare, working class, labor or unions, abortion rights, birth control, planned parenthood, head start, nor the name Eleanor Roosevelt, nor are slaves allowed to refuse to worship the Gods of their Masters. Hashem is Light!

  11. Middle class isn’t disappearing but has been non existent since the Bush Administration. Watch the Michael Moore documentary “Capitalism: A Love Story”. Obama may have not done as much as he probably could but at least he didn’t engage us in war for his own personal propaganda for an oil company that he shares ownership in, like George W. did.

  12. The very people who destroyed and looted this nation are now in power to cut and eliminate any a whats left of any social programs to keep us from completely going down the dumper and blaming the poor , the women and kids of this nation.
    Egypt and Wisconsin have the right idea , go and stand in their faces and nothing or nobody moves until the mess changes.

  13. It’s repulsive! The middle class is disapearing and you are the only one who can help us Obi Wan. (Obi Juan, Obi Wann, idk how to spell lol)