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running for president of these united states:

 Platform:  kick out the fed, stop all wars, greening of america’s interests, legalization of pot, end to income tax, and deep cuts to the military budgets, ending the tax free status of religions that lobby for insurance companies, or against women’s right to birth control, or against our gay and lesbian troops, and their rights, and restoration of the complete bill of rights to citizens, and an end to the bogus war on drugs that Clinton enacted under NAFTA for no other reason than to enrich drug war lords in Mexico. peace and freedom–THE GREEN TEA PARTY OF AMERICA, (A THIRD PARTY), based on the concepts of THE CHURCH OF COMMON SENSE. 


  1. she must add the rose colored glass or the ash colored glass if she is to be nearly as chic as myself!

  2. Jason Bagshaw says:

    Mom is getting new purple glasses.

  3. Jason Bagshaw says:

    Mom is getting new purple glasses.

  4. Roseanne,
    There are many examples of homeschooling Moms working together. Co-ops, 4-h groups, support groups etc. Many different styles and philosophies. Fundamentalists cramming dogma down their childrens throats, unschoolers that do nothing. Most I think strive to reach a happy medium. I would love to see average families featured in the media. We aren’t all Duggers.

  5. Thank you and good luck with the new show!

  6. i accept you as the most brilliant parent yet and will give you a title in the parliament–you are right about everything–i homeschooled my teenage boy for two years (had to hire tutors for almost everything–i forgot everything i ever learned in school so that goes to show you)–my daughter is homeschooling her boys too–homeschooling is the genius answer to every single problem i think–and i hope to show groups of moms doing it as co-ops on my new show. you are now the sec. of education–james place her name in nomination–thanks!

  7. Dear Roseanne,
    I am writing to you to apply for the position of Secretary of Learnin’ up The Youngins under your Presidency. As an advocate of taking bullshit out of my daughters lives , a woman and homeshooling parent without a lot of money, I am the person for the job. I propose my educational system policies will enhance the green tea party and do away with bureaucratic atrocities disguised as an educational system.
    As Secretary of Learnin’ Up the Youngins, my first act would to be to fire every single teacher in American and replace them with people who are actually educated. I know it’s a new idea but I’m thinking maybe if we want to teach our children science , maybe, just maybe we ought to hire someone who is an actual scientist. Radical I know, but these hard times call for change. But hiring from the bottom 20% of college graduates has worked so well some may cry. It’s time for change
    I have some other novel ideas for our schools. I think it may behoove us to teach the children to think for themselves, eat real food and then run and play. What a concept ! I’ll give credit where credit is do. I realize pumping children with Ritalin has worked very well to counteract poor nutrition, sedentary lives, sleep deprivation and boredom but it’s not working any more. Again it’s time for change.
    As far as the popular parent responsibility push in the media lately. Bite me. If I were to hire a mechanic to fix my car it wouldn’t be with the understanding that I will spend 2 hours a night finishing the job he failed to do. Pretending it’s the parents job to do what teachers are hired to do would be abolished under your no bullshit policy.
    As we all know homeschooling doesn’t work because of the lack of socialization. Just the other day we were in the grocery store and I heard someone say to their child. “Get the hell over here you little brat” . I thought to myself, if only my children went to public school we could arrange a play date with this family . So sad my children are missing out on the 23 minutes day they would have at recess to play with their friends. How I am ever going to teach my children to conform and run with the crowd with out the help of the school? It worries me , but your platform has given me hope.
    I hope after reviewing my attached resume you will will consider me for the position. Thank you.
    Lisa Clampitt

  8. Jason Bagshaw says:

    I just whatched the part of todays Oprah program . The part with Dan & Roseanne’s talk . I enjoyd it & thank you two for being there for us . You know what I mean. You two have done a great job & I am pleased that you two have such an important part in keeping me straight.
    I am ok & smiling with you .
    My great aunt Elva got a dollar in the mail today from The Nielson company. The dollar is for completing a tv viewing diary & mailing it back to the company. I had comleted a survey for Nielson over the telephone several days ago & recieved the diary in the mail today. The diary came in my great aunts name so I asked her if I could have the dollar & she said yes. She seamed a little excited about me keeping the diary & we await the start date for the diary on thursday. I am to write down what we whatch on tv everyday for several weeks.
    I have decided I am going to keep the nice fresh dollar in a frame . When I get my new appartment I will hang it next my tv because television sure is worth it.

  9. Jason Bagshaw says:

    Happy Valentines Day. The Oprah program on today mon feb 14 is a nice way to celebrate Valentines day.

  10. SJO is not making any more sense to me as he goes along. I looked at the website a few days ago, but that didn’t help.
    What I remember about getting on the ballot as a third party was from listening to Ralph Nader’s travails. You have to collect a certain number of signatures in each state and the rules can vary quite a lot from state to state. It’s intentionally difficult and confusing because of course the duopoly doesn’t want competition! As far as the D’s and R’s are concerned, they own the country and they’re going to keep it that way.

  11. seriously i dont have the time to learn all of your rules and be on call to do things 24-7–that is above my pay grade. If you know what to do then why dont you just do it? i do not even know what is expected of me at all–tell the other five guys to read my platform and get on it or get off it. I am not interested in any of their trite and tired ideas that accomplish nothing. If they cannot tell how serious I am by the words I write, then they lack insight daring and intelligence. I am the right person for these times….I am the rubber stamp (as queen) for all taxpayer concerns. I am the lobbyist for the people of these united states!

  12. bottom line: get me on the ballot so that I can run for president of these united states and offer practical and simple solutions that save this planet and its humanity. there is no time at all–only right now and this year–11–the year when the Light reveals itself to humanity, as it did a few thousand years ago –at Mount Sinai, where the people’s desire for freedom from slavery created a unity of the mind between twelve divergent tribes and people who stood before the barrier of the red sea -DNA– and who parted it with unity of mind intent will and desire, THUS CHANGING THE MATRIX OF THE RNA SPIRAL INSIDE THEIR VERY CELLS, through the power of their godlike minds which harnessed the music of the spheres–and willed particle physics!! We now have the power to create biological warfare against the poor people on earth. In aushcwitz, they calculated it took three months to work a slave to death, and that other slaves would allow themselves to be used as agents of murder against their own communities. this is what is intended for the poor in america right now, as it has been used in other countries and right here in pine ridge for many centuries. Will you stop talking and arguing long enough to do anything at all in order to speak out and show up and actually resist this terrible nazi monster that is overtaking america?
    They crossed out of slavery into the desert where they were given (the Macademia Nut?) the protein called MANNA.

  13. this ‘team’ is about women gays lesbians non christians non dogmatic fundamentalist revolutionaries against the war on the web of life that is taking place right now by those who also support parliamentary systems–you need to create unity with all who are not that one very small thing that condemns all women and men who do not obey the unjust and immoral anti christ and his bullshit laws.

  14. excuse me, but what TEAM exactly are we working for? You keep saying we need to pull together, but then you keep pulling my team apart and jamming them into some other thing–a male led thing that is not in keeping with what I write about and live for! You need to get on this team! I will in no way support anything male led or male run, that is the reason for roseannearchy and the reason for the green tea party–watch my speech or read it–its about the end of the obsolete system of patriarchy, and the new green system of permaculture and democracy, based on the fact that 53% of the citizens of this planet are female, and are completely ill served and underrepresented in all governments. I will have to remove my name from your org because we are not on the same team.

  15. i do not mind involving myself with christians, although they are usually very hateful and judgmental zenophobic and lean towards excusing pedophilia, and war mongering a bit too much for my personal liking, and my moral compass.
    But like Muslims, not all of them are terrorists, I’m sure! I am sure that the majority of Christians actually practice their religion: to pray for their enemies, and to care for the poor over the rich, as per CHRIST.

  16. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    If you think any of my post was ment to be “funny” you have no grasp of reading and comprehension… I simply think your constant posted babble and the organization you claim to represent are both a joke, and a farce… I wish you the best in your venture, party on dude…

  17. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Ok…I will be the one who says it…
    Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound when you list nominations to a political organization by using their “screen names” instead of their legal names?…
    Do you also have any idea of the absurdity of addressing a response from a political organization by starting of with the words “Dear Honorable QuackQuack”?
    Other than you daily dose of a Typing 101 course, I for one, do not see you making any progress or sense whatsoever, and having said that, it makes one think that to continue on and on with such shenanigans is simply a waste of both the reader’s time and yours…
    If your organization is actually a valid one I have to say that the examples set forth in the past postings show pure and utter rape of the word “organization” itself…
    The use of the word “honorable” is much like the use of the word “friend”… the less it is used the more value and respect the word itself holds when it is used…
    I think that what myself and the rest of the world watched unfold over the past three weeks is more important and poignant than reading posts that basically inform one on the correct way to fold and make a tin foil hat…
    I believe that RW has awakened many, many important issues that people should be made aware of and ponder seriously for themselves. I also think that people should take action on their beliefs and make those convictions known and discuss them. But I have to say that here lately this site has been overly absorbed by the letters to The Honorable this and that as well as discussions from “Mr. I Want To Publicize My Book” on another authors website while I constantly criticize the readers of that website in any way possible from posting poems of one’s wife’s dried up v-jayjay (what a treat for her I must say) to making comments of someone who can still play hacky-sack… its absurd…plain and simple. It causes those who come here to broaden their mind and understanding to leave.

  18. why would you want Roseannearchist’s to be involved in a Christian based movement?

  19. hello,have fun today, work,go pick some mac.nuts.

  20. nominate djTenn. too

  21. oh hi jim!

  22. my brother in law? who is this? chris?

  23. Secretary James, As a full supporter of our soveReign, I support the second set 3 persons nominated by HRM and will list them at her command. I am moved to see our Queen come to the aid of her realm. I also wish to advise you to devote more time to your art. It sounds like it is a very important part of your life. You should make photos available on the web so that we may view your creations. All the best to you.

  24. Roseanne,dear sweet Roseanne,if you are nominating people for politcal or govern.positions,please keep in mind, me,i was once your bro.inlaw,uncle to bk.,who i might add looked very good playing basketball.gotten guite big.i think i would be good at,lets see,how about the treasury dept. or security guard at, um ,fort knox.well it was just a thought.oh, by the way congrates on the book,and glad to see you around more,snicker,snicker,

  25. I don’t need a cabinet position, but I wanna be the white house pastry chef.

  26. I nominate jennifer pentland, becky richardson, helen barr, geraldine barr, brandi brown, jessica oronoz, marcia ray, ruth mccartney and angie mccartney, and lauren korba as green and economic advisors, and cathy bilsky too

  27. Roseanne sheds a lot of light here. The videos are so disgusting. The things people do…

  28. Ugh. Can’t watch the videos! The pictures and reading about it are bad enough. It was actually a PETA investigation of KFC in 2005 that made me decide to become vegan. Such sick and horrifying stuff. PETA’s not my favorite organization, but I’ve got to give them some credit for that.
    Also, the people making fun of all the suffering on the forum where it was posted were so cruel, I couldn’t stand it. (You know, a Democratic/”liberal” forum…not so much.)

  29. Not sure which post you are referring to. I’m guessing it’s the Mother Barr post. It would be great if there was a way to see which post was being answered. All Hail the Queen! Now… about that job in Tahiti……

  30. Go ahead and put me down as a Constitutional Monarchist. I second the nomination of HRM Roseanne the 1st as Queen.

  31. thank you secretary james–may your name be entered in to continue your fine work toward parliamentary government in the usa!

  32. love this–great contribution