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  1. I understand that the government supports companies like Monsonto because they want to keep them in business so that they are ready to supply the govt with chemical warfare.
    If there is anyone out there who believes that pollution and chemicals are not having an affect on you, read The Yeast Syndrome by Dr. Trowbridge. A MUST READ FOR ALL WOMEN. And don’t just read it, take some of the advice and put it to use or find a professional to help you.
    I was born in an environment where there was no pollution of any sort. We had no automobiles, no electricity, no paint, no cleaning chemicals except soap. Clean, clean, clean. Only a few of the richest people had an electrical wire coming in to feed one light bulb. I never had any health problems there. I never had a headache, never had hunger pangs, never had any low blood sugar problems. But when I came to live in the USA, I started having migraine headaches, severe hunger pungs, stomach growling, food addictions, extremely low blood pressure, low blood sugar to name only a few of the horrible symptoms I had. This problems were caused by a disease called Candida that is described in the Yeast Syndrome by Dr. Trowbridge. This is a disease the exist where there is pollution.
    When I was five (5) years old, I clearly remember going with my mother to the city where there was traffic and pollution. It was during those visits to that I first experienced low blood sugar, confusion, disorientation, and hunger pangs. These were symptoms that I never experienced at home where we had no pollution and no chemicals of any kind.
    After living in the USA, my father took me and my sister for a visit back home where we were born. We stayed for a month. During that month, I had no low blood pressure problems, no headaches, no food addictions, no low blood sugar problems, and no hunger pangs.
    Again, I cannot emphasize enough that all women read The Yeast Syndrome by Dr. Trowbridege. You can get a used copy from amazon or

  2. thanks tippy. just saw this now, will watch it on weekend.

  3. Terry Johnson says:

    What we need to do is get the judicial system out of the pockets of big business. The only reason Monsanto and those like them are able to have the power that they do is because the courts have ruled that they are able to patent their soy, alfalfa, and corn seed; and any farmer whose natural crop is accidentally cross-pollinated by the winds with patented seed is guilty of patent infringement. In addition, farmers who want to raise crops with natural seed can’t even buy seed on the market. It just isn’t there anymore. We are being fucked, folks!!!

  4. please see this movie all the way thru, but view this link for more info on DU
    it offers a great explaination of what D U is used for and why our soldiers children born after the war are born deformed, as well as poisoning the country of Iraq for decades to come.
    This is a nuclear war being fought right here on our mother earth, and will surley have more than one “blow back” effect.

  5. Each genetic insertion, while intended to combat a flaw, creates a new genetic weakness. Mother Nature Rules all regardless and will correct all interference one way or another.

  6. i will have to read up on this depleted uranium stuff as i know almost nothing of it and have no idea how people may be exposed to it.
    almost all, if not all, non-government and non-corporate funded scientists have concluded, from various testing, that GMO is not safe for consumption – not at all.

  7. I must admit the link is horrifying and maybe a bit misleading as most if not all of those deformities shown inside the link I posted may well be more accurately the results of Depleted Uranium being used within our militaries munitions.
    You may also write to your senators and congress people about the issues of “Depleted Uranium” which has the issue of not being depleted.
    This ties in well with the subject of GMO’s because it’s effects on the human body are not yet known.
    AS always, we are used as lab rats.

  8. and let’s all send the latest member of SATAN INC., whole foods, a note telling them we’re not shopping with them anymore since they’ve now encouraged the use of GE crops
    my head is spinning this is so crazy.

  9. sorry the horrifying thing above was tippy’s video link.

  10. and jesus christ, that was horrifying.
    they manufactured agent orange?
    write any company you know who uses GMO and tell them to knock it off and until they do you won’t be purchasing anything by them.
    write any company you know who does NOT use GMO and tell them THANK YOU and encourage them to keep doing so and that they’ll have many loyal customers if they do.
    people need to stimulate both sides.

  11. glad someone in lamestream media (online at least) is crying out about this atrocity and urging people to unite and conquer it.
    if we don’t beat this, it won’t be long before they contaminate organic food and not label it – they’ve been trying for a while now with their ‘nanotechnologies’ and the threat to do so is very there and very real.

  12. BarbaraLightgiver says:

    The consumers are already showing preference for organically grown food. I have been able to get more choices in this area. We really need to show support and buy only organic foods. Write to our congress and demand regulations like USDA inspection to have our food stamped. This is getting way out of hand.

  13. MONSATAN! That’s hot! and oh how they shall burn..