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the legend of Billy Rose: Roseanne Barr saves the world–

I just love this but do not agree with the jane fonda shooting depicted here, nor the shooting of anne coulter or satan palin–however I do agree with the beheading of all bankers as depicted herein by the holy and blessed guillotine, under Roseannearchy. these young kids really get me–that voice over sounds familiar too–i wonder if i know these guys?  they are funny though and good graphic artists.  ps– i love billy jack movies!


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    For roseanne to call me nuts is like when i was growing up and my family members would say your going to meet roseanne one day. Thanks roseanne for saying i am nuts bechuse i think you are too and that,s why i love you. No hard feelings bechuse i know your saying with love.

  2. I think I can say that these are officially the first entries I’ve read to this blog with my eyebrows raised. LOL!

  3. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I am nuts just like you that is something else god told me. I hope you got my comments back regarding everything god told me bechuse it disappered. To dashus christ thanks for the nice words.

  4. dashus christ says:

    Oh-forgot to say how much i LOVE this video-It’s GREAT!

  5. dashus christ says:

    i don’t think C M Ward sounds nuts really at all Roseanne!

  6. btw, i do have some hawaiian goddess artwork i will share with you someday. Pele, Haumea (Pele’s mother), Pele & Hi’iaka (Pele’s sister), Ka’ahu Pahau (Shark Goddess), Laka (Goddess of Hula)…and a few others.

  7. God told me you were gonna say that…

  8. you sounds nuts

  9. god told you about me when you were a kid? you are crazy-??-tell me about it!!!! what did god say about me i cant wait to hear this! is this fishy? yes ?

  10. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I love this video it kicks ass. I know roseanne can save us bechuse that is one of the things god told me in my head when i was a little thing. As far as the who did the voice over it sounds like Michael Fishman is it roseanne. Good work and i love, love, love, it.

  11. I hope roseanne herself reads these blogs, i watched the episode where your typing and talking about dans death. I know its a show, but what i liked about the show was that it wasen’t that far from the truth..that was my childhood and my life, i cried like a baby because im in emotional pain…i feel all is lost…im looking for a bridge.

  12. BarbaraLightgiver says:

    Loved it!

  13. OMG! i just watched this and i F-ing love, love love it! What a F-ing scream!
    you go jake.

  14. have not smoked weed in 19 yrs.but digging in closet for my tie dyed shirt,for my 19 yr. old stash to smoke a lttle and re watch,or was it in my bell bottoms,oh well,thought it was pretty funny&good just straight.still looking tho.

  15. Annoying that one of the related videos on the side is a recent Tom standup act about you singing the national anthem.

  16. thats to funny, i especially like the kick to the face at the end lol!! did you find out who did it?